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Dr. Fouad Atalla, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Bowling Green, KY. He is affiliated with The Medical Center At Bowling Green. He is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Atalla to book an appointment.

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Dr. Fouad Atalla, MD - Reviews

Oct 24, 2019


Dr. Atalla changed my life. After 4 pregnancies and bad results from a previous surgeon, Dr. Atalla fixed me up as good as new! The results look completely natural and personalized to my body. It's amazing what he was able to do. An absolute genius!

Yvonne Rena Catlett – Sep 04, 2019


Had breast reduction and I absolutely love it. My visits were on time I didnt have a long wait, and his staff is very professional at what they do. I followed the Doctors orders and had no problem out of the ordinary.

1 Bobbi Horn – Jul 23, 2019


I could not have been treated better by Dr. Atalla and his staff. I went in for a breast lift but after meeting with Dr. Atalla he said I needed a breast reduction because my breasts were so heavy and dense. I had been having some neck and shoulder issues. In this day and age, when most doctors...Read More

Jul 10, 2019


The staff is the best!!! I always going into the office. They always keep me looking and feeling my best. I would highly recommend anyone at Dr. Atalla office.

Twila in Bowling Green, KY – Jun 21, 2019


Dr. Atalla and his staff are excellent and did an incredible job on both my blepharoplasty and my breast augmentation and lift. Great pre- and post-surgery information and check-ups!

May 30, 2019


I was absolutely blown away by Atalla and his team. They have exceptional service and such a welcoming environment . Every second of my experience was top notch. Atalla himself was amazing to work with. I was completely comfortable and confident through every step. I highly recommend Atalla and...Read More

1 Mar 20, 2019


I had reconstructive surgery with Dr Atalla, he was great, very caring, does amazing work and his staff is fantastic too! It’s a great place to go! I recommend him to all my friends and family!!!

2 Anon in Bowling Green – Jan 31, 2019


64 year old female, 12 weeks post op breast reduction by Dr Atalla. My goal was smaller breasts/less weight on my chest which was causing neck/shoulder strain. My goal was met completely. My breasts are a perfect size now for my height/weight and they are symmetrical. Dr Atalla’s judgement and...Read More

2 Jane in Bowling Green , KY – Jan 18, 2019


I had a procedure with Dr Atalla last fall that was purely aesthetic. I wanted to have it and it just changed the way I feel and the way my clothing fits better by the slightest. I feel great about it and I am thrilled. Dr Atalla was Fabulous to work with and never made you feel bad at all. He...Read More

2 Nicole Zimmermann in Los Angeles , CA – Oct 18, 2018


Doctor F. Atalla performed did an INCREDIBLE job with my breast augmentation. I am honestly so happy with the results. I am tiny, so I was a little bit worried how everything would turn out, but him and his team helped me to pick out the perfect size and they look great :) I am a model in Los...Read More

1 Mandy in Bowling Green, KY – Sep 04, 2018


Dr Atalla was the best decision I could have made for my breast augmentation. (Specifically lift and implant). His bedside manner and attention to detail put me at ease from beginning to end. I was given exceptional care by not only Dr Atalla, but his staff as well. I was incredibly nervous...Read More

Bowling Green, KY – Jul 19, 2018


Working with Dr. Atalla's office was a positive experience from my very first consultation through to my last check up. Dr. Atalla and all of the staff were extremely professional, courteous, friendly and always put me at ease. All of my questions were thoroughly answered and I am beyond thrilled...Read More

Chelsea in Bowling Green, KY – Jul 10, 2018


Dr Atalla is amazing! He is so friendly and knowledgeable. I went in contemplating a breast augmentation and after he explained everything from pre-op to post-op to the different types of implants and surgery options, I was completely sold. I’m so happy I met with him. I feel so much better about...Read More

mestep in Bowling Green, KY – Jun 13, 2018


love love LOVE Atalla Plastic Surgery Skin & Laser!! There's no greater feeling then leaving an appointment feeling good about my skin. Dr. Atalla has eased my doctor office anxieties & treated me like a friend. I love this staff, their cutting edge technologies & the atmosphere of luxury. The best...Read More

1 Casey in Horse Cave, KY – Mar 30, 2018


Absolutely amazing and life changing experience!! Dr. Atalla and his staff were very warm and caring and I felt as if I were among close friends. Also very professional, and did and OUTSTANDING job. I would recommend Dr. Atalla to anyone. He truly changed my life!

