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Dr. Eric Dobratz, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Dobratz has more experience with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Cranio-facial than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Bon Secours - Depaul Medical Center and Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Dobratz to book an appointment.

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Dr. Eric Dobratz, MD - Reviews

Dr. Jesse Zedd – Dec 20, 2019


Dr. Dobratz operated on my nose where the left nostrol had collapsed and a deveated septum. I was afraid at first. The procedure went very well and I can breath much better now. Dr Dobratz is excellent and I would highly recommend him. Respectfully Submitted Dr. Jesse Zedd

3 Hollie – Dec 10, 2019


I reluctantly decided on a 2nd surgery to fix my nose. I had major breathing issues that disrupted everything in my life and after a failed 1st attempt with another top surgeon, I was left a bit odd looking. I did so much research and ended up in Dr. Dobratz office. I was nervous because this is my face and I was scared to look abnormal and equally scared that another surgery wouldn’t fix my breathing problems. Dr. Dobratz was very matter a fact and didn’t add any fluff to what was possible for me. I was still nervous so I made a 2nd visit just to have him give me the run down again, which was kind considering he is an extremely in demand surgeon - clear from just visiting the office and seeing the line of people! On the day of surgery he was there before hand to just check in and again let me know what the plan was. PostIp: I woke up and was SHOCKED to find that I could breathe through my nose! Immediately! 3 months later and my nose looks as good as it works! Very pleased!!!!

Sep 19, 2019


Very Professional, and he is excellent at his job

3 Jun 23, 2019


I have had breathing issues for as long as I can remember. I was hardly able to get any air through my nose. I also have never liked the way my nose appeared. I had a strong nasal bump. My nose also was slight crooked and drooped downward. I could not have asked for a better result. Dr. Dobratz worked on my septum and also performed a rhinoplasty. I could not be more pleased with my results. I can breathe perfectly and I finally love the appearance of my nose. I am beyond satisfied with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Dobratz. I have wanted a rhinoplasty for quite some time but was too nervous to go through with the procedure. After my consultation with Dr. Dobratz I felt much better about the procedure. For those of you who feel the same, I highly recommend going through the procedure with him!

May 14, 2019


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Dobratz. I would highly recommend!

Apr 10, 2019


Dr. Dobratz, was very informative, professional, and I would utilize his expertise and services should the time arise again.

Cora sorber – Aug 14, 2018


I cannot rave enough about how wonderful dr dobratz is. He is very informative, patient and professional. He also is very precise and all of my procedures have been excellent. Can't thank him enough!

Nancy Sidwell in Jackson – Jul 02, 2018


I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose in 2015. I was referred to Dr. Eric Dobratz for plastic surgery on my nose after the removal of the tissue. He was able to repair my nose in his office and I was sent home after the procedure. He even played my favorite music to keep me distracted while he worked on me. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend him.

1 Kirk Curling in Chesapeake , VA – Jun 27, 2018


I've been dealing with plastic surgery and skin cancer for over 30 years Dr Donratz work is amazing. I'm friends with other doctors who are amazed at the results. I've had 4 nose surgeries and he is the first one to be able to actually fix the problem. Dr Donratz will do all the reconstruction surgeries on me from now on.

Charles W in Virginia Beach, VA – Apr 26, 2018


Dr. Dobratz has been the consummate professional. He executed my surgery superbly, removing a lipoma from my neck/collarbone. The follow-up treatment and care were excellent. I recommend him and his staff unconditionally.

2 Michelle Wilson in Virginia Beach, VA – Apr 24, 2018


I have a complicated case of reconstruction and would not recommend Dr. Dobratz. He has performed five surgeries for me involving reconstruction. His lack of compassion has propelled me to fire him and move on. Questions and concerns were dismissed or ignored on a continuous basis. Listening to the patient not a top priority, especially when in severe pain.

2 Robert Rakowski in Virginia Beach – Feb 11, 2018


Dr.Dobratz is the best! I had been unable to breathe through my nose most of my adult life. Went through allergy treatments and all the steroid and non-steroid inhalers available with no relief. Having had 4 prior operations I did not have high expectations going into my fifth with Dr.Dobratz. The results are remarkable. I CAN FINALLY BREATHE! Highly recommend Dr.Dobratz.

Laurie in Virginia Beach, VA – Feb 07, 2018


He explained everything that was involved in my treatment. He was kind and caring. Easy to talk to and gave answers that I could understand. Was timely with appointments. Would definitely recommend him to anyone need that kind of surgery.

Chesapeake, VA – Nov 03, 2017


I really want to leave Dr Dobratz a good review but I just can’t. Calls to his office are hit or miss getting anyone helpful. If you get a return call from his nurse, good luck getting a timely appointment. He performed my first septoplasty and nasal vestibular stenosis repair in April 2016, Revision was needed by the following April and another in August 2017. Three surgeries. Each time making my ability to breathe worse! I’m now consulting with another plastic surgeon to undo the damage!!!

