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Dr. Gerald West, DO

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Dr. Gerald West, DO is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Goshen, NY and has over 53 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Kansas City Univ Of Medicine Bioscience College Of Osteopathic Medicine medical school in 1967. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. West to book an appointment.

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Dr. Gerald West, DO - Reviews

Charlie Benedetti – May 15, 2020


Still a new patient. So far Dr West is professional.

ScottB – Mar 06, 2020


Desk people were nice. I was taken on time and Dr. West was great and efficient

Feb 28, 2020



Feb 21, 2020


Appointment time 09:50. Put in exam room at 10:07. Doctor finally came in at 10:30. Seems like excessive wait time. Doctor was professional and thorough. Would rate his performance at 5 stars but, with wait time, over a 4 star.

Ken – Jan 24, 2020


excellent service

Jan 16, 2020



john deerkoski – Jan 10, 2020


the purpose of the visit was to evaluate and discuss the results of the biopsies from nodules on my thyroid. Very helpful discussion.

Elizabeth – Jan 10, 2020


Very nice man. Gave good advice and listened.

Dan – Nov 22, 2019


"Routine" ear wax removal.

Jeannine – Nov 01, 2019


I made an appointment with ENT Specialty Care to have my hearing checked and to see if I might need my ears cleaned. Turned out my hearing was still in the normal range and my ears did not need cleaning. That was nice to learn and that they did not recommend unnecessary services! The staff were very pleasant and Dr. West was delightful. They were also on schedule with my appointment time. I definitely recommend them.

Nov 01, 2019


Everything went well. Dr was very nice. Office staff was very accommodating.

Nancy P. Youngblood – Oct 04, 2019


Dr.West is the best ENT Specialist we have had in Orange County. I am an RN who Travels to Cornell Medical Center For all of my medical needs. Dr.West is professional, very Competent and gentle! I recommend you do everything Possible to keep him on your Staff! Thank you for the opportunity to provide my comments!

Lois F. Woods – Oct 04, 2019


I had lots of anxiety about having a tube up my nose to examine my throat. In the past, I had a very traumatic experience with this procedure. I explained this to Dr. West and he understood my anxiety. Dr. West explained what he was going to do which calmed me, and through his patience and understanding, I was able to relax and he was able to complete the examination. He explained his findings and prescribed the treatment to address my condition. Dr. West was very thorough and didn't appear rushed like other doctors do these days. I was very satisfied with my visit with Dr. West.

David M Grippe – Sep 27, 2019


Dr. West was very thorough and explained everything he did and that was needed.

Sep 13, 2019


Dr. West is very thorough

Barbara Goldstein – Sep 06, 2019


Dr. West was wonderful. He took his time, was very knowledgable and found a very easy, natural solution to my ear problem. He also shared suggestions that will help me avoid this problem in the future.

KD in Central Valley , NY – Dec 07, 2018


Based on in office visit ! Excellent