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Dr. Edward Kwak, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Kwak has more experience with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Cranio-facial, and Facial Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Indiana University School Of Medicine medical school in 2001. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Lenox Hill Hospital and Mount Sinai Beth Israel. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kwak to book an appointment.

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Dr. Edward Kwak, MD - Reviews

Jan 12, 2020


I went to see the doctor for an otoplasty. It failed 3 times. Dr. Kwak actually had me scheduled for 4th attempt and I showed up at the appt and declined and just had the old stitches removed because they were irritating my skin. He said I was an anomaly. If I was an anomaly, he should've done his research by the second failed attempt to figure out another approach to make it successful an otoplasty, and not do the same procedure THREE times and attempt the fourth saying it'll hold by the fourth attempt. I never went back despite him saying I should come back when I had time for him to stitch my ear for the 4th time. I just wasted my hard earned money.

1 Rebekah – Jul 05, 2019


I got double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kwak. His staff is absolutely amazing in that they will try to ensure that you are completely prepared before the surgery. Also, I was glad to see that they also saw to it that I had enough time to consult with Dr. Kwak and acknowledge all of my concerns and needs for this surgery. My eyes came out even better than I could have wanted and I have Dr. Kwak to thank. His staff were very nice and welcoming, making the visit very pleasant as well. The recovery time has been surprisingly fast, which is likely due to the specific follow up post-operative instructions that they gave me. Could not recommend this place more, especially for double eyelid surgery!

Angie in NJ – Jun 03, 2019


Dr. Kwak is an excellent surgeon. He really listens to his patients and takes his time with them. He is kind and understanding and makes you feel extremely comfortable. His work is that of the finest and he pays close attention to every detail giving you the results you want. The office staff are all friendly and makes you feel very welcomed. Do not hesitate if you are thinking of having anything done, you are in the best hands!

2 May 27, 2019


I couldn’t be more pleased by Dr Kwak and his staff. Dr K’s manner is extraordinary, with an ability to listen carefully, answer questions thoroughly, and translate conversations into a result that completely matches expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Kwak’s care and skill.

1 Apr 20, 2019


I have been a patient of Dr. Kwak for several years and will be for many years to come. Dr. Kwak is always professional, patient, knowledgeable, and very skillful. I trust him completely and rely on his expertise.

1 Danielle in NY – Jan 30, 2019


Dr Kwak was very informative, caring and a pleasure to meet. He took the time to explain everything to me, and the office staff was wonderful. I would highly recommend him.

1 new York, NY – Jan 01, 2019


Dr. Kwak is an amazing surgeon. I completely trusted his vision. What sold me first was how patient he was at my consultation. I came in with many questions and concerns and not once did I feel rushed. His staff is equally as amazing and kind! I highly recommend Dr. Kawak.

Dec 27, 2018


Great 2nd experience with Dr K and his staff.

Nov 11, 2018


Dr. Edward Kwak is of the finest Doctor you will be so blessed to meet, and help guide you along on your personal journey of self improvement. Along with Dr Kwak’s Five Star rating, he has managed to remain humble and caring, which will be evident from the moment you meet him,..right down to his lovely staff, and an engaging clean warm environment.

NY – Nov 08, 2018


Doctor Kwak is excellent and very knowledgeable, he made me feel comfortable before and during the surgery.

NJ – Oct 09, 2018


Very knowledgeable. I have been contemplating septal repair surgery for over a decade. Met 4 doctors who wouldn’t consider it. One that claimed he could in 2007 but then mismanaged information to lose my trust. (He forgot about the septal repair and only gave me an estimate for rhinoplasty). Dr. Kwak answered all my questions correctly. I have been researching and rehearsing then for over a decade and already knew the answers and caveats. If I pull the trigger on the surgery, it will be w/ him.

NY – Oct 02, 2018


Dr. Kwak is exceptional; his knowledge base, experience and bed side manner are unmatched.

NY – Sep 24, 2018


Just got my revision epicanthoplasty done within 2 weeks and I am still in the healing phase, but I am satisfied with the result so far. Hope they will become more proportional and natural in time. Wonderful team and wonderful experience. Thank you, Dr. Kwak.

JS in NY – Aug 31, 2018


Dr. Kwak is personable, warm and talented. His entire office staff is also warm and attentive and they ensure that you’re at ease and well taken care of, from the moment you walk in. I went to Dr. Kwak for rhinoplasty+ septoplasty. I’m still healing but I can already tell that once the swelling is gone, I’ll finally be able to breathe !! I already can see a noticeable difference which is exciting for me. As for the non functional procedure... I LOVE it!

1 Jill in New York, NY – Aug 31, 2018


Dr. Kwak was wonderful! He answered all of my questions, and made me feel comfortable before going into surgery.

1 Merilee in New York, NY – Aug 30, 2018


Dr Kwak is a good man and a great surgeon. I have known him now for a few years, and I couldn’t be happier with what he’s done for me. He has an eye for what is suitable and attractive for the individual. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of aesthetic. I recommended a friend to him, and she as well had a great experience. His staff are also the best- very attentive and personable! Highly recommended!!

1 Sadeta Pupovic in Manhattan, NY – Aug 30, 2018


The best Dr

1 Ammo in New York – May 23, 2018


Dr. Kwak and his staff are among the best in New York. From the moment I walked in I was treated with nothing but respect and the upmost professionalism. The procedure itself went seamlessly; I recovered quickly and could not be happier with my results. I would strongly recommend Dr. Kwak's office: great people, great care, great experience!

