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Dr. Jenny Van Duyne, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Reno, NV. Dr. Van Duyne has more experience with Sleep-disordered Breathing and Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in her area. She is affiliated with medical facilities Renown Regional Medical Center and Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Van Duyne to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jenny Van Duyne, MD - Reviews

David P in Reno, NV – Dec 21, 2018


Dr. Van Duyne is an excellent ENT Dr. always very concerned with her patients ! Very friendly ! I have been a patient for over 12 years , she is the very best ! Awesome Dr. !

Lacie in Sparks, NV – Dec 01, 2018


It took awhile to get my appointment, even as an established patient, but it was worth the wait. I had a minor in-office procedure and it went great! Dr. Jenny is so kind & caring. The office staff were also nice. And, they weren’t running behind schedule... I was seen at my exact appointment time! I highly recommend this facility.

Nov 17, 2018


Very kind and geniune. I appreciate the time and honesty put into my unusual situation. Thank you.

Sandra in Reno, NV – Oct 13, 2018


very pleasant. she is caring and knows her stuff! We are still working on how to fix me but for a first visit I have confidence she will find a solition.

Bob Herring in Reno, NV – Oct 04, 2018


Dr.Van Dyne is an excellent Doctor, very caring and very knowledgeable !!

1 Carrie Bilslend in Reno, NV – Sep 06, 2018


We keep seeking solution. She is such a personable caring doctor and doesn’t rush through the visit. Fortunately my condition is not life threatening just annoying and I trust her

1 Jenny Wilson in Reno, NV – Aug 29, 2018


I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Jenny Van Duyne. She is compassionate, efficient, thorough, and a pleasure to be around and to be treated by. I did not have to wait to obtain an appointment, and once I arrived I was seeing before I can even fill out the paperwork. The entire office runs like a Swiss watch. I am grateful that doctors and offices like this exist in our community.

1 Jacob – Aug 23, 2018


Was very thorough and gave me answers (and a solution) to a problem I’ve been having for years.

2 Helen Rodgers in NV – Aug 03, 2018


Very helpful answering my questions ! The visit was about an hour . I would definitely go back ! She’s very pleasant!

2 Janet in Reno – Jul 25, 2018


I saw Dr Van Duyne for the first time today. I would say she is one of the best clinicians I have ever seen. I am totally pleased with the treatment I received by the doctor and her staff. Dr Van Duyne made me feel like my concerns were important and I am pleased with the treatment plan she has worked up for me.

1 Ryan S. – Jul 25, 2018


Super helpful and friendly! Helps me every time with my sinuses even over the phone. I highly recommend Dr Van Duyne.

1 Diana McDade in Reno, NV – Jul 18, 2018


Dr. VanDuyne is excellent. She has great bedside manners, very nice and listens and answers all your questions. I was a little nervous about my surgery, but she immediately out me at ease. After my surgery, I had no bruising whatsoever and very little pain. I highly recommend her for your surgical needs.

2 Bernadette Burnes-Line – Jul 07, 2018


Dr Jenny Van Duyne is an exceptional physician.As a clinician, she considers the total health care needs of her patients in her treatment plan.Dr van Duyne has a keen assessment skill coupled with a warming, engaging personality that makes a patient comfortable and respected.She technically is a fabuleous surgeon with remarkable skills.it says a great deal when other physicians in other disciplines consistently highly respect her.as a clinician myself, I can not say enough about Dr Van Duyne.

1 Mahlon – Apr 18, 2018


Dr. Van Duyne is very professional and caring & knowledgeable. She has great bed side manners. From my surgery to follow up care, she's top notch in my onion.

2 Reno, NV – Mar 06, 2018


The best! Very friendly and caring.

8 1 George N in Reno, Nevada – Nov 09, 2016


I found Dr Van Duyne very pleasant and willing to spend as much time as necessary Explaining my situation and my options.