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Dr. Ernest Chiu, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with NYU Langone Health Tisch Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Chiu to book an appointment.

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Dr. Ernest Chiu, MD - Reviews

Mar 11, 2020


My experience with Dr. Chiu was excellent. He was very attentive to my concerns and always explained things patiently and thoroughly. Once the procedure was over, he remained very engaged as my recovery progressed. Everyone I encountered on his staff was also very kind and professional. I recommend him highly.

Very Happy Gal here! – Feb 28, 2020


Dr. Chiu is excellent. From start to finish I was happy with the experience. The office staff are friendly however, there is a bit of a wait time. I went for a scar revision to correct a myomectomy scar that healed funky. I had the infamous pouch above the scar and an area that looked dented or what they call a scar depression. Dr. Chiu advised that he was capable to correct it. I was in for surgery about 3 weeks later. All went smooth. I had zero complications with the surgery and was home that day. Two weeks later Dr. Chiu removed the bandages. It is at this point that I was AMAZED. The incision healed so well that it nearly looked invisible! Two months later I am completely healed, no depression, no pouch and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Dr. Chui for scar revision surgery. FYI I am an AA woman for all my sistas out there who are considering. I have no darkening whatsoever.

ablk – Dec 27, 2019


I went to see Dr. Ciu to improve the appearance of my lower abdomen area, where I had a CSection. I explained, multiple times, that my biggest concern wasnt the incision itself, but rather that the scar looked tucked and made the area above and below the area bulge. He assured me he could fix it, but would need to put me under, because the scar looked like it had adhesion. Once the adhesion was gone, that area would be more smooth--and Id get the desired look I was going for. After the surgery, I asked him when I would see improvement in the bulge-area, he said I wouldnt and that only liposuction or weight loss would help...Had I known that,I wouldve opted for that from the start! I feel tricked...

1 May 28, 2019


Dr. Chiu is so nice. He was my surgeon for cyst removal. I am very happy and grateful that I met Dr. Chiu. His team are amazing!

1 May 15, 2019


Dr. Chiu is one of the nicest most honest doctors I have ever met. Dr chiu and his team are absolutely amazing! They are very caring and are always there to answer all of your questions and concerns. I am beyond happy and grateful that I met everyone in the office.

1 May 01, 2019


He’s is so nice! Cares to your needs! Throughout my whole procedure he and his staff were so there for me!!!

2 New York, NY – Jan 17, 2019


I consulted with Doctor Chiu about a scar I had from an emergency abdominal surgery. I trusted him from the very first meeting -- he was incredibly patient and listened to my concerns. He explained my options and made sure I felt comfortable before moving forward. I will always have some sort of scar, but it's much thinner now. Overall, I am happy with the results. My only negatives were the clinic fees (could be more of a complaint about my insurance coverage) and wait time for initial consult

1 New York, NY – Nov 15, 2018


Dr Chiu was my surgeon for breast reduction. From the first visit, he was both professional and caring. His positive attitude and encouragement reaffirmed a decision that was difficult for me to make. I expected to have much more discomfort (read too many blogs), but I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain. He explained every step of the way and was receptive to questions. I can not imagine a more positive experience.

Ann Seidita in Brooklyn, NY – Nov 09, 2018


Doctor Chiu operated on me twice in October/November 2018. He performed a Folded Forehead Flap/Nose reconstruction procedure on me. It was done due to the fact that a previous skin graft failed that had been done by a different dermatologist. Doctor Chiu has treated me with a great deal of kindness, compassion and respect. He is an excellent surgeon. He truly cares about his patient. He is very respectful towards the members of his medical team, the nurses and his office staff.

Richard Fuchs in New York, NY – Oct 09, 2018


Dr Chiu is a delight.He listens,explains and is a really wonderful caring doctor.I recommend him highly.

Lenore Devlin in Brooklyn, NY – Sep 08, 2018


We were so fortunate to have been recommended to Dr Chiu. He is an excellent surgeon and all around nice man. He scheduled my husband's unexpected surgery quickly even though he had to leave for a famity reunion. Talented and compassionate. Taking time after the surgery to show me pictures and explain what he had done. Thank you Dr Chiu.

Brett Verlen in new york, NY – Aug 02, 2018


Dr. Chiu is very professional and compassionate. My experience with him has been excellent. He listens to concerns and answers all questions throughly. I would highly recommend him.