1 May 18, 2018


As explained prior to surgery, there were going to be good days and frustrating days during the recovery. As neurotic as I am, I constantly called or emailed with any issue I found. Despite how frequent I called, I never got the sense that Dr Kwak or his staff were bothered. My friends constantly comment how natural and beautiful it is. I truly believe Dr. Kwak is a true champion to his patients.

1 Dee in Hartsdale – May 10, 2018


Absolutely love Dr Kwak and his team!! His staff is just so caring and amazing, would highly recommend!!! Had septoplasty with rhinoplasty procedure about a week ago and I feel great besides just some swelling which is normal...cant wait to see the full results of my new nose!!!

1 Apr 08, 2018


Great doctor and super nice and understanding!

1 Apr 07, 2018


Dr. Kwak is an amazing surgeon. His talents and personality are remarkable when it comes to his craft of creating the best natural look for an individual. I initially had a special case in which my nostril was upturned revealing a pig like feature on my face. Dr. Kwak has put in several steps in order for us to achieve my goal in which so far has been working. I have seen improvements in my nose features and now awaiting the final result. I can honestly say Dr. Kwak and his staff are amazing.

1 Apr 02, 2018


Truly the best doctor. 5 doctors turned me away cause they couldn't fix my hole in a nose. But he fixed

1 Chris in Edgewater NJ – Mar 01, 2018


I had sinus surgery done by Dr. Kwak and I have nothing but praise for him and his staff. I was nervous but everything went really well and he explained exactly how the process was going to happen. And since the surgery I have had no issues. I would recommend Dr. Kwak everyday of the week.

1 1 Feb 17, 2018


I wouldn’t highly recommend Dr. Kwak

1 NY – Feb 05, 2018


It has been just shy of a year since I underwent rhinoplasty with Dr. Kwak and I have nothing but praise for his work and the comfort and care all staff gave me throughout all my appointments and surgery. It was the best decision I've ever made and would recommend Dr Kwak in a heartbeat! He was honest about what would work for my face and what wouldn't and the end result was exactly what we decided on in the apts before the surgery. I can really not speak more highly of Dr Kwak and his office

2 Jenna in Brooklyn – Feb 04, 2018


Dr. Kwak performed my rhinoplasty a few months ago, and from start to finish the process has been great. Before the surgery, he creates a digital rendition of your face during the 1st appointment and he calmly talks you through the process. I couldn't have asked for a better surgery - minimal downtime, minimal bruising, zero complications. A few months out my nose looks exactly like what was promised. Also his staff has been super helpful every step of the way. Thanks Dr. Kwak!

1 Jan 29, 2018


Dr. Kwak is stellar in all areas. Highly knowledgeable, gentle, and skilled surgeon that I couldn't recommend enough. Thank you to the entire office staff for making each visit a pleasant one.

1 Rosemary Marie in New York – Jan 22, 2018


I had a liquid rhinoplasty by Dr. Kwak. It was my first time doing any kind of cosmetic enhancement and I was somewhat nervous. I probably called the office at least 5 times to ask questions and each time they were very kind and patient with me. On the day of my procedure I was still nervous because I hate needles. I kept asking the doctor to take a break. He and his assistant were soooo kind and let me go at my own pace. My results were great. He made it look natural a added a bridge and tip.

1 Ms. K in Brooklyn, NY – Jan 21, 2018


Kind, professional, and delivers exceptional work. The people who work in the office are also very kind, my nurse was awesome. I would recommend to my family and friends.

1 New York , New York – Jan 20, 2018


Dr Kwai was professional, patient and modest.

Lynn W – Jan 19, 2018


Dr Kwak is a facial reconstructive surgeon as well as facial plastic surgeon. He’s fabulous. I had nose reconstruction after Mohs surgery. He explained the options in detail, answered questions and witin an hour of surgery he was able to repair a hole that covered a quarter of my nose. I’m forever grateful to this talented, wonderful surgeon.

1 Brooklyn – Jan 19, 2018


Went to office for cool sculpting procedure. Friendly, knowledgeable staff that made the experience great. Can't wait to see the results in 2-3 months.

Chrissy fischbach in Nj – Jan 16, 2018


Great dr great staff can’t wait to go back and speak with them for our next step . Very personable and staff is very very polite .

Nov 24, 2017


Dr. Kwak, he was very thorough - reviewing various proposals for my nose. He answered all of my questions and I left feeling very comfortable and confident he was the right fit. My surgery was done in his office, which was very private and comfortable (and a lot easier than I thought it would be). Although I did have some bruising afterward (which went away in less than one week), my nose healed fast! I just went in for my 6 month post op visit and I am so thrille

Castries, 02 – Jul 04, 2017


Anxieties relieved! Let's say that I have been thinking about a rhinoplasty for forever. I have spent endless hours researching the best surgeon, but after consulting with the "top" doctors let's say I walked away from each consult still feeling uncomfortable and still hesitant. I found Dr. Kwak on realself and I loved his natural results.

kmp212 in New York, NY – Jun 02, 2017


I had a revision rhino with Dr. Kwak. From my initial conversation, he listened and provided a thorough explanation of his surgical plan to ensure my expectations were understood. He took pictures and made a computer image as to the goals of the surgery. I had my revision rhinoplasty done in...Read More

6 Rio Grande, NO REGION – Feb 12, 2017


Dr. Kwak is excellent. He is a perfectionist and 100% trusted his judgment and work. I am very happy with my revision rhinoplasty and mini facelift. He even fixed my breathing issue with deviated septum. He is the best plastic surgeon in NYC!