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Dr. Gregory Dumanian, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Chicago, IL. He is affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Dumanian to book an appointment.

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Dr. Gregory Dumanian, MD - Reviews

1 James – Mar 17, 2020


I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with Dr. Dumanian. Every step of the way I always felt at ease and confident in Dr. Dumanian’s ability due to his professionalism, empathy and kindness. I only met with Dr. Dumanian twice before my surgery, however, each experience I felt reassured I made...Read More

2 Steve W – Feb 10, 2020


I had a number of surgical abdominal hernias, and Dr. Dumanian did an amazing job on reconstructing my abdominal wall. Before I saw him, I had been told that I was going to spend my life in pain and wearing binder. One year post surgery, I am finding myself able function like a person, able to...Read More

1 Beverly A – Jan 22, 2020


My GP is with Northwestern hospital. He referred me to Dr. Gregory Dumanian. Dr. Dumanian told me it would be a complicated surgery. But he was confident he could fix the hernia and repair all the scar tissue. Three short weeks later I am healing rapidly. He fixed the hernia and repaired all the...Read More

4 2 Dec 08, 2019


I had a very frustrating experience with Dr. Dumanian. In fact, I would say that it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with any medical professional. He did not listen to me and he did not take the time to accurately review my medical record. He ended up misdiagnosing me. Fortunately, I...Read More

1 kelly in Portage, IN – Jun 25, 2019


I absolutely love Dr. Dumanian. He and his staff are the best he answered all my questions and made sure I knew everything I would be going thru. I had no surprises and everything was what he told me. I had no worries because he had me so prepared for my surgery.

1 Kathy S in Streamwood, IL – May 26, 2019


I was extremely nervous about undergoing surgery, Dr. Dumanian was very friendly and answered every question thoroughly. I had a panniculectomy as well as a fleur de lis” abdominoplasty after a 150lb weight loss. My surgery was a success and I am extremely pleased with the results, Dr. Dumanian and...Read More

Delia Vazquez in Chicago, IL – May 23, 2019


Dr. Dumanian is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. My consultation put me at ease for my medical condition. Dr. Dumanian was very genuine, answered all my questions and concerns and explained the difference between meshes. His expertise made it very easy to schedule my medical needs in...Read More

May 01, 2019


I came here for a breast reduction. I was very nervous to go through with this entire process. They really take care of you and all of your concerns. Always there to answer any questions and help you from start to finish. The doctor and nurses were very nice and the recovery wasnt too bad. I...Read More

1 GG – Jan 22, 2019


Our family had the distinct privilege of being in the expert hands of Dr. Dumanian twice in two weeks—for my son’s umbilical and my husband’s ventral hernia repairs—with outstanding outcomes. Gentlemanly Dr. Dumanian speaks precisely and listens carefully, and this delicate, deliberate manner...Read More

Pat – Dec 31, 2018


I am very pleased with the hernia repair/rectus diastasis surgery that Dr Dumanian performed for me. He was very clear with me as to what to expect and everything went just as he said it would. The hospital and all the staff were excellent also. Thank you Dr Dumanian, I appreciate all that you did...Read More

2 1 R. Shipyor in Chicago, IL – Aug 10, 2018


Dr. Dumanian is a surgical god! Before seeing Dr. Dumanian I had 3 previous abdominal hernia repairs all using a mesh that was inserted in my abdomen. All 3 of those repairs had failed. So when I knew I needed a 4th repair I wanted the best. I did my homework saw a few Dr’s. first then went to see...Read More

1 Christian R. in Naperville, IL – Jul 02, 2018


Dr. Dumanian is a wonderful combination of a caring and skilled doctor. He listened intently to my concerns and gave clear explanations of his specific mesh repair technique for diastasis recti repair. I was unworried and confident going into surgery. I attribute my non-complicated recovery with...Read More

SBrackin – Jun 04, 2018


I had my surgery for an abdominal wall reconstruction 6 months ago. My experience was incredible. Initially I was most apprehensive as I had undergone a serious surgery 4 months prior and was not looking forward to another long recovery. From the initial visit to the hospital experience to post...Read More

