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Dr. James Newman, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

1795 El Camino Real Ste 200 , Palo Alto, CA.

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About me

Dr. James Newman, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Palo Alto, CA. He is affiliated with medical facilities Mills-Peninsula Medical Center and Stanford Hospital and Clinics. He is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Newman to book an appointment.

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Dr. James Newman, MD - Reviews

2 C. S. – Feb 05, 2020


I have had both melanoma and basal cell skin cancers and have had multiple biopsies including on my face. For 20 years I have researched and thought that I had found the best skin care facilities to proactively address these issues. That was until I had a procedure at Premier Plastic Surgery. ...Read More

Roshan A. – Jan 28, 2020


I live in Orange County and fly to Sfo, to see Dr. Newman and get my treatments. Not only he is very knowledgeable and highly skilled the staff who are working here are professional also Always leaving the office very HAPPY!

1 1 M. S. – Jan 08, 2020


Dr. Newman has been treating me for the past 20 years! I started coming to see him for Thermage after being referred by one of the plastics MD's at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Dr. Newman is someone I trust implicitly - he will honestly tell me if something I want to do isn't in my best interest...Read More

Anonymous – Dec 11, 2019


Dr. Newman is so patient, kind, and helps me to see what "really" needs to be addressed and what is in my head! Dr. Newman offers excellent suggestions and alternatives when appropriate. He wants whats best for my face and not the bottem line.The office staff, Lisa, Wendy, and Elicia are always so...Read More

L. L. – Dec 11, 2019


always excellent

K. T. – Dec 07, 2019


I know that I am in good hands and will be listened to when working with Dr. Newman. I do not want to look different, just better.

Tom V. – Dec 04, 2019


Absolutely great! Regained peripheral vision. People have noticed that I have blue eyes now after eye surgery!

Grant C. – Nov 27, 2019


my expectations were exceeded. Dr. Newman is an artist and excellent plastics doctor! His staff was wonderful. I would invite anyone to find a more accomplished plastic surgeon!

Anonymous – Nov 27, 2019


I was seen by Dr. Newman minutes after arrival and got a full description of my procedure and ways to to keep maintenance of my skin/anti-aging regimen. He has an outstanding bed-side manner and is patient-centric in his recommendations. I highly recommend him.

C. T. – Nov 07, 2019


Dr. Newman did a fantastic job, Since I had never done anything like this it was a bit different than I had expected, but everything came out great. I'm very happy with the results. Dr. Newman is obviously a professional.

1 Diana E. – Oct 29, 2019


Dr Newman has performed numerous treatments for me...both minor and major. He is really user friendly and skilled beyond any other plastic surgeon I have encountered. I have referred many friends and they are ALL thrilled! He is very up to date with the most current procedures and never gives you...Read More

1 1 Veronica S. – Oct 29, 2019


Dr. Newman was highly recommended to me. After interviewing 3 plastic surgeons, I chose Dr. Newman because he is well qualified, has lots of experience, and a good bedside manner. His before and after photos speak for themselves.

1 Anonymous – Oct 29, 2019


Was super happy with how natural my lips turned out ! Will continue to come for future treatments!

2 Norman in Bay Area, CA – Feb 06, 2019


Here is some input from a “guy”, cuz it isn’t quite like we can ask one of our buddies at the gym, or the barbershop. While it is possibly finally possible to talk about psychotherapy, a “facelift” is for women!!! I am in my 60s and had my eyelids “done” and Facetitle on my turkey neck 35 days...Read More

2 D. George in San Jose, CA – Mar 08, 2018


I recently had a face/neck-lift performed by Dr. Newman and the results exceeded my expectations. If anyone is considering surgery with Dr. Newman- do it! He provides great pre-surgery counseling and post- surgery care and follow- up. I have been seeing Dr. Newman for close to 10 years for various...Read More

3 Carol in daly city – Jan 08, 2016


Talented and attentive doctor. I would recommend him highly