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Dr. Evan Matros, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 21 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Matros has more experience with Reconstructive Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and Facial Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from University Of Chicago/The Pritzker School Of Medicine medical school in 1999. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Matros to book an appointment.

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Dr. Evan Matros, MD - Reviews

1 Francine – Jan 16, 2020


Dr. Matros is a talented Reconstructive Surgeon and the most compassionate doctor. During my Breast Cancer diagnosis, Dr. Matros made me feel like a friend and not a patient. We worked together as a team and he guided me through a very difficult time. He is a perfectionist and always strived to make sure I was happy. I had a double mastectomy followed by silicone implants after chemotherapy. Dr. Matros went above and beyond in making sure that I looked as natural as possible. He even went as far as contacting my Breast Surgeon to ask if she could save my areolas during surgery. Although my Breast Surgeon was not able to save my nipples, due to my Ductal Cancer, Dr. Matros performed an outpatient surgery months after to reconstruct my nipples. Saving my areolas and reconstructing my nipples made a huge difference in my appearance. It hides my scars and when I look in the mirror, I am not reminded of my Cancer. I am grateful everyday for what he did for me!

1 Nov 23, 2019


Completely hid the hole in my nose from cancer surgery. His technique and artistry were genius! Very warm, friendly and professional.

1 Andy Murai – Jul 30, 2019


Extremely caring.Extremely professional and what a pleasure to know someone like him. Very grateful that he did the surgery on my daughter.

Apr 22, 2019


Xcellent caring doctor. Plastic surgeon after double mastectomies last Sept 2018. Memorial Sloan Kettering. NYC. Just had my exchange surgery and once again he was amazing. Friendly and professional. Highly recommend..

2 Camille in Islip Terrace, NY – May 16, 2018


Dr. Matros was an angel that was put in my life. He is one of the most caring and genuine persons I know. He is also the most talented breast reconstruction surgeon; he has done several surgeries on me and said until it's just right for me, then all is good. He did a magnificent job. He and his...Read More

2 Centereach, NY – May 09, 2018


Dr. Matros is an artist in breast reconstruction. I was so paranoid because first the tissue expanders where horrible. They moved and were very hard. And then seeing pictures on line of mastectomy/reconstructed breasts was not easy finding good results pictures. Dr. Matros assured me they will be...Read More

1 PATCHOGUE – May 03, 2018


Amazingly talented, caring.

2 SSNoel in Huntington, NY – May 17, 2017


Dr. Matros made the entire process seamless and like a walk in the park. His knowledge and demeanor made me feel confident and secure and that anything is possible. He said to my husband the morning of the surgery "she's perfect and she'll remain perfect." Enough said!

8 Brooklyn, NY – Apr 19, 2017


Dr Matros is a fantastic doctor. He performed three surgeries to reconstruct my breasts after a double mastectomy. I was a bit skeptical after our initial consultation as he's not the most warm and fuzzy doctor and wants to make sure your expectations are realistic. However, he won me over after...Read More

3 4 Alkis in New York NY – Mar 03, 2017


The most caring knowledgeable talented doctor. He has listened to us with attentiveness and genuine care. He has operated on my wife impeccably, he has advised us with explanation and prudence he has treated us as if we were his own. My family has been blessed and extremely fortunate to have him n...Read More

2 1 Nancy Messer in East Marion, NY – Jan 08, 2017


Dr. Matros was referred to me by my breast surgeon Dr. Scalfani. I can't thank her enough because he's an amazing surgeon. The whole team at Sloan Kettering have given me such confidence and made this whole process incredibly easy. Dr Matros has done an amazing job thus far with my...Read More

3 Elizabeth Assoon in West Islip, NY – Oct 22, 2016


The best plastic surgeon I know. He really knows what he's doing and Beyond a perfectionist. He is also one of the nicest guys and easy to talk to and will be totally honest with you couldn't get through my breast cancer without him. Thank you for everything

8 RJJ in Montauk – Mar 26, 2016


Dr Matros is truly an amazing Doctor. He is smart and kind and will spend as much time as you want/need, without making you feel like your questions are tedious and unnecessary, as some doctors are wont to do. Putting your trust in Dr. Matros is truly like putting your trust in a friend. I would...Read More

10 Wendy Qiu in Eastchester, NY – Mar 08, 2016


I had the tissue flap reconstruction on both breasts in 2015. Dr. Matros spent 12 hours on my surgery, and nobody could have done a better job than he did! Even I had radiation on the left side before, the result is amazing. My breasts look very natural, and I can swim 10 laps and go on ski trips...Read More

12 2 Christine Higueruela in Hamilton New Jersey – Jan 28, 2016


What a wonderful and caring doctor!!! He did my reconstruction surgery after breast cancer. I would recommend him one hundred percent! Thank you Dr. Matros for all you did for me and all you patients.