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Dr. Homayoun Sasson, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Great Neck, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Franklin Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Sasson to book an appointment.

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Dr. Homayoun Sasson, MD - Reviews

Mrs. Cheryl Schack – Jun 07, 2020


Dr. Sasson took care of me at L.I, Jewish Hospital in 2004 after I felldown 13 stairs at home. I opened up my right leg and other serious injuries. He came to hospital and sewed up my leg with just a small amount of skin remaining. I had to stay in bed with my leg up and had wound care for over six weeks. You can barely see a scar. He did such a beautiful job And saved me from infection. I never forgot his compassion, empathy, kindness and calming personality. This brought me back to St, Francis Hospital in December of 2019 when I tripped and fell in a local store. I was bleeding profusely on my left leg.A doctor from Emergency Dept. Came to look at it and didn’t know if it could be stitched closed. I happen to mention my past accident and what a terrific doctor I had named Dr,Sasson. The doctor told me that he comes to this hospital. In the end he came after seeing patients and remarked that he was told I was an old patient. Anyway,again a marvelous doctor saved my leg !

Apr 03, 2020


Dr. Sasson is wonderful.He treated me with compassion in the ER at a time when I was very anxious and nervous about my injury.Made me feel very comfortable.

Hildy Travis Stein – Jan 23, 2020


Dr. Sasson is among the most qualified, brilliant, kind and caring doctors I have ever experienced. I broke my nose two weeks ago and had a less than great experience in our local emergency room. I went to see Dr. Sasson the next day (upon a recommendation from a fellow doctor) and he reset my nose. Two weeks later, the cast is off and my nose is straight!! Its hard to find a doctor who is both incredibly skilled AND has a remarkable bedside manner - but Dr. Sasson posseses both qualities. I highly recommend him.

Dec 30, 2019


Great doctor and staff with excellent patient care. Very patient.

1 Ted Knopp – Dec 03, 2019


Having operated on me in the ER explaining everything exuding confidence I knew his was an exceptional surgeon. I was fortunate to have been cared for by a top physician

Nov 21, 2019


My son was injured in school. I called Dr. Sasson's office and he immediately returned my call. I explained the situation and he told me to meet him at the ER. Upon arrival, Dr. Sasson was actually waiting for me! Although my son is only six years old, Dr Sasson was able to close up a large laceration over his eye, without my son even crying! The injury is healing beautifully. Should you need a plastic surgeon, there is no better option than Dr. Sasson!

PK88 – Jun 27, 2019


Great experience, great results. Dr. Sasson is truly the best out there.

Jun 05, 2019


Great care. Dr. Sasson and his staff are extremely professional and friendly.

May 22, 2019


Very friendly and welcoming staff. The Dr is extremely knowledgeable. Took his time to explain all my options. Very satisfied with his services. Will definitely go back.

May 20, 2019


DR SASSON very thorough, caring compassionate and patient/the PA Donna efficient and kind, Christine friendly and very understanding and the ladies that you see when you first go in are very welcoming and prompt they don’t waste any time and do the paperwork right away its a very comfortable experience!!! Thank-you all very much! Sincerely from Joyce Cifarelli

1 Apr 30, 2019


I am so happy with the results of my rhinoplasty!! Thank you Dr. Sasson for making me a happy girl with my new nose. Now I know why all of my friends used you for their surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Sasson for the most natural looking nose job.

Apr 02, 2019


Dr. Sasson is a very compassionate and skilled surgeon. He operated on my son on 3 separate occasions for different emergencies. It has been several years since and being in need of a hand surgeon for myself I didn’t hesitate in calling and making an appointment for myself.

Mar 14, 2019


Dr. Sasson did an amazing job of repairing a really bad laceration to my 4-year-old daughter's ear. A week later, you can barely tell there was an injury! Dr. Sasson does great work with young kids.

Dec 30, 2018


I was suffering for a long time from my large breasts. My OBGYN doctor referred me to Dr. Sasson for breast reduction. I made the appointment thinking I would never really go through with it. The second I met Dr. Sasson I felt I would be in great hands. I am so thrilled that I went through with the surgery. I feel and look so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Sasson for anyone looking to have breast reduction surgery. My results couldn't have been better and it was covered by my insurance.

2 NickiL in Wilton , CT – Nov 28, 2018


Dr. Sasson closed the wound left by Mohs Surgery. I am SO glad that I chose a plastic surgeon to do this work. A mere 2 weeks after the surgery, I have a faint line where there was a wound resembling a deep cigarette burn. A very kind, compassionate and caring doctor.

