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Dr. Henry Spinelli, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Spinelli has more experience with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from New York University medical school in 1981. He is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Spinelli to book an appointment.

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Dr. Henry Spinelli, MD - Reviews

Apr 24, 2020


Dr. Spinelli is a phenomenal doctor and his bed side manner is superb. His staff is attentive, kind, and provide an exceptional experience. I am so pleased with the results of my liposuction. I would recommend him to everyone who is considering any plastic surgery.

2 Katie – Feb 19, 2020


I recently went to Dr. Spinelli for surgery and was blown away. He was so thorough and so knowledgeable. I never felt rushed and everything was explained to me in detail. I was able to give quite a bit of input in terms of what was important to me without feeling like I was being yes-ed to death. His staff is incredible - warm and accommodating. And most importantly, the final results are perfect. I could not be more pleased.

1 Feb 01, 2020


I used Dr.Spinelli for breast surgery several years ago. One surgery turned into nine. First he made me pay him thousands of dollars out of pocket, even though he took my insurance. He is rude, obnoxious and believes he is god!! Dr. Spinelli is by far the worst surgeon . Don’t believe the articles you read about him. That’s what lured me in. He left me with irreversible scars. Dr. Spinelli did not finish the job. After nine surgeries with him I had to find another surgeon to help me as Spinelli wrote me off. I did extensive research before choosing this doctor. Unfortunately I suffered tremendously due to his lack of expertise with breast reconstruction. I’m writing this review to warn people ahead of time. I wish I would have known as it would have saved me 5 years of going in and out of hospitals!

1 Willie Quarles – Jan 07, 2020


My name is Willie Quarles and I am a resident of Connecticut. About 25 years ago, I had a severe case of keloids on both sides of my face. After several years of agony and 10 unsuccessful surgeries, I found Dr. Henry Spinelli. Dr. Spinelli, along with a team of other amazing surgeons, successfully, and permanently removed the keloids from my face. Along with his superb bedside manner and expertise, Dr. Spinelli provided thorough patient education during the entire process. I was extremely pleased with the results, along with the aftercare. I would highly recommend Dr. Spinelli.

BC – Nov 30, 2019


Dr. Spinelli recently performed a blepharoplasty - upper eyelids - and did an incredible job. My peripheral vision is dramatically improved and, after only five weeks, everyone is telling me I look ten years younger. He made me look younger in a natural appearing way. He and his staff were a pleasure to deal with - kind, attentive and caring - I would recommend Dr. Spinelli wholeheartedly.

TpD – Nov 26, 2019


Excellent ability to restore appearance from effects caused by antiretroviral drugs.

1 Jul 09, 2019


Dr. Spinelli is a lifesaver! Over ten years ago, I had rhinoplasty done and felt fine. As time went on, my breathing became impaired and I was losing my sense of smell and taste. Also, my nose was getting more and more swollen. Dr. Spinelli made me feel like I was his number one priority. He made me and my family feel reassured that he would fix it. He truly went above and beyond and made me breath and smell and most importantly, taste again!!! He is not only a great doctor but a friend that I will keep close to my heart forever. Thank you Dr. Spinelli for all that you do for your staff and your patients. There is no one like you!

1 Jairo Rodriguez in New York , NY – Jun 19, 2019



3 1 Mar 22, 2019


RAVE REVIEWS! I recently had facial surgery to correct sagging skin, jowls, sun damage and over 5 decades of aging. Incredible, NATURAL results! God gave me my face the first time and Dr. Spinelli gave it back to me now! Dr. Spinelli has top notch credentials, an A+ bedside manner and miraculous ability and skills as a surgeon. I’ve received compliments that I look so well rested, I haven’t changed a bit.” No one has asked me if I “had work done.” 100% NATURAL RESULTS, 100%recommend! Thank you!

3 1 Dec 03, 2018


This man is a medical genius. I am an anesthesiologist who has worked with multiple plastic (and other) surgeons. But when my grandson needed delicate ophthalmo-facial reconstructive surgery, there was no one else I would consider. (Now, 6 months after 4-hour surgery, I can't even find the facial scars).

2 Atif Muhammad in Abu Dhabi, UAE, UA – Sep 21, 2018


I had my surgery of removal of a benign tumor on my right upper jaw. surgery involved removal of the partial jaw, orbital floor and the entire set of teeth of the right upper side. Surgery was performed under the supervision of Dr. Spinelli. I travelled from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to have this surgery in NYC I can safely say that I am glad that I had my surgery by these extra ordinary professionals who are on top of their expertise. Highy recommended

2 3 Mary – May 21, 2018


The Worst out there in my opinion! Sooo many Dr Spinelli patients had botched surgeries by him. I think he is Manipulating Rude Arrogant Money Hungry and a Hit or Miss Plastic Surgeons! In my opinion and other former patients that he physically and emotionally scarred; You’re Playing Russian Roulette allowing Dr. Henry M Spinelli NYC Cosmetic Surgeon do any procedure!!!

