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Dr. Jeremiah Redstone, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Livingston, NJ and has over 17 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill medical school in 2003. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Redstone to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jeremiah Redstone, MD - Reviews

eileen edwards – Jul 30, 2018


After having gotten my lips done many years by the same plastic surgeon, I decided to go To Kiera for my injections. The office was clean, the visit was super fast, and the staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. Kiera was a sweetheart and far exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled...Read More

Jessica in NJ – Jul 18, 2018


First time visiting this office and I highly recommend it! Kiera is Amazing!!! I had lip fillers done and they are perfect no swelling or bruising and they are exactly how I wanted them! I will most definitely be back!

Ivana R. in NY, NY – Jun 27, 2018


True knowledge, impeccable eye for details, superb bed manner and amazing caring attitude are just some of the attributes that describe my experience with Dr. Redstone and his entire staff. Breast augmentation procedure was not an easy decision for me, but Dr. Redstone, with his flawless...Read More

1 New York, NY – Dec 05, 2017


I would strongly recommend going to Dr.Redstone's office for a one stop practice for all of your cosmetic needs. I was injected by Dr.Redstone's PA Kiera Keller. I was in desperate need for help with my wrinkles on my forehead and crows feet. Kiera gave me the perfect amount of Botox I needed. Now...Read More

3 suzieq – Nov 17, 2016


What an amazing experience! When I first went to see Dr. Redstone I was uncertain of who I wanted to perform my surgery. I was afraid of the finally outcome, let's face it I did my research but I really did not know who Dr. Jeremiah Redstone was. Well let me tell you, he walked in the room and...Read More

3 Vivian in Brooklyn, NY – Nov 08, 2016


Dr. Redstone is a true professional, and a gifted surgeon, he did an amazing job on my surgery and I could not be happier.

1 A.S. in Flanders, NJ – Nov 03, 2016


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Redstone & his staff. My family & I are indebted to this outstanding surgeon for restoration via DIEP flap after BC diagnosis. Every step explained clearly, office available at any time for questions/concerns, and all accommodations made to be...Read More

2 DLM in New York, NY – Nov 02, 2016


Dr. Redstone is honest, clear and provided solutions to issues I was having for over 20 years. He gave me the results I hoped for and has changed my life in terms of my body image. He is a perfectionist, which is an incredibly valuable quality in a plastic surgeon. After seeing the results of my...Read More

1 Shauna in Maplewood Nj – Nov 02, 2016


He's the best!

2 Danielle Claro in Middle Village,NY – Jun 08, 2016


I was and am still a patient of Dr.Redstone's. I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy. He was referred to me by my breast surgeon as the best which I have to say I agree with! Besides making the surgery less scary and leaving me with beautiful breasts, he had...Read More

1 GAIL in Newark, NJ – Apr 28, 2016


My experience has been nothing but the best, Dr Redstone is very compassionate, I has rhino/nose surgery been researching for 3 yrs upon meeting dr redstone i fell in love he was everything i was looking for, very professional well dress (all the time) know what he was doing give me my confidence...Read More

1 carol in Scotch Plains, NJ – Mar 28, 2016


Dr. Redstone is a very warm, caring doctor. He makes you feel extremely comfortable at all times. He answer all of your questions thoroughly and you always know if you have a problem, he will make himself available to you.

1 Peter B, in Brooklyn, NY – Mar 14, 2016


I am thrilled with the results of my abdominoplasty. Dr. Redstone was great at explaining everything, being supportive, and making me feel at ease. He was also very responsive and helpful throughout the recovery process. Only two months out from surgery, and I am incredibly satisfied with the...Read More

1 Janice B. in Avenel, NJ – Feb 11, 2016


Extremely caring and considerate. He answered all my questions and took the time to explain every little detail. He made me feel quite at ease considering the surgery I was facing.

Dr. Julie Ulbrich DPT in Leonia, NJ – Jan 11, 2016


He takes ownership of his work and strives to give you the best product he can....Very happy!