2 Andrea S. in Port Washingon – Oct 12, 2018


Dr. Sasson and his staff couldn't have been nicer or more professional. They were so friendly and put me totally at ease.

2 Robert M Becker in Bayside, NY – Oct 12, 2018


Will make recommendation after the procedure is completed. Based on the Dr's explanation of the procedure, I am expecting a positive outcome. Thank you.

2 Oct 04, 2018


Knownledgeable Pleasant Caring

1 Fara S. in NY – Aug 12, 2018


I am so lucky that my friend recommended Dr. Sasson. After an unfortunate accident, Dr. Sasson met me at the hospital. He was kind enough to answer my calls through the night. He is kind, has a wonderful bedside manner, and did an amazing job with a facial reconstruction. Additionally, his office staff is pleasant, professional and caring. It was a pleasure dealing with Sasson and I would recommend him to anyone.

Mary G in Valley Stream, NY – Jul 31, 2018


There are not that many doctors left with true bedside manner, Dr. Sasson has impeccable bedside manner and did a phenomenal job fixing my thumb!

The Signer Family in NY – Jul 28, 2018


Dr. Sasson was fantastic when our 5 year old daughter had to get her earrings removed due to an infection. He was quick, precise and calm. Highly recommend Dr. Sasson and thank him for his professionalism. The Signer Family

Christie in NY – Jul 26, 2018


As a medical professional, I researched & consulted with several plastic surgeons before having a breast reduction and abdominoplasty. Dr. Sasson & his staff stood out from the rest. From consultation, to procedure and post-op, he was so thorough, compassionate & an amazing surgeon...I am beyond thrilled with my results. He & his staff truly care about you and answer all your questions. I highly recommend Dr. Sasson.

Herb – Jul 08, 2018


From his treatment in the ER to treatment in his office he is skilled and compassionate. I highly recommend him.

1 Sanam Kashanian in Great neck ny – May 03, 2018


My son needed stitches on his eyebrow and Dr. Sasson let us in the hospital late at night. He was excellent and very knowledgeable. He even gave me his cell phone number and immediately answered any texts I sent. Highly recommend him!

3 Melanie L. in Roslyn Heights – Mar 22, 2018


Dr. Sasson fixed my broken nose within hours of it happening. My nose came out perfect! Only a couple of days down time. AWESOME!!!! ????????????

4 Mar 10, 2018


great surgeon.very nice staff

3 Matthew – Feb 10, 2018


Doctor Sass is best in class!!

4 Feb 08, 2018


I was bothered by the shape of my nose, and I also was never able to breathe well. I didn’t want to get a nose job because I was worried it would look too different, but after doing research my primary care doctor recommended Dr. Sasson. I’m very happy to say he took care of all my needs and my nose looks perfect. Highly highly recommend him.

3 Feb 05, 2018


Dr. Sasson is an incredibly caring, passionate, humble & skilled Surgeon. As a physician I have used his expertise for my own patients who were asking for cosmetic procedures and all are happy. When I needed his blessed hand and artistically eye, I did experience his talent and warm personality first hand and notice why his patients love him. Thank you for being so genuine human being

2 Linda Lugo in Melville, NY – Feb 03, 2018


So grateful that Dr. Sasson was on duty in the hospital emergency room when fell down and broke my nose, plus other damage. His level of expertise is incomparable. He did a great job in repairing my nose. He is also very kind and compassionate. His whole office staff is easy to deal with and always willing to help. I truly appreciate that I received such a wonderful level of care at this stressful time in my life.

3 Amanda Grassi in Franklin Square, NY 11010 – Jan 20, 2018


Dr. Sasson is the best doctor and his staff is amazing. He is amazing! Absolutely love his bedside manner & how his attention to detail is on point. He is a perfectionist & I love it! His office is warm & inviting & you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. His staff is sweet and kind, He is so caring and takes pride in his work. He has done an amazing job with my breast reduction and I couldn't be more happier and I feel so much more better about myself.

1 5 Jan 19, 2018


I remember doctor sassoun telling me my nose will be perfect it will look so nice & straight, i let his nice suit and big watch distort my perception of him. I went back after the surgery to ask why i still had a bump in my nose. "Oh!", itll be fine, wait a few months. Its been almost a year and a half and my nose is crooked MORE than before surgery!, and one nostril is bigger than the other. I wasted my time, money and i felt like i was used, like a painting canvas. Thanks doctor sassoun!