Bowling Green, KY – Mar 23, 2018


Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Atalla! My tummy tuck/ “mommy makeover” has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I couldn’t ask for a better experience than the one I’ve gotten at Atalla Plastic Surgery. Dr. Atalla is the absolute best!!

1 Bowling Green, KY – Feb 28, 2018


I had contemplated having a breast augmentation for several months. I finally scheduled a consultation with Dr. Atalla earlier this year and I’m very glad I did. He walked me through the procedure and recovery step by step, answered all of my questions, and made me feel very comfortable with my...Read More

1 Janice in Nashville, TN – Feb 02, 2018


I would recommend Dr. Atalla to anyone interested in plastic surgery! From the first day of my consultation, I knew Dr. Atalla would be my surgeon. He and his staff made my decision very easy. The Staff is courteous, welcoming and answered all my questions any time. I am completely satisfied with...Read More

India Winstead in Bowling Green, KY – Jan 30, 2018


Dr. Atalla and his staff are amazing. Everytime I walk into his office I am greeted with smiling faces. The office has excellent, up to date equipment along with a modernized design. I had a breast augmentation done and I would highly recommend his work to anyone. He also does a fantastic job with...Read More

Novi, MI – Nov 15, 2017


Dr. Atalla was very professional and thorough when explaining my breast augmentation and the entire process. From the start he was very compassionate and easy to talk to, allowing me to ask any questions and expressing any concerns I had. I thought I’d be nervous or anxious but not once did those...Read More

White Lake, MI – Aug 03, 2017


From the beginning of my consultation to my last follow up visit, Dr. Atalla and his staff were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend!

Mary Harris in Ft Myers, FL – Jun 29, 2017


I'd recommend Dr. Atalla to anyone who wants a beautiful result! He's both kind, and professional!

Rebecca Mudd in Butler County, KY – Jun 24, 2017


My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Atalla to safely excise the area around a mole she'd removed and which her pathology report had identified as melanoma. Dr. A. took time to discuss my case and his excision. He collaborated with the general surgeon efficiently. His excision required a long...Read More

Kentucky – Jun 16, 2017


Could not be any happier with my results or Dr. Atalla and his staff. They have been more than helpful from the day I called to schedule my consultation. They took the time to listen and understand what I wanted as well as made me feel like I was an important client. Dr. Atalla and his staff really...Read More

Bowling Green, KY – May 17, 2017


Dr. Atalla performed breast reduction surgery on me and he was very thorough and caring from the consultation through the post operative period. He took the time to listen and understand my concerns and how I wanted to look afterward. The entire process went very smoothly and I am thrilled with...Read More

1 Bowling Green, KY – Apr 08, 2017


I got breast implants in 2009 and Dr. Atalla fully prepared me and helped guide me in making the best decision for my shape and size. The surgery and recovery weren't bad at all, I went with a smaller implant of 275 CC and I think they turned out looking pretty amazing. Today I still go the office...Read More

Campbellsville, Ky – Mar 21, 2017


I have always found Dr. Atalla to be very professional and knowledgeable. I will not go to anyone but him for the services I need.

1 Tricia Sweeney in Auburn, KY – Mar 21, 2017


I could not be happier with my surgery and the time Dr Atalla took with determining what is best for my need. Not only does he take time with you and your needs, he is very nurturing with his patients. He is without a doubt the best in the business! I cannot say enough great things about his work...Read More

1 4 Bowling Green, KY – Jan 28, 2017


I had 2 breast augmentation surgeries by Dr. Attalla and I am devastated with the results. I am highly dissatisfied.

1 Bowling Green, KY – Oct 12, 2016


He has done several surgeries on me and have had good results. Additionally he has a great bedside manner.