1 Debbie in Plainview – Apr 16, 2018


Recently my son had a horrific ski accident, leaving him paralyzed,in addition to needing complex facial reconstruction. Dr. Spinelli came highly recommended and his care for our son superseded our expectations. He not only did a beautiful job, but what was most impressive was his overall concern and proactive decisions that helped us get the best care at Weill Cornell NYP hospital. It was wonderful not only to have such a skillful physician, but sincere for his overall well-being.

Lindenhurst – Mar 28, 2018


Diagnosed with an orbital tumor November 2017, after much research, I concluded Dr. Spinelli was the absolute best and only choice. Concerned about losing my vision in the affected eye, I was also concerned about what I would look like after such an operation (performed January 2018). Dr. Spinelli's professional expertise, marvelous reassuring personality, and undeniable skill as a surgeon put me at ease throughout the process and continues in follow-up visits. His talents are a real gift.

Jan 16, 2018


Dr. Spinelli is an excellent doctor. He is bright, an excellent surgeon, and caring in difficult times. I had cancer of the lower eyelid and the results of the surgery are fantastic. Not only are the results better than I could have hoped for, but throughout the process from diagnosis to healing he and his staff provided information, helpful recommendations, and always positive encouragement. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Spinelli very highly.

2 Brooklyn – Jan 05, 2018


I had a few procedures with Dr. Spinelli during the same session: a modest breast agmentation to rrestructure tubular breasts)

Dec 18, 2017


My experience with doctor Spinelli was absolutely wonderful - could not be happier with the results. I feel very privileged and fortunate to be his patient.

New York, NY – May 31, 2017


I highly recommend Dr. Spinelli. He is very patient conscious and considerate.

1 Sm in South Orange. NJ – May 16, 2017


In 2017 I was referred to Dr. Spinelli by a friend who was VERY satisfied with procedures that were performed by this doctor. Prior to my meeting with Dr. Spinelli, I had consulted with several other doctors and had procedures that were not successful. I found Dr. Spinelli to be extremely knowledgeable and kind in explaining my options. The result of my surgery was everything he told me it would be. I highly recommend Dr. Spinelli!!!!

PS in Livingston, N.J – Apr 17, 2017


A a result of medical necessity, I have had several surgical procedures from this highly talented and experienced doctor. Without hesitation, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Spinelli to anyone considering a surgical procedure. His experience and talent as a surgeon has made a significant impact on me and changed my life. Dr. Spinelli is a true professional and is clearly at the top of his game.

Zeljka in New York City  – Sep 17, 2016


I give Dr. Spinelli not 5 but 10 stars. The words can’t describe my gratitude to him and his office staff. I am a war survivor who had a metal implant and bone graft done in her right arm 22 years ago. The arm got infected this year and I feel blessed that I was sent to Dr. Spinelli. He made sure...Read More

Denise in New York City – Aug 28, 2016


I had my first cosmetic surgery this spring, specifically a brow lift, an upper eyelid lift and lower eyelid tightening. It has been three months after the procedure and the results are remarkable. My experience has been fantastic, from the start, with exceptional pre and post operative care,...Read More

1 wang in Brooklyn, NY – Aug 19, 2016


an angel, he acts more like a God than a doctor to save life. good heart, thanks for your kindness and superb technical /medical skills to take away my orbit tumor. walk out the hospital with No health issues. very responsible for the follow up after surgery. i never experience any doctor's office...Read More

1 VW in Tuckahoe, NY – Jul 08, 2016


I met Dr Spinellii in 2004 after a botched surgery. He did what most doctors refuse to do and that is fix someone else's work. Over the years I had eye problems. Dr Spinelli, also an Opthamologist performed another very complicated surgery that could have been deforming and I came through with...Read More

1 Jun 08, 2016


Dr. Spinelli is an amazing doctor. He is experienced, professional, caring, and friendly. I am extremely happy with the results of his work. I have been going to Dr. Spinelli for three years now.He takes his time answering question, and explaining the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr....Read More

1 mams416 in Freehold, NJ – Feb 03, 2016


Dr. Spinelli and his entire staff are phenomenal. Everyone from the receptionists to the medical assistants and Dr. Spinelli himself are extremely professional. I am very satisfied with the results of the procedures performed and I would recommend him without reservation.

2 1 Teri L in New York, NY – Dec 30, 2015


I have known Dr Spinelli for over 20 years. I have found his expertise as a surgeon unparalleled.. He removed a bone tumor from my daughter's skull 20 years ago, and has performed cosmetic surgery on my and members of my family. We have all had excellent experiences and excellent results. He is a...Read More