2 L.B. in Port Washington, NY – Aug 29, 2017


I want to start out by saying that I don't consider cosmetic surgery, lightly. And, I always seek out the most competent & professional providers. I believe Dr. Sasson to be one of those. Beyond that, his personality is very down to earth. He seems more than happy to answer any question. It puts you at ease to feel that you are in capable hands. I tried something new, lately. And, of course, the outcome was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted. I look & feel great!

2 Cherry – May 10, 2017


If you want the very BEST, Dr. Sasson is the man!!! This is my 3rd. time too re-visit him. This time was for a lower Face Lift. I am over joyed with my results!!!! I am 63, and wasn't liking my neck and joweling. I knew that Dr. Sasson would come through for me. I put my trust in him, and know I will be in his gifted hands and takes that extra step, to make sure my outcome will be exceptional!!! He is a very committed surgeon an expertise in his field. I have had lipo & breast lift also, by him

2 Errolyn Hazell in Elmhurst, NY – Mar 15, 2017


My experience with Dr. Sasson was delightful. I will truly recommend him to anyone who is considering a tummy tuck. He did a wonderful job and am so happy with my body now. He is very passionate in what he does,and makes you feel comfortable.

2 Valley Stream, NY – Feb 27, 2017


great doctor with great bedside manner who does great work.

2 Nancy tobin in Port Washington Ny – Dec 21, 2016


I saw Dr Sasson after a terrible fall in the emergency room at St Francis Hospital in Manhasset NY last week. My forehead had a terrible deep gash and the staff immediately said I was something lucky as the best plastic surgeon was right in the hospital , I never had stitches but Dr Sasson kindness and professional confidence quickly put me at ease. I had very little pain and a week later although my face is bruised I hardly see any scar where he worked on almost 40 stitches . He is amazing ! 10

1 g. c. in Franklin Square – Oct 08, 2016


My experiences at Dr. Sasson's office have all been very positive. From the moment I step into the waiting room, I feel confident that I am in able hands. Dr. Sasson's staff are all cordial and welcoming. I've had several facial peels by the very knowledgeable and lovely Laura Brock. Those sessions have been soothing and relaxing. Dr. Sasson is a wonderful doctor and I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone considering plastic surgery or other skin enhancements. Thank you Dr. Sasson.

2 Don bass in Massapequa Park. Ny – Oct 01, 2016


Dr. SASSON treated my totally fractured and broken finger in plainview emergency room . He calmed me down and showed his wonderful sense of humor as he sewed my finger back in place. I am truly blessed that he happened to be there. Follow up treatment is going well. I highly recommend dr. SASSON to anyone in need of an expert physician with a wonderful sense of humor!

1 1 Adiel in New York,NY – Sep 21, 2016


Dr.Sasson and his staff, are amongst the warmest and kindest team I have ever come across. As soon as I walked into the door, I was treated with the utmost respect and care. The staff is very well organized and truly care for all of their clients, and are more than happy to answer any question you may have. Dr.Sasson is an exceptional surgeon, and very talented in what he does. I could not express my gratitude and praise enough, Dr.Sasson gave me the nose of my dreams.

4 1 AS in New York – Jul 28, 2016


I can't describe the joy Dr. Sasson has brought to my relationship. My girlfriend was having trouble finding the right Dr. to do her breast enlargements until she heard about Dr. S from a nurse who had done the procedure and was happy with the work. I told her it did not matter to me whether she...Read More

4 2 Massapequa, NY – Jul 13, 2016


Dr. Sasson does great work when it came to repairing a dog bite on the face, however his billing practices are terrible. We were informed that his services would be covered by our insurance. After seeing Dr. Sasson for a follow up he encourage a second repair which we were also told would be covered. Fast Forward 6 months we received a bill saying the insurance only covered part and he was looking for over $10,000 more from us. We got insurance to pay him over $20,000 and he still wants more.

3 1 AN in New York, NY – Feb 17, 2016


Dr. Sasson performed stitches on my son this past Christmas weekend in St. Francis Hospital on Long Island!...He was kind, courteous, calming and professional. My son wasn't the least bit nervous as Dr Sasson had a wonderful bed side manner which put my son naturally at ease. I was very satisfied with this experience and would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Sasson to everyone!

5 Polly R. in Jamaica, NY – Jan 04, 2016


Dr. Sasson performed my Tummy Tuck and beautifully sculpted my new body. I am extremely pleased with my results and couldn?t be happier. He is a perfectionist who takes pride in his work; I trust him wholeheartedly and would not hesitate to recommend him. If you are looking for a doctor would cares about his patients and making their dreams a reality, look no further. What I love most about Dr. Sasson and his office staff is the way they treated me as a patient and a person.