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Dr. Isaac Starker, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Florham Park, NJ and has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from New York University School Of Medicine medical school in 1981. He is affiliated with Morristown Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Starker to book an appointment.

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Dr. Isaac Starker, MD - Reviews

Nov 19, 2019


Outstanding Doctor. Dr Starker and his staff are excellent and exceeded my expectations. The treatment, care, surgery and recovery was very successful. The skin care treatment made a big difference in the results as well, Jackie Rampone managed the process from end to end and did a great job. Danielle, OR nurse, was outstanding as well provided excellent post operation recovery care. It is worth going to a doctor with the credentials, experience and technical expertise that is the best of the best in the medical profession.

Alice, Rockaway – Jul 19, 2019


My experience with Dr. Starker has been exceptional His quiet demeanor and professionalism helped to make my experience a very satisfying one. He took his time at all my appointments to thoroughly explain the procedure and answered any questions I had. He listened to my concerns and gave me honest responses. I am very pleased with my results and would recommend him highly without any reservations. In addition, the entire staff at The Peer Group were courteous and made me feel very comfortable.

dc in Hillsborough, NJ – Nov 06, 2018


Dr. Starker & the entire Peer Group staff are outstanding. They performed my breast implant replacement following a bike accident with razor sharp focus & skill. They handled every aspect of the business & surgical procedures with sensitivity & an attention to detail that was very calming. My overall experience was excellent. I found everyone to be professional, extremely knowledgeable, & supportive every step of the way. I highly recommend. Dr. Starker and his entire staff.

Janet D. in Paramus, NJ – Sep 20, 2018


I went to Dr. Starker for a breast reduction and was more than pleasantly surprised with how thoughtful, caring and totally reassuring he was (I am the biggest chicken). The results of the surgery far exceeded my expectations. Considering how long I agonized over having it done, I can say that I never should have waited. He is, by far, a wonderfully talented surgeon and I would recommend him without reservation.

NJ – Sep 20, 2018


Dr. Starker was professional, courteous and made me feel very comfortable. The pre-visits, surgery and post-visits went smoothly. He answered every question I had and is always available to me - even months after surgery. The surgery went as planned and I couldn't be more pleased with the results!

Desiree in KY, NJ – Aug 30, 2018


Dr. Starker has such an easy bedside manner that although I was really nervous about getting a procedure done, I soon felt reassured and comfortable. I never had to wait (AT ALL) for any of my post op visits. My results were spectacular. He explained everything I needed to know and answered all of my questions with the utmost of patience. The entire staff was friendly and respectful. I would recommend him wholeheartedly!

2 Donna Farino in Hackettstown, NJ – Mar 05, 2018


I had breast reduction surgery by Dr. Starker. Expectations were exceeded. Dr. Starker and the entire staff at the Peer Group were exceptional, friendly yet professional. Questions were welcomed and responses were clear. It was my first experience with anesthesia which I was most nervous about. Dr. Starker, the surgical nurses and the anesthesiologist worked as an awesome team the morning of my surgery, making me feel so comfortable as I went in. Post op has gone extremely well.

2 Parsippany, NJ – Nov 12, 2017


Incredibly unhappy. I got botched botox after discussing at length what I was looking to achieve. I paid a significant amount of money to look 10x worse!! No one offered any type of assistance or credit towards what I paid for and did NOT receive or anything going forward. I didn't even receive an apology. To look so far from yourself is unacceptable from a practice that has been in business for many, many years.

2 mj in NJ – Jul 01, 2016


Outstanding in every way! Genuinely cares about his patients and their well being.

1 1 Parsippany, NJ – Dec 22, 2015


Amazing doctor and amazing staff. I would not go anywhere else. One of a kind find and I am thankful!