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Dr. Gary Kronen, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

19065 Hickory Creek Dr Ste 210 , Mokena, IL

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Dr. Gary Kronen, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Mokena, IL and has over 31 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Suny Upstate Medical University (Syracuse) medical school in 1989. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Elmhurst Memorial Hospital and Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kronen to book an appointment.

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Dr. Gary Kronen, MD - Reviews

1 Kathleen French – Mar 06, 2020


Probably one of the most efficient and satisfying doctor visit I can remember. From the front desk to walking out of the office, the process was seamless and prompt. The staff was friendly, helpful and efficient. The doctor was wonderful, explaining things clearly and listening to my concerns. This office should be a model for all doctor offices!

1 Diana Bridges – Sep 21, 2019


Wonderful demeanor. Answered questions to where I understood. Kind staff. No wait time and appointment was on time.

2 Steve in New Lenox – May 01, 2019


Had carpal tunnel release surgery at the Palos surgery center. Dr. Kronen & staff were very professional. Got great care.

4 Orland Park, IL – Apr 15, 2019


Very uninformative, had to see another surgeon to repair doctors mistakes

3 PALATINE, IL – Feb 03, 2019


I developed an infection in my hand from my surgery Dr. Kronen performed. The specific type of infection I got is really only contracted through catheters which I did not have or bacteria that lives in an OR. Once i brought this up to Dr. Kronen he was adamant that his OR wasn't housing the bacteria and muttered "Wow I shouldn't have sent the culture out" and said that the lab must have messed something up which seems quite unlikely. I understand that there is inherently a risk of infection with

1 3 none – Dec 09, 2018


This doctor was more interested in the money he would receive from my finger surgery then my actual care. A week before my surgery, I was told to bring half of the funds that my insurance would not cover. I was also told that I would need to leave credit card information for my remaining balance. The amount I was told was more than double what my insurance did not cover, but this did not stop the office from taking multiple payments from my credit card. I waited 5 months for my reimbursement.

6 SMD – Dec 15, 2017


Dr. Kronen is a thorough, highly skilled surgeon who is also a plastic surgeon, this makes all the difference. I saw him for 2 prior unsuccessful surgeries not done by him. I was not sure if anything could be done. Dr. Kronen did the 3rd surgery and it was a complete success! My surgical experience with him was like no other, top notch! I work in the medical field and have nothing but respect and gratitude for Dr. Kronen. Thanks to him my hand is the best it's been in the past 2 years!!

3 1 Lockport – Nov 10, 2017


The girls at the front desk appear to be miserable...this is the first point of contact. I don't feel Dr Kronen had my best interest at heart. "Surgeons like to do surgery" stated so by the pt dept. At Mid America in Palos. Wish I would of went with my PCP first recommendation on who to see. I do not recommend Mid America Orthopedics.

5 Denise in Orland Park, IL – Jun 23, 2016


I had trigger thumb release surgery and Dr Kronen was on time, very professional, great bed side manners. The staff was excellent at Palos Surgery Center. The office and surgical center was beautiful.