Dave S in Virginia Beach – Aug 03, 2017


Dr. Dobratz does excellent work and makes sure his patients understand what is going on from start to finish. Had one really bad experience with scheduling where I was called to change an appointment date and attempting to get back with his office took 14 calls and 2 hours of wait time over 2 days including being given wrong numbers to call and put on hold for long delays. Easy fixes could include notifying nurse of an incoming call and using text messaging for appointments.

1 Virginia Beach, VA – Feb 01, 2017


Excellent compassionate care provider. He keeps you informed and asks for your input. I highly recommend Dr. Dobratz for his skills and medical professionalism. One down side...his staff needs to learn to run a tighter schedule. Most appointments included a lengthy (45 minute+) wait time. I do understand that emergencies come up and surgeries extend longer than planned but to consistently run so late says someone on the administrative staff isn't paying attention.

Stephanie H White in Windsor, VA – Jan 21, 2017


I recently had an opportunity to visit Dr. Dobrat'z office to set up an Appt. for nose surgery. It was a very enjoyable experience. The receptionist was quite pleasant and I only waited 10 min. before I was taken back to a room to meet with Dr. Dobratz . He was friendly and very knowledgeable about my condition and what he could do to help alleviate my problem. I trust him completely. His nurse Kristie Burrus was especially helpful answering all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Dobratz !

Jack L. in Virginia Beach, VA – Jan 18, 2017


He performed an OUTSTANDING procedure on my nose after my Mohs surgery. My face looks like I never had the very extensive Mohs procedure to destroy basal cancer cells in my n. I am very impressed with his medical skills. I could not have received any better care anywhere.

John in Parksley, VA – Jan 13, 2017


I was operated on November 9, 2016 for a perforated septum. Dr. Dobratz is a no nonsense kind of doctor. His work is fabulous. Don't be in a hurry, however. His manifest is very booked and can run behind very quickly. Everything he explained to me and what to expect were spot-on. Having the Doyle stents in both nostrils for 14 days was almost enough to put me over the edge. LISTEN to what he says. This Doctor knows his stuff!!!

1 Patiens, Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach – Dec 23, 2016


Dr. Dobratz is not only an excellent surgeon, he is a compassionate physician. He took the time to listen to my issues/concerns from two prior surgeries. He worked with me to try and resolve the issues until I was ready to undergo a third surgery. He corrected my deviated nasal tip, removed painful scar tissue, completed a cartilage graft and a columella reduction. I was so thrilled with the results that I now see him for other aesthetic goals. His staff is well trained and always attentive.

DMH in Virginia Beach, VA – Dec 21, 2016


Dr. Dobratz was highly recommended to reconstruct my nose after Mohs surgery to remove skin cancer. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome - Dr. Dobratz reconstructed the natural lines and curves of my nose, and restored the symmetry that I worried about. He thoroughly explained everything that I could expect to occur pre, during, and post-surgery; it was completely accurate and there were no surprises. Dr. Dobratz and his staff are professional and very compassionate; I highly recommend them.

Amy in Norfolk, VA – Dec 21, 2016


I had to wait a while to be seen by Dr. Dobratz in the the waiting room. It was long but, I knew that he was doing an office procedure at the time of my appointment. I was fine with this because if that was me or my family member I would want him to take his time. I was very nervous about getting my face done. I have had many operations but none like this. Dr. Dobratz made me feel very comfortable and before I knew it my procedure was done. I am so thankful for Dr. Dobratz he is the best

B. Beardslee in Norfolk, VA – Nov 04, 2016


Dr.Dobratz did an amazing job with my surgery I needed after a car accident. He was very calm and collected which made me feel comfortable especially since the trauma area was face and scalp. I am so happy I chose Dr. Dobratz to take care of me.

3 Scar Face in Virginia Beach, VA – Aug 06, 2016


After surgery, still have deviated septum, large scar on face, breathing worse than ever before. All should have been corrected with one surgery! after reading reviews, he may have been reluctant to fix my deviated septum.Dr. Dobratz's staff even asked me why he did not correct the deviated septum along with broken nose! I should not be having these problems if he would have done his job! My nose is numb, can't breath and have a scar for life now. Dr. not interested in well being of patients

8 Robert in Chesapeake, VA – May 25, 2016


Excellent surgeon on questionable procedure (deviated septum, removing cartilage from ear and inserting in nose) leaving me with problems I did not have before, discomfort/change to physical appearance. Like building an airplane hangar in my nose. Distorted the cartilage in one nostril (told would require another surgery to correct, billable) and negatively changed the external appearance of my nose, making in harder to shave under my nose and I cut myself frequently.

5 Virginia Beach, VA – Mar 22, 2016


If getting surgery for a deviated septum: your nostrils may end up bulbous; tip of your nose may be truncated; cartilage in a nostril may be distended inwards by pressure of the cartilage from your ear that was inserted; be careful of forming your nose by pressuring it with your finger, this may...Read More