1 Alberto Disla in HARRISON, NJ – Jul 19, 2018


Dr. Chiu was fantastic! He was pleasant, professional and very detailed on the explanation of my procedure. I felt comfortable with his experience and skills when he performed my surgery. I would recommend this Doctor to anyone who is looking for a excellent plastic surgeon. My congratulations for NYU to obtain such a value employee. Best regards, Alberto.

Patrick Devlin in none – Jul 12, 2018


After recent Mohs surgery, I was referred to Dr. Chiu. His staff facilitated a consultation on the very same day that I called. At that visit, Dr. Chiu explained the pros & cons of the several approaches for closing the wound. When I opted to have flap surgery performed, Dr. Chiu personally ensured that all the required medical tests would be completed in time to authorize my surgery prior to his scheduled vacation the following week. On the day of the surgery, he sat with my wife afterwards.

1 Jun 08, 2018


I have to say, my experience with Dr. Chiu could not have been better. Dr. Chui is such a learned, knowledgable, perfectionist, and personable doctor. I am a person who cannot handle needles, blood, or talk of anything anatomy.rom the moment my mother and I first met Dr. Chiu, he made sure to make us feel comfortable. He has great manners, unlike many doctor's who are so used to seeing many people. He answered all our questions, concerns, and was very patient with us. Truly a professional.

2 Khanittha in Sunnyside,NY – Apr 03, 2018


I had a great experienced with fixing a scar on a tip of my nose with Dr. Chiu. He is very professional and very care about his patient. I highly recommend Dr. Chiu.

1 New York, NY – Oct 23, 2017


Dr. Chiu literally gave my daughter her life back. She had a back fusion by another doctor, which was orthopedically successful, but her body started rejecting the stitches. She had an open wound for 2.5 months that would not close. Dr. Chiu took her back into the OR, cleaned out the reactive stitches, closed her back up, and it has been nothing short of a miracle. I can't recommend Dr. Chiu highly enough. So far, it has been a spectacular outcome.

Debbie Gambin in Stony Brook, NY – Aug 30, 2017


I was suffering from debilitating occipital neuralgia for over two years. I met Doctor Chiu at NYU and he literally gave me my life back. On July 31 of 2017 he performed Occipital Nerve Decompression Surgery. The operation was nothing short of a miracle. I have been pain free since that day onward. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering from occipital nerve damage or pain make an appointment with Dr. Chiu. He is a fantastic surgeon and a great person.

1 Asale Anderson – Jun 20, 2017


It has been five months since my keloid removal and I am thoroughly pleased. Dr. Chiu is very knowledgable and patient . He explained my options for removing my keloids and ultimately we decided that surgery was the best course of action. I have lived with keloids for years and this was the first time that I really sought some type of help. I am glad I found Dr. Chiu. I highly recommend going to him for your keloid needs.

1 Vincent Todisco in New York, NY – Feb 13, 2017


I recently lost 130lbs within a one year period. This necessitated abdominal skin reduction surgery. Dr. Chiu and his team were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. They worked with my insurance company on my behalf. The surgical result was much better than I ever hoped. I always felt that Dr. Chiu had only my best interests at heart. He came highly recommended by Doctors and nurses that I know, I can fully understand why.

2 Martin in New York, NY – Feb 07, 2017


Unbelievably talented physician and caring compassionate human being. Performed a reconstructive procedure on my nose after Mohs surgery and it looks great after 2 months and will only get better over time. Takes his time with each patient, explains everything clearly and follows up after...Read More

Rabbi Yitzchok Weinberg in Passaic, NJ – Jan 26, 2017


Dr. Ernest Chiu has provided me with excellent care for treatment of a serious gaping MRSA foot wound for the past 6 months in the Hyperbaric and Advanced Wound Healing Center. He has always been professional with a pleasant, positive and upbeat demeanor. Thank you, Rabbi Yitzchak Weinberg, Passaic, NJ

2 Jessi O in New York, NY – Jan 12, 2017


He was very straightforward and made me completely confident in the procedure from the start. He was very knowledgeable answered all my questions before I could even ask them. Between him and his staff I ended up just being completely excited and ready for my breast reduction. The surgery itself was easy as I was very happily distracted before going under and then I woke up already armed with my aftercare instructions and medicines ready to go. I'm extremely happy with the results (HH->C)

2 Concetta P. in Bohemia, NY – Nov 06, 2016


The expertise and professionalism of Dr Chiu is unsurpassed.