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Dr. James Nappi, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Columbus, OH. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Dublin Methodist Hospital and Mount Carmel St. Anns. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Nappi to book an appointment.

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Dr. James Nappi, MD - Reviews

May 03, 2019


I had surgery 10 years ago after years of pain and other Dr's telling me there was nothing wrong with my hands. It was wonderful being able open and close my hands again. I've got troubles again with one of them and am headed back to see him.

1 Ellen Farrelly – Jan 24, 2018


Dr nappi knew what my problem was and was able to fix it . Other 3 surgeons that i saw were or seemed unsure which lowered my confidence. After the surgery i had very good results for almost 12 years.

1 Mary J Napper in Marion, OH – Aug 09, 2017


Very personable, knowledgeable, and kind gentleman.

1 4 Powell, OH – Jul 13, 2017


Saw Dr Nappi for 3 months and had therapy 2 to 3 times per week. My injury did not get better. When I expressed my concerns, he acted unimpressed and didn't listen. I got a second opinion, received the care I needed, and now have full use of my extremity without the deformity I had under his care. I would never, never recommend this physician.

1 5 Powell, OH – Jul 13, 2017


Dr Nappi did not listen to concerns/discomfort. I had pain and felt my wrist pop after weeks of therapy. He said it was nothing. My wrist movement wasn't improving. He said his mother could do better than what I could, and she's been dead for 14 years. Sought a second opinion after 3 months of him and therapy 3 times a week. On evaluation/X-rays, they found my bones collapsed on each other. I had surgery 2 months ago and now have functional use of my wrist/hand. Thank heavens I saw someone else.

3 Dan G. in Dublin, OH – Oct 05, 2016


A serious in home accident landed me in Riverside Hospital with a large wrist laceration involving the tendons that controled my fingers. Young at the time I was afraid I would lose the use of them. Dr. Nappi did an incredible job repairing the damage and as a result of that and the secondary care I now have full use and minimal nerve damage remaining. I will always be grateful for his skill and talent as a surgeon. This short paragraph simply cannot do this incredible doctor justice.

4 ChuckHarmon in Dublin, OH – May 01, 2016


Dr. Nappi is an excellent listener and a skilled surgeon. I saw him after another hand surgeon recommended an amputation of all or portions of my left index finger. Dr. Nappi took a different approach and not only do I still have my index finger but it is fully functional and pain free. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

6 Amber Knoop in Troy, OH – Feb 02, 2016


When my left hand became swollen, and the arthritis was winning, I knew I was in trouble. Upon visiting Dr. Nappi for first visit, he asked a number of questions. He helped me get my life back. I never realized how much we use our thumbs. Dr. Nappi will exhaust all options before surgery is. Dr. Nappi is an excellent hand surgeon and I trust him with my family. It's well worth the trip to C-bus. He is located at the Hand Center. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Nappi.