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Dr. Frank Ciminello, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Maywood, NJ. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Hackensack University Medical Center and Morristown Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Ciminello to book an appointment.

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Dr. Frank Ciminello, MD - Reviews

2 Apr 11, 2019


Excellent surgeon. The revision on my husbands left leg was excellent. No second surgery needed. Healing is amazing. Some stitches out two weeks after surgery. Highly recommend him and will be coming back if needed.

2 Natalie Dos Santos in Linden, NJ – Feb 06, 2019


Amazing doctor! Compassionate, caring and understanding! Simply the best!

3 Katie A. in Hackensack , NJ – Jan 17, 2019


Dr. Ciminnello has to be one of the top surgeons in New Jersey .. If I could give him an award my self o would. My daughter has had 4 cleft lip reconstruction and he did an amazing job. My daughter felt comfortable with him and he was detailed and so skillful through his procedures. I am grateful I found him, and his staff are amazing too!

2 Gary in Red Bank, NJ – Dec 01, 2018


Dr. Ciminello is a great, caring doctor. He is a great surgeon and one that truly cares about helping his patients. His staff is just as wonderful!

2 Colleen in Allendale, NJ – Nov 29, 2018


I highly recommend Dr. Ciminello. He took excellent care of my teenage son after a traumatic sports injury. He is very professional, easy to talk to and very skilled. 6 weeks after surgery and my son is back to full activity. Also, the office staff is excellent, everyone is very friendly!

1 Christine in Chester, NY – Oct 14, 2018


He performed a life-changing midface lift on me. I haven’t seen any pt on the internet sharing what they did with an “aged” Leforte III fx, eye enucleation with an asymmetric droop. Mine happened 30 years ago and now I’m 57. If u have this type of injury and r on the fence about getting back in the “ring” start with him. He is gifted, kind and understanding. When I look in the mirror, I still can’t believe he lifted it! If you need xtra specialty surgeons make the chain at HMC. Cyork.

1 Sheryl Mae Fabi in Fair Lawn, NJ – Jul 01, 2018


Going to Dr Ciminello’s Office is always reassuring. The staff are so nice and attentive. They make you feel like you are in good hands! Dr Ciminello is very professional and expert in his approach to Me ... the patient. I have had a serious & extensive surgery and I was worried. Dr Ciminello was so nice and empathetic. I know he is the Best Doctor in Plastic Surgery around! !!

5 5 S.Blagojevich in Manhattan, NY – May 16, 2018


Don't let dr Chiminello trick you with his chatty and too confident attitude!!!!!He has experience in pediatric cranial surgery and too confident that he can do much more beside that ,but in terms of plastic/esthetic surgery, his work is really HORRIBLE!! Don't ignore when you see not well-rated reviews about this doctor ,think about why these reviews are there.Would they be there if he would have done a good job!? Good reviews could write his family members and friends help him promote his busi

1 4 Kathryn A Smith in Garfield, NJ – May 10, 2018


very impressed and happy with services. I would recommend Dr. Ciminello to anyone in the future.

1 1 May 01, 2018


Dr. Ciminello was responsive and attentive to our needs during a very stressful time. He is incredibly skilled, did a wonderful job and we would recommend him to anyone seeking his care.

1 2 Rich in Glen Rock, NJ – Apr 21, 2018


Great doctor - Did surgery to close a wound on my leg after skin cancer surgery. Great office staff, working hard to fit you in when its good for your schedule. Surgery big success- ahead of schedule on healing. He had me use a medicated gauze to wrap up wound that pharmacist told me is #1 item in world for speeding recovery. I had never heard of it. He's the best - would refer my own family and best friends to him .

1 2 Glen Rock , NJ – Apr 20, 2018


Wow! Simply the best plastic surgeon in NJ. Great office staff greets you and puts you at ease. He did surgery to close wound from skin cancer surgery . Made me laugh during surgery! Great bedside manner- great sense of humor besides doing amazing surgery. Healing ahead of schedule- thanks Doctor Ciminello!

2 New Orleans, LA – Apr 05, 2018


Amazing experience with my face lift! Worth every cent!

1 Mar 27, 2018


Friendly, courteous staff. You don’t feel rushed and explains thoroughly everything they will do. .

2 1 Juliette in Fair Lawn, NJ – Mar 20, 2018


Dr. Ciminello is a great doctor! He truly has made me feel at ease with my daughter's condition, he takes a great amount of time explaining everything and making sure that you leave his office knowing your in good hands. I highly recommend coming to Dr.Ciminello!

2 2 Fair Lawn – Aug 31, 2017


Great plastic surgeon with amazing results and a very friendly and upbeat personality.

2 2 Newark, NJ – Apr 28, 2017


Best doctor ever. He did a miracle on my daughter sense day one. She was in a car accident and he took great care of her. And she just had more surgies a month ago and it all looks amazing thanks to Dr.Frank! My daughter brianna was only 7 when she was in a tragic accident . And now she is 14 and looks amazing! One more operation and we will be all done hopefully!

2 3 Faustina Sorace in Saddle River, NJ – Dec 14, 2016


What a blessing to have had such a caring surgeon restore my shattered cheek after a nasty fall. Enough can't be said about his skill and compassion and his wonderfully attentive staff.

2 2 Ana B. in Wallington – Nov 15, 2016


Great doctor! Answered all my questions. Staff was ok, however I have medicaid and he didn't seem interested in my case, just sent me elsewhere.

1 3 Donna in Closter, NJ – Sep 13, 2016


The Best Plastic Surgeon in the world. Love, Love, Love him and his wonderful staff.....Highly recommend him, after what I have been through and Dr. C held my hand the whole way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.