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Dr. Gregory Latrenta, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Darien, CT and has over 40 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from New York Medical College medical school in 1980. He is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Latrenta to book an appointment.

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Dr. Gregory Latrenta, MD - Reviews

Janet C. – Jan 31, 2020


Dr. Latrenta is the very best in terms of his competence & skills. He is also very caring & compassionate. He & his staff were wonderful to me before & after my surgery. I am thrilled with my results and the care I received.

Barb H – Oct 27, 2019


I had a breast reduction and he did a fantastic job of re-shaping and lifting them at the same time.

1 Oct 22, 2019


Dr. Latrenta is such a special person not to mention an unbelievably gifted surgeon. His compassion & emotional support are rarely displayed in such a sought after. He gave me back confident and I will be forever grateful. His office is run by a kind staff and is always on time. Both of which I have never experienced at esteemed surgeons offices.

2 Susan Tobocman – Sep 27, 2019


I was promised the fillers would be gone from my system in three months. It is now approaching seven months and because of the doctor's over-administration of it, my eyelids are drooping over my pupils.

1 Candice L – Sep 11, 2019


I traveled from Arizona to New York for my surgery. I searched AZ for months interviewing doctors who would have the gift of understanding when a woman has to have her breasts removed the scars and reconstructive surgery are important. Dr LaTrenta listened to my concerns telling me he would spend as much time necessary to answer and make me and my husband feel comfortable feel comfortable. I inquired on whether only he would be doing my surgery, rather than have someone practice closing me up. He assured me only he would be doing all of the surgery. I can honestly say I don't see scars. He took his time during this 5 plus hour surgery. I cannot thank Dr LaTrenta for the excellent reconstructive work he has done on me. Ive begged him to open an office in Scottsdale. He is a compassionate caring surgeon. None of which Ive seen the likes of in Scottsdale.

2 NY – Jan 12, 2019


Dr, Latrenta is a wonderful, skilled plastic surgeon, supported by a fantastic professional staff. I cannot say enough good things about the care I received from Dr. Latrenta and his staff. A highly skilled surgeon, with an artist's eye, he is also a compassionate human being who really cares about you and your needs, both inside and out.

1 Lisa Mann Marotta in Ridgefield, CT – Sep 26, 2018


Dr, LaTrenta is a wonderful, skilled plastic surgeon, supported by a terrific, professional staff. I can't speak highly enough of them, and my perspective has stood the test of time. Eighteen years ago, a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, I was referred to Dr. LaTrenta in New York City by my mastectomy team as the plastic surgeon they trusted to do my post mastectomy implant. A highly skilled surgeon, one with an artist's eye, he is also a compassionate human being, surrounded by staff

3 Gail in New York, NY – Jun 11, 2018


If Dr. LaTrenta & his team are involved in helping your face match your young spirit &"Pilates body,"- go for it! Seeing a "good"outside positively affected my inside. The entire staff is amazing & is led by one of the most caring & competent doctors I've ever met. This man is a gift. My awful jowls are gone, my neck and mouth lines look like they did 10 years ago- I look and feel like I came back from vacation. No black and blue, I did not take pain killers & started work in 2 weeks!

2 New York – Nov 02, 2017


I am been a patient for a few years now and have had a wonderful experience. Recently, I underwent breast augmentation and extremely happy with the results. Prior to the procedure, I had many questions and asked to come to office numerous times (many more times than average) to try on sizers and verify my size. Dr. LaTrenta and his staff were incredibly attentive and accommodating and answered every question i had. The office displayed this same level of attention on the day of surgery and aftte

K Linneman in New Canaan, CT – Jun 15, 2017


I am a breast cancer survivor of 6 years and a very grateful patient of Dr.Latrenta. He performed my breast reconstruction 'redo' surgery 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier with the results or the experience, which thanks to him and his incredible staff, was great from start to finish. I highly recommend him - he is professional, competent, a highly skilled artist, compassionate, patient and kind. And his staff is awesome!