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Dr. John Sherman, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Sherman to book an appointment.

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Dr. John Sherman, MD - Reviews

Tyler Mount – Jul 08, 2020


Dr. Sherman is the definition of the industry's most noted consummate professional. With over 35 years of experience, I felt incredibly comfortable with him handling my highly complex rhinoplasty and septoplasty. From the moment I entered his beautifully appointed office, steps away from New York's...Read More

Shaun Garrett – Feb 24, 2020


I was treated by Dr Sherman in the ER for a facial laceration and had a follow up at his office. He was very professional and the office experience was exceptional. Dr Sherman’s staff was pleasant and his office was immaculate. The work performed on my wound was incredible. Dr Sherman’s experience...Read More

New York, NY – Dec 22, 2019


Caring doctor who took the time on a Sunday evening to come to the emergency room and check my cheek and eye injuries. Very impressive. Surgery the next day went well. Follow up care has been excellent. Colleagues have been very impressed with his work.

New York, NY – Jun 05, 2019


When I broke my nose on a weekend, Dr. Sherman fit me in to see him the next day. I started a new job in 2 weeks and wanted to have surgery as soon as possible. He fit me in the next day. His whole team was wonderful and I felt in great hands. His facilities in his office are superb. When he took...Read More

Apr 05, 2019


Dr. Sherman informed me of my choices and options for removing my textured reconstructive implants promptly and thoroughly. With his guidance and expertise, I made the choice that was right for me in addition to a obtaining a wonderful cosmetic result. His staff is attentive and professional as...Read More

R Lane in Tampa, FL – Dec 06, 2018


He is one of the most experienced, qualified, compassionate and outstanding physicians. I would trust him with any surgical procedure.

New York – Dec 04, 2018


Dr. Sherman did an amazing job on several deep lacerations to my forehead after a terrible escalator accident. His professional and skilled manner is truly calming after such an incident . It has only been a couple of months and the wounds are healing remarkably well and pleased with the outcome....Read More

A. Simpson in New York, NY – Jun 09, 2018


The initial stitching (done elsewhere) on our son's arm didn't heal properly. Dr. S was excellent in explaining our options; we went with debriding followed by a skin graft. Throughout, Dr. S and his staff were excellent -- pleasant, knowledgeable, professional & comforting. They followed up on our...Read More

AmyH in New York – May 16, 2018


He was very patient, personable, and did a great job with my daughter. I would highly recommend him to others!

New York NY – May 07, 2018


Dr. Sherman and Nurse Jennifer are beyond helpful in every aspect. My little one felt off a bike and got stitches there and Dr. Sherman and Nurse Jennifer made the entire process as smooth and painless as possible. Amazing people. They now even became my LO's favorite friends!!! Love their...Read More

NYC – Mar 04, 2018


Dr. John Sherman is a fabulous job stitching up a laceration on my daughter's face. He was so nice. He met us at the emergency room, arranging it so we wouldn't have to wait at all, and did a beautiful job - quick and neat. You can barely see it.

New York City – Jan 09, 2018


I was weary about having to pay for the consultation but it was all worth it. Dr Sherman was my second surgeon for my ears. The first surgeon did absolutely nothing for me and I waited a long time to fix, but I’m so incredibly thrilled with the results. I’ve wanted this done my whole life and i...Read More

Dec 31, 2017


Dr. Sherman is a consummate professional who approaches his work with artistry and care; treats his patients as unique human beings and strives to satisfy their individual needs. Your time with him never feels rushed, Procedures and issues are fully explained. . And his work is truly exceptional!

3 Greenwich, CT – Oct 19, 2017


awful - had Rhinoplasty with Dr Sherman - post surgery I complained of an awful Smell in my nose I wasnt happy with the shape and He basically dismissed my concerns - here i am two years later having to fix his BOTCHED job! DO not go to him for a NEW nose - First tell tale sign was no one was in...Read More

Melissa in Staten Island, NY – Sep 27, 2017


I would highly recommend Dr. Sherman to anyone who is seeking plastic surgery. He was a pleasure to speak with upon first meeting him and each visit thereafter was even better, followed with some laughs. He performed an explant and a breast lift on me, and I am only one week out of surgery and I...Read More

New York, NY – Aug 17, 2017


I went in for Liposuction on the hips and chest. Dr. Sherman is very technical and efficient, ant the team around him warm and welcoming. I felt safe and in good hands throughout the (awake parts) of the procedure, and the practice continued to check up on me even after. Two months in, the results...Read More

June Nislick in New York, NY – Jul 28, 2017


My husband fell on a spike that went right through his cheek, slicing into his mouth. Dr. Sherman came to the hospital at night and repaired his cheek during a 2 hour surgery. It was a perfect job. Two weeks later his scar is a narrow (hair's breadth) clean line. Dr. Sherman saved vital nerves....Read More

Jeremy in Valley Stream, NY – Jul 12, 2017


Couldn't of been happier with my otoplasty surgery. My ears protruding out we're something that always bothered me for as long as I could remember. He's very consultative and made me feel very comfortable speaking about an area I struggled with.

1 Synthia in New York, NY – Jun 11, 2017


I seriously owe everything to this man. Two years ago, I was bitten in the face by a dog. Dr. Sherman came to the hospital at 12 midnight (on a holiday) and was AMAZING. I have virtually no scar! I have had to have three reconstructive surgeries on my nose (it was broken really badly). Each have...Read More

1 New York, NY – May 27, 2017


Extremely satisfied with results of over 30 years. Dr Sherman is a professional who listens to the patients concerns and then carefully explains what the best procedures would be to achieve their goals. The staff from first appointments, into the operating room, post surgery and folliw up visits ...Read More

1 RobinD in NYC, NY – May 25, 2017


I have had 3 procedures done by Dr Sherman & I could not be happier with my results. Dr Sherman explains everything, no pressure whatsoever to go forward. His staff, especially Diana, are competent, caring & professional, just like Dr. Sherman. I will highly recommend Dr Sherman

1 New York, NY – May 22, 2017


What an excellent surgeon. Totally invested in the best outcome for his patient as well as being very kind and thorough. He's highly recommended.

3 2 LTV in Litchfield, CT – Jan 14, 2016


Dr. Sherman is a physician who truly cares about his patients and goes the extra mile for them. This, in addition to his outstanding surgical skills, makes him a physician I am so grateful to have found and highly, highly recommend!