David Gray in Lincoln Park, Mich – Apr 24, 2018


Dr. Dumanian is a great surgeon and very kind human being. I found him during a search on the web. I had my whole right rectus abdominal muscle removed due to a botched liposuction by an incompetent butcher here in Michigan. Dr. Dumanian is the man and a true skilled surgeon. He did an excellent...Read More

Emily in MI – Apr 22, 2018


Incredible Dr. He listens to your concerns and does not make you feel rushed. He spends a lot of time diagnosing your problem and comes up with a valid opinion/solution. I have had 5 ankle surgeries. He has been the only surgeon to not look at me like a psych case and took my pain seriously. ...Read More

Victoria in Illinois – Mar 04, 2018


Truly an amazing Doctor and staff. I am only 1 week post op, but I already feel the strength of my restored core. I feel so good that I painted my nails a foreign color so I would remember to not lift anything. Dr. Dumanian fills you with the confidence of knowing you have an expert on the case. I...Read More

1 Hedi Pugh in Tuscola – Nov 30, 2017


There are not enough stars to give Dr. Dumanian. I am two weeks post op for hernia repair and abdominal reconstruction. I could not have had a better surgeon and care. As one of my nurses said "Dr. D is a perfectionist and that is what you want in a surgeon" but at the same time he is very...Read More

1 Terence Bujold in Las Vegas, NV – Nov 26, 2017


Dr Dumaniun Highly Skilled, Component, Dedicated, Caring Doctor. After a year of surgery's and infections I went to Dr Dumunian for recurrent abdominal reconstruction. I can not say enough how professional he and his staff treated me and the outstanding repair he did on my abdomen. I sincerely...Read More

1 C. R. in Chicago, IL – Aug 22, 2017


I recently had two surgeries performed by Dr. Dumanian (done within the same time frame) . The first was a revision and repair of three hernias as a result of previous ostomy surgeries. The second part of the operation was an abdominoplasty. I am extremely pleased with the outcome! I felt as...Read More

3 Jill in Chicago, IL – Jul 24, 2017


Dr Dumanian recently repaired a 9 cm abdominal separation due to pregnancy-related severe Diastastis Recti. He used his advanced mesh liner procedure and the results are nothing short of amazing! I also had a breast lift and I'm back to my shape before my 2 pregnancies. The recovery wasn't bad - 4...Read More

2 Chicago, IL – Dec 29, 2016


After a lymph node biopsy in my neck revealed that my silicone breast implants were leaking, I chose Dr. Dumanian from the Northwestern Hospital website, as it said he was Chief of Plastic Surgery. Being very concerned and scared, I cannot say enough about how caring, reassuring, confident, and...Read More

3 2 Ed M. in Grayslake, IL – Dec 14, 2016


I am approaching two years post op from recurrent 15cm ventral hernia repair with mesh and release of components. From day one Dr. Dumanian grabbed hold of my case to see that this was the final repair necessary. Care has been top notch and the result amazing. I have regained core strength,...Read More

1 Barbara Ragland in McHenry – Dec 07, 2016


I wish that there was a higher rating than five stars as he is an amazing physician. Due to an accident years ago I had severe nerve burning in my foot. After two surgery to replace nerves I am burn free! His caring manor and gentle approach made me feel confident and cared for. If you have any...Read More

Kira P. in Chicago, IL – Nov 29, 2016


Dr. Dumanian did everything possible to avoid surgery (including meeting me early on a Saturday morning to drain my abdominal abscess for the second time that week). Now, I am 3 weeks post op and I am in better shape than I was 3 months post op of the original surgery (by another surgeon). Dr....Read More

Kelly T in Chicago, IL – Nov 17, 2016


I had a unique problem with both my thighs. I saw 3 different doctors before I saw DR. Dumanian. The first 3 doctors were baffled and really didn't know exactly what my problem was or how to treat it. Then I saw Dr. Dumanian and as soon as he took a look at my thighs he said "I can fix this! You...Read More

5 Kristin Hills in Northbrook Illinois – Feb 03, 2016


Dr. Dumanian is so great! He performed a hernia repair with abdominal wall reconstruction. He is gentle, kind and caring.