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Dr. James Lowe, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Oklahoma City, OK and has over 28 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University of Oklahoma / Health Sciences Center medical school in 1992. He is affiliated with medical facilities Integris Baptist Medical Center and Integris Health Edmond. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lowe to book an appointment.

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Dr. James Lowe, MD - Reviews

Jul 17, 2020


I have used Dr. Lowe for two elective surgeries. I love Dr. Lowe and his office and all of his staff. Dr. Lowe is a great doctor, he takes the time to get to know each one of his patients and explains in great details each procedure you are interested in. He walks you through what to expect from the beginning to the end, answers any and all questions before, during and is always available to you. His staff are all professional and also very helpful at all times. I would recommend Dr. Lowe for any and all procedures you are considering. Again he is very honest, professionals and wants to achieve your goals while keeping a realistic outcome. Never any surprises!

M. McClendon – Jun 19, 2020


Dr. Lowe does wonderful work and has a great temperament. He is very matter of fact and will tell you exactly what he recommends to get you the result you would like, and pricing is very fair. He is also very accessible throughout your process and for questions which isn’t always the case with doctors. I will be a patient of his for years to come! Thanks Dr. Lowe!

Jan 04, 2020


Dumpy office-leak spots in ceiling of waiting room. Last time I go there for anything, ever

Leslie S. – Sep 15, 2019


Dr. Lowe and staff were amazing and gave me all the information needed to achieve the best results after my appt. I’m so happy with my experience and already have my next appointment scheduled. Absolutely recommend him!!

1 Margery Weed in Okc , OK – Sep 12, 2019


I had my procedure on September 6th, dr. Lowe was fantastic! Still too early for the full results, but the surgery was good! I am excited..lll

1 Sep 11, 2019


Had a great experience with my breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Lowe did exactly what I asked for. Not too small but not to big, I trusted him to pick the right size for my body type. It has been almost 1 year since my surgery and I am so happy I decided to do this procedure! Staff is friendly, and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout this experience. I HIGHLY recommend to all my friends and family!

3 1 Alani in Oklahoma , OK – Apr 29, 2019


The staff is Amazing and so is Dr. Lowe, they make me feel welcome at every single follow up appointment. Dr. Lowe performed my Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and BBL last March and my body has never looked this good. Super happy with my natural looking results. There is not a day that goes by in which I don’t receive a compliment on my body especially the booty. His attention to detail is magnificent and I will forever be grateful for his amazing skills in the OR and for changing my life.

2 2 H. Clark in St. Louis, MO – Jan 23, 2019


My breast lift and Augmentation was done at Barnes and is a hot mess. The left breast implant was placed under the muscle. The right implant was not. I didn't find this out until later in life when I had my mammogram. He also experimented with a gortex suture in my Right breast that is still in there to this day. I'm so not impressed with his skills. I would be cautious.

CT in Edmond , OK – Nov 15, 2018


Dr. Lowe and his staff are always helpful and courteous. Their professionalism and expertise is top notch! I having been coming here for a few years and will continue to be a patient in the future!

DJ Macias in Guthrie – Aug 16, 2018


Dr. Lowe and his staff are excellent They treated me with respect and compassion. The surgery went well with no complications and his staff were so professional and helpful. I would not go anywhere else and I plan to return to him for all my surgical needs.

4 3 Mar 29, 2018


Dr. Lowe III was very rude and did not even examine me.

4 1 Samantha S in Oklahoma City, OK – Jul 07, 2016


Very friendly and professional. Staff was very pleasant and Dr. Lowe was very professional and made me feel very comfortable with any concerns I had prior to the procedure.

9 6 Rebekah Bradford in Oklahoma City, OK – Jan 21, 2016


I went to Dr. Lowe about my nose and immediately entrusted him with the procedure. I loved that he was straight and to the point about what he could and could not do. In addition, he gave me an honest, unsugarcoated opinion about what I should do to fix the concerns I was having. The procedure, while brutal, was done with incredible care. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a honest approach to their issues. He will tell you the truth and do a great job with your procedure and follow up.