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Dr. Ginard Henry, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

3901 Stonegate Park , Saint Joseph, MI.

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Dr. Ginard Henry, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Saint Joseph, MI. He is affiliated with medical facilities Lakeland Hospital, Niles and Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Henry to book an appointment.

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Dr. Ginard Henry, MD - Reviews

1 C.Collins – Dec 31, 2019


My first experience with Dr.Henry was 10/19, for carpal tunnel surgery. From my first appointment to my last scheduled visit I was very pleased with EVERY staff member.This staff is very professional , yet warm and friendly, I could only feel comfortable and cared for.Dr. Henry is quite thorough in explaining the procedure, as well as answering any questions or concerns. His staff is the same, making sure you understand as well along with suggesting care tips at home. Very pleasant, caring staff of professionals. I know Dr Henry doing this procedure has restored the loss of use and stopped the pain I was experiencing. I regret having put off this carpal tunnel procedure so long because of my doubting and fear I HAD. I positively, absolutely had IMMEDIATE relief! My whole hand WORKS like new! Thank you Dr.Henry and staff.

1 JL Coy – Dec 12, 2019


Dr. Henry is a wonderful plastic surgeon. He did surgery after I had MOHS surgery on my face and within 3 months you could hardly tell that anything had been done (and it was quite a large bit of surgery on the side of my face). He's got a wonderful personality and made me feel right at home. Good sense of humor and a nice caring attitude every time I went in for a follow-up. I would and have recommended him.

1 Jane Holloway in MI – Oct 03, 2019


Great guy! Did a great job, I'm very happy! Everybody around here was great.

1 Sally – Sep 05, 2019


I am very impressed with Dr. Henry and the entire staff at his office. They all spent time with me answering my questions as if I was the only patient they had. I had heard good things prior to my first appointment and I found that Dr. Henry and his staff exceeded my expectations and my surgical procedure turned out beautifully. I highly recommend Dr. Henry and his office staff.

Trista warren in Hartford, MI – Aug 16, 2019


I absolutely would. I'M so very pleased with the entire process and results of my procedure. Dr. Henry and staff have been amazing.

Aug 01, 2019


He was very nice and helpful. My daughter felt comfortable with getting her cyst removed. He was very explanatory of what he was going to do.

Tom Kehr in Holland, MI – Feb 14, 2018


Dr. Henry is very thorough ... taking all of the time needed with the patient, explaining diagnosis and procedures in simple easy to understand terms. Dr. Henry is professional, courteous, friendly and genuinely cares about the patient ... answering all questions each time. Dr. Henry's operating practice and staff are competent and thorough. Patients receive individual attention every time. He is simply the Best. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Henry!

Judy in Coloma,MI – Jan 18, 2018


As a retired surgical nurse I am very critical of every doctor who cares for me or my family and friends. I had. two recommendations to see Dr Henry and was very impressed when I met him. I found him and his staff to be friendly,knowledgable and professional. He encouraged questions and explored outcomes. As a patient,I appreciate that. I'll be back.

4 Bruce ranger in Coloma mi – Jul 21, 2017


I think he is a great doctor and very skilled and concerned with his patients well being I enjoyed the visits with him because he shows concern and encourages his patients to help in their recovery

1 3 Maria in St Joseph, MI – Jun 15, 2017


He is amazing and his staff is wonderful!! They all take the time to make you feel at home comfortable and confident in the decisions you are making. On the day of surgery Dr.Henry speaks with you before hand in a relaxing casual way that helps relieve those pre operation glitters. All the staff at stone gate truly are a blessing!!!

1 Diane in St Joseph, MI – May 05, 2017


Yes I would recommend

3 St Joseph, MI – Apr 24, 2017


Fine experience

2 marco – Apr 24, 2017


Dr Henry has been fantastic ! Would reccomend him to anyone.

3 1 St Joseph, MI – Apr 18, 2017


I mainly consulted with Dr. Henry regarding surgery for a Basal Cell Carcinoma. I thought he could actually do the surgery but he said his role would be closing the wound if it was disfiguring and left a bad result. Due to the biopsy being healed and no photograph of the carcinoma before biopsy he could not be a help on removing any residual cells. This would have to be done my the out of network dermatologist who did the biopsy.

2 Barbara Huset in Berrien Springs, MI – Apr 07, 2017


Was very pleasant to speak with. Took his time in testing and explaining my hand pain.

Casondra in Buchanan, MI – Mar 05, 2017


Very good doctor, spends time with you answering questions. Seems to truly care about his patients.

2 1 Benton Harbor, MI – Mar 03, 2017


He spent a lot of time with me, even though he will not be doing my procedure due to Lakeland Hospital not being set up for such things. I suspect he spends a lot of time with all his patients, thus the long wait time. Best to get in first thing in the AM or after lunch if time is an issue for you. Sometimes a long wait time is worth it. A+ grade from me.

1 niles – Feb 26, 2017


He was a Godsend to me. I had not gotten a puncture wound cared for right away as I should. Consequently thru my own fault it went abscess and I was in danger of having to have surgery on my right index finger. Dr Henry treated the wound, took me thru two courses of antibiotic and avoided surgery and it's inherent risks and the longer recovery time. I really appreciate a surgeon who puts his patient's best interest first.

2 1 Benton Harbor, MI – Mar 03, 2017


He spent a lot of time with me, even though he will not be doing my procedure due to Lakeland Hospital not being set up for such things. I suspect he spends a lot of time with all his patients, thus the long wait time. Best to get in first thing in the AM or after lunch if time is an issue for you....Read More