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Dr. Jon Harrell, DO

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2133 N Commerce Pkwy , Weston, FL.




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Dr. Jon Harrell, DO is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Weston, FL. He is affiliated with medical facilities Florida Medical Center and Memorial Hospital Miramar. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Harrell to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jon Harrell, DO - Reviews

Cfelici in Weston fl, FL – Jun 07, 2018


Dr Harrell and his staff are warm, friendly and appreciative for ones business. They are respectful of time and for the desired look the patient wants. Dr Harrell is a perfectionist and aims to make his patients happy while also giving tips from his many years in the business: he is simply the best for any and all cosmetic surgery.

AG in Weston, FL – May 28, 2018


I would highly recommend Dr. Harrell!! Professional, courteous and excellent surgeons based on my own experience as well as others I know who have been patients. Wonderful experience!

Carolyn Patricia Thompson (Tricia) in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – May 25, 2018


I had a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation and fat transfer to the buttocks with Dr. Harrell two years ago and my experience with him was incredible. Dr. Harrell's work is like art and he and his assistant have great bedside manner. I felt extremely comfortable with him and I am very happy with my results. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to have this type of surgery. Tricia Thompson Cayman Islands

3 Ariadna Hdez in FL – May 20, 2018


The worse experience.My surgery was a failure.

Tara in Ft Lauderdale – May 12, 2018


I have lived in Florida for 11 years and have been to several plastic surgeons and I have found Dr Harrell to have the best technique. Other doctors have left me with a lot of bruising. With Dr Harrell I have minimal bruising. I highly recommend Dr Harrell. Plus he has the friendliness staff, Haizel is there by your side the entire time.

Olivia in South Florida – May 08, 2018


I can honestly say that Dr. Harrell is one of the most amazing doctor out there. Aside of his great personality and his surgeon talents, I find him an expert that actually listen to what you want and will achieve it in the best way possible. I was very hesitant as I wanted my procedures to be extremely natural yet perfectly perfect and I was so pleased and extremely happy achieving my results with Dr. Harrell. Wonderful man !!!! gifted Plastic Surgeon!!!!! Office staff extremely helpful ! :)

Selvin in Davie – May 03, 2018


Had a Tommy Tuck 2 months ago, Dr Harrell is the best of the best. Basically, I was in and out of surgery in no time. He explained all the procedures, recovery and medications prior surgery, recovery always going to be different in my case I when back to work 3 weeks after. It’ been two months, I’m so glad with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Harrell, he provides a great service, prices are very sane, if you decide to have surgery, he is a worry free. His assistant hazel is so friendly.

1 Jeannette Genova in Weston, FL – Jan 15, 2018


Excellent doctor. Really takes his time to explain procedure. Very professional and ethical. Would highly recommend.

Pembroke Pines, FL – Sep 25, 2017


I have to give full thanks to Haizel and Dr. Harrell. Haizel assured my that Dr. Harrell is the best at all surgeries he performs and that I will not be disappointed with the results. She is such a delight! you will love her! As soon as Dr. Harrell (and Haizel) saw me, they asked me, "Why are you here?", jokingly of course. I have modeled for years and can modestly say I've been the beauty in the eyes of many beholders all of my life but I wanted my nose to be perfect. The consultation was perfe

2 1 Taylor in Pompano Beach, FL – Oct 11, 2016


I would 100% recommend Dr Harrell. Dr Harrell and his wife Hazel are amazing! I had a major liposuction surgery and a breast augmentation and after much research I found Dr Harrell. Now Dr Harrell has worked on me, my mum and another friend. I would give him 5/5 not only because I am beyond happy with my results but also because throughout the whole process Dr Harrell and Hazel were very kind and supportive to me. They truly care about their patients and were always available to answering any

1 2 Monique in Miami, FL – Aug 04, 2016


Dr. Harrell is an exceptional plastic surgeon. Hs is patient and attentive to your request. I drilled him with questions and he answered them all throughly. My first procedure with him was 9 years ago, I had a mommy makeover. He did such a great job, I returned when i wanted some liposuction. My results were Amazing, then and now. He contoured my body to perfection. Even my husband is in awe of my results. If you are looking for a surgeon; he is your man. He has many years of experience, his res

1 Elyse in Ft Lauderdale, FL – Jul 29, 2016


I had always been dissatisfied with my nose for as long as I can remember. I didn't have anything seriously wrong or look distorted but I really didn't like my side profile. I simply wanted improvement. I spent a long time researching surgeons but when I met with Dr. Harrell I knew I wanted him to preform my rhinoplasty. Why? Because he took the time to understand what exactly it was that I wanted and I never felt rushed. Also, Haizel (the office manager) did an amazing job of making me feel at

1 1 Tiffani L. in Ft Lauderdale, FL – Jul 28, 2016


Dr. Harrell is the best surgeon around! I considered otoplasty and have visited multiple surgeons but he was the only one who truthfully answered all my questions and spent time with me. A couple weeks after my consultation I got the sugery & I never been so happy with the results. They checked up on me almost everyday. I truly recommend Dr.Harrell. I love him & his team!

1 Angela in Sunrise FL – Jul 28, 2016


I had septorhinoplasty and Dr. Harrell and Haizel are just the best. Always friendly always professional and Dr. Harrell listens to everything you want. I couldent be happier. I recomend him to everyone

1 isisprpsl in Ft Myers, FL – Jun 28, 2016


Dr. Harrell is an AMAZING doctor!! He was extremely patient, went over everything that was being done very thoroughly... Explained things I never would have even thought to ask! Made me feel extremely comfortable with him doing my procedure. Took his time doing the procedure as I was later told he is a perfectionist. While waking up from anesthesia, I apparently asked him the same question, 5 times and he patiently answered it each time, according to my husband! He even called the evening of!

Holly Huntington – May 11, 2016


Best ever. Professional, knowledgeable everything I look for in a doctor. I will definitely refer everyone I know to him. Love his office manager too!!

1 Callie Lou in Miami, FL – Mar 26, 2016


I consulted with Dr Harrell for second opinion for Septorhinoplasty after a very unsatisfactory consult with another top rated Plastic Surgeon that was much closer to my home. This was best decision I could have ever made and well worth the drive! He is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate,...Read More

5 Kevin Quispe in Ft Myers, FL – Feb 05, 2016


I drove 2 hours to see Dr. Harrell for a rhinoplasty consultation and I knew he was the one. The staff was welcoming and very nice. I am more than pleased with the results of my rhinoplasty. Dr. Harrell is truly an artist, I love my new nose and I'm happier and more confident than ever before. There's no need to look further anywhere else, book and appointment with Dr. Harrell now.

1 Callie Lou in Miami, FL – Mar 26, 2016


I consulted with Dr Harrell for second opinion for Septorhinoplasty after a very unsatisfactory consult with another top rated Plastic Surgeon that was much closer to my home. This was best decision I could have ever made and well worth the drive! He is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, attentive, a true artist and professional! I'm often complimented for the awesome job he performed, including by my other doctors. His office assistant Haizel is phenomenal! I recommend him highly!!!!