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Dr. Henry Lee, MD is a Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Warren, NJ. He is affiliated with Saint Peter's University Hospital. He has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lee to book an appointment.

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Dr. Henry Lee, MD - Reviews

1 Ronnie Docherty – Apr 29, 2020


My wife has had an eye condition for some time but she was squeamish about having a procedure to remedy. A visit to Dr Lee filled her with confidence and resolve and she scheduled the procedure. Unfortunately the pandemic has intervened. The consultation we had in Dr Lee’s office was done without delay and Dr. Lee fully explained the procedure with clarity to allay her fears. The procedure will go ahead when restrictions are lifted.

1 Laura Lang – Apr 26, 2020


Dr. Lee is amazing. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with basil cell skin cancer on my lower eye lid which had spread to my upper lid as well as my tear ducts. He is not only a skilled surgeon but also possess a wonderful, caring personality. You would never know I had surgery and my eyes function normally. Would give him 50 stars if I could!

2 chris f – Jan 27, 2020


procedure performed: biopsy of growth inside eye socket close to optic nerve. result: successful surgery. no damage to optic nerve or eyesight. very minimal evidence that an incision was even made. almost undetectable. office staff was super friendly. dr. lee thoroughly explained my situation, gave me the options I had and answered all questions. biopsy surgery was ultimately decided on. as stated above surgery was successful. dr. lee followed up with a phone call the next day to see how I was doing. I have experienced many doctors who are rushed and don't really seem to care. dr lee took the time to answer all questions and really cared. have been back for multiple follow ups with the same observations. thank you dr lee.

1 Raymond Mager – Dec 07, 2019


Doctor Lee is a pleasant and very competent surgeon. I had squamous cell cancer under both eyelids. After having MOH's surgery the day before, Dr Lee performed reconstructive surgery on both of the eyes. The surgery was difficult in that I also was on a blood thinner. Dr Lee did a superlative job on the reconstruction, and I am at a point one month later, that barely no traces of the surgery are visible. He was excellent in follow up and totally available to answer any and all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend him.

1 Dennis in Branchburg, NJ – Nov 24, 2019


I when to Dr. Lee for a issue near my eye He gave a clear explanation of the procedure and all when as planned. I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone. The office staff and Dr. Lee did an excellent job.

Laura Schlesinger – Nov 10, 2019


Great surgeon, great bedside manner, attention to detail and expertise.

1 Oct 29, 2019


Dr. Lee was recommended to me by my optometrist to perform a bilateral blepharoplasty. Dr. Lee is not only highly skilled in performing this and like procedures, but he is quite personable and has an excellent bedside manner. Prior to the surgery, he took the time to explain exactly what he was going to do and what the likely outcome would be. After the surgery - which went very well - he clearly outlined the protocol for me to follow in order to insure a speedy recovery. I would recommend Dr. Lee for this and similar procedures.

D. Ten Broeck in NJ, NJ – Jan 21, 2019


You are greeted by a very professional staff and the office location is very good with a large parking lot and elevator. Dr. Lee listens to your issues and takes notes of your concerns and any issues you have currently or in the past. The patient rooms are well lite and very comfortable. Dr. Lee provides you with associates that may assist him with resolution to your issues. He follows up with every patient and shows compassion. I highly recommend him to both young and our older population.

1 Donna Burnett – Jan 18, 2019


From the time I was recommended to consult with Dr. Lee, to the drive home after my procedure, there was always a sense of pure professionalism and kindness from this practice. My initial phone call was welcoming and assuring that I was given the perfect referral. Dr. Lee and his lovely staff were comforting and never once was I nervous or anxious. We talked through my procedure like we were longtime friends. I recommend this practice immensely and thank you all for everything.

2 Ringwood, NJ – Mar 04, 2017


As a health professional I was looking for a physician with experience, know how and compassion to treat the effects of radiation and chemotherapy on my face and scalp. I am very happy to say I found all of those things in Dr. Lee. He takes his time each visit and explains what I can expect as I continued to heal. He does so in such a way that as the patient you know he has your best interests at heart to make you feel better about yourself now and in the future. I recommend him highly.

4 Jerseygirl in Asbury Park, NJ – Feb 24, 2017


From the first time I phoned the office I was very impressed with the friendly and efficient front desk. They were extremely helpful and accommodating when setting up an appointment. Upon arrival at Dr. Lee's office my impression was solidified. I found both the Dr. and his staff to be courteous, friendly and professional. Dr Lee does an outstanding job of explaining everything in detail. He also makes you feel that no question is wrong to ask. I have been extremely happy with my experience