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Dr. Eric Wimmers, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Freehold, NJ and has over 16 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Howard University medical school in 2004. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell and Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Wimmers to book an appointment.

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Dr. Eric Wimmers, MD - Reviews

Angela Miele – Sep 18, 2019


"Dr. Wimmers and his staff are above excellent. They go above and beyond in helping one through the pre-operative and post-operative process. Being in the medical field myself, I regard this practice as one of the best. Their compassion and reassurances during a difficult time for me put me and my family at total ease. This was a five-star experience and I have no reservations about referring anyone to this practice."

Aug 23, 2019


Dr Wimmers recently removed a lesion on my leg and I can’t say enough about his compassion, professionalism, and expertise. He went above and beyond, spending as much time as was needed to answer questions and put me at ease. I would recommend him over and over again. Like him, his staff was also superb.

Andrea in Hamilton , NJ – Jun 14, 2019


I had a breast augmentation and he did a great job...He is very caring, concerned that you be happy with the outcome. His staff is wonderful. I really recommend him!! He is the best!

1 Anna N in Robbinsville – Jun 06, 2019


I suffered a traumatic hand injury in March of this year. After a trip to the ER for triaged care, I was seen by the day’s on call Plastic Surgeon who fit me in, without question, to an already packed schedule. How fortunate am I that the doctor on call that day was Dr. Wimmers. His care, professionalism, calm demeanor and ease of explaining every detail of his patient plan, all worth mentioning, are only outmatched by his outstanding surgical skill. His staff are all wonderful and it is clear they all love to work together, which plays out in their support for each other as they make themselves available to each patient 24/7 during the entire time I’ve spent under their care. On the evening of my accident, I can remember with great fear that I was not sure if I would regain proper use of my hand. I feel so very blessed that I found myself in the care of this gifted hand surgeon. Although still recovering, I am 90% of my way to a full use of my hand, and expect 100% shortly.

2 May 16, 2019


Great surgeon. Bed side manner is top of line. Highly recommend this Dr. Wimmers.

2 Apr 19, 2019


Dr. Wimmers recently revised my 15 year old breast reconstruction after an implant rupture. He did a beautiful job. He is so caring, concerned that you be happy with the outcome. His staff is wonderful. Questions and problems are solved with no delay. I recommend him very highly.

2 Klane in Ewing – Jan 10, 2019


I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Wimmers and his staff. He is very professional, he takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice. It's not easy to find a good Plastic Surgeon, I highly recommend him.

2 Dec 08, 2018


We cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Wimmers. Our daughter was attacked by a dog at age three and had major facial damage which required a plastic surgeon to fix. Our daughter was extremely traumatized by the whole situation and he was able to build an excellent rapport with her and our family with his bedside manner. He has children around the same age as our daughter and was able to relate to her on a child's level. Dr. Wimmers helped us get in touch with counseling for our daughter

1 1 Michelle P. in Hamilton, NJ – Feb 21, 2017


I had been suffering from a medical complication after an abdominoplasty I underwent a year ago out of the US. Overcoming my fears for a second surgery, I found Dr. Wimmers in my insurance provider directory, and since the moment I met him and his staff, I quickly realized that I was surrounded by the most professional medical team I could ever expect. He performed an amazing surgery. I thank him for restoring my confidence and my body.

4 JM in Hamilton, NJ – Nov 16, 2016


I was out running and was attacked by 2 dogs. Dr. Wimmers was the doctor on call for the emergency room that day. I was a mess both physically and mentally. I cannot express how truly thankful and lucky I am to have had him as my attending surgeon. He is both intelligent and kind. While going through one of my life's most horrible experiences I literally had the very best medical care provided by both Dr. Wimmers and his caring staff. I highly recommend this surgeon!