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Dr. Jonathan Bank, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Great Neck, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Huntington Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Bank to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jonathan Bank, MD - Reviews

2 Sharon Forel – Jul 09, 2020


I had a breast reduction recently with Dr. Bank And I couldn’t be more happier! Dr Bank is literally an Artist!! He heard to "my vision" and followed "my dream". He was always there to answer all my questions, even after hours. His approach is very calm and caring. He's full of knowledge and have a great personalty .Look no more! I highly recommend him.

2 Alexi Giallanzo – Jun 16, 2020


Dr. Bank is on another level of care. He was an immediate choice for me, based on his intelligence, dedication, compassion, willingness to listen and explain in a detailed manner. Dr. Bank has an unparalleled concern for his patients. He makes himself available to satisfy the comfort level of those under his care. It has been 8 months since my reconstructive surgery and my results have far exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful to Dr. Bank for his acute attention to detail, the tremendous pride he takes in his work and the compassion and time he has put in to making sure I was comfortable post op and satisfied with my results months later. Dr. Bank is someone I would absolutely recommend to anyone! He is one of a kind!!

2 Laverne T. – Jun 11, 2020


Dr. Bank was great ! Very attentive and followed up during the healing process. No pain after surgery! Amazing doctor

4 1 Feb 24, 2020


I'm in my 60's and recently required necessary breast surgery along with a breast lift. I feel fortunate to have had Dr. Bank perform my surgery. Doctor Bank explained the procedures thoroughly, and welcomed any questions. I'm very pleased with the results, especially now with breasts looking much younger than their years!

4 Deborah Paterno – Feb 14, 2020


I am sooo happy I found Dr..Bank very caring, time well spent on me ,skilled ,explains everything in detail ,he always calls you back when you call him,Dr.Bank is definitely the best in everything he does ,I would highly recommend him, thanks for everything 2/13/2020

1 Jared – Feb 04, 2020


I recommend Dr. Jonathan Bank for anyone looking for the best possible experience when going in for surgery. Very welcoming staff from the moment you walk in the door. Makes that much of a difference when you've never had surgery before. Most of all Dr. Bank is very professional and all around great at what he does.

2 Laureen Arran – Nov 16, 2019


Excellent! He told me all my options available today. Years ago I’d had implants put in after a bi-lateral mastectomy. I was never comfortable with them, they caused me aches and pain. Dr. Bank explained the entire procedure and I felt completely at ease going forward with it. His confidence made me feel so secure with having the operation. It looks great already! And so much more comfortable! I definitely would recommend Dr. Bank!

6 Aug 13, 2019


This doctor is incomparable! He did a DIEP breast reconstruction on me post cancer treatment and non-healing radiation wound for years, with an incredible result. No other doctor could help me until I found Dr. Bank. One could never find a kinder, more caring doctor, in addition to his being a phenomenal surgeon. He always found the time to give personal attention answering any questions or concerns that I had. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to find any other doctor with all the qualities that make Dr. Bank so outstanding--His level of skill, talent, and devotion to his patients is truly remarkable and you can trust that you are getting the best of care. I live far but would travel anywhere to be under his care. I am so fortunate and thankful to have found him.

6 Griselda Valenzuela in Westchester County – Aug 11, 2019


Dr. Banks performed a breast reconstruction / augmentation with implants for me. I am a breast cancer survivor. Dr. Banks performed incredible work and I feel like a teenager! I also had a poor previous surgery and he corrected the bad scars as well!! I look brand new!! My surgery was on July 3, 2019 and it healed quickly and cleanly with no concerns. The hospital used was beautiful and the staff was so caring; from entrance security staff to the doctor himself. The nurses were so attentive and kind. Glen Cove Hospital is great!! This doctor i# the best of the best. Funny story....when I return for my follow ups, other patients see me in the lobby then look at themselves! One asked me for which Doctor I went to! Dr. Jonathan Banks....simply the greatest Plastic Surgeon ever!!! I’m already planning to go back for other work!!

6 Jul 04, 2019


Excellent doctor all around!! Very kind, careful, explains everything in detail before procedures. Would highly highly recommend!!!

8 Apr 05, 2019


Dr. Bank is truly an artist. His work is phenomenal. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift done with him and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Besides from him being an amazing and very skillful surgeon he is also very kind, caring and personable to his patients. He takes his time with you, answers all of your questions and makes you feel comfortable . There aren’t enough good things to be said about him. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. He is truly the best!

7 Zila Sheila Hayon in NY – Sep 04, 2018


Dr. Jonathan bank is trustworthy. So thankful to have such amazing doctor. Wonderful experience. Very pleased with the result. Beautiful natural looking Brest. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

8 3 Margaret D in NM, NY – Jul 06, 2018


Dr. Bank has superb surgical talent plus he is beyond dedicated, compassionate, genuine, persistent, respectful, etc. He treats you as a person, listens, and follows-up unlike any other doctor. I had a double mastectomy with implants, 3 reconstructive surgeries, and nipple reconstruction. I love my final result. He minimized any scars beautifully and paid attention to each little detail. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. It truly is a blessing to have your care in his hands.

8 Jun 26, 2018


Very nice place and great service. I had very good experience with dr. Bank and I got beautiful results. Thank you!

6 Katica ulysse in Nassau ny – Mar 26, 2018


dr. Bank is the most wonderful doctor that I've ever met he's very professional the office staff is very nice he's the most caring doctor that I've ever met the most understanding doctor that I've ever met he listens to you and he let you know that he's going to do his best for you he's bed side manner is so awesome my husband and I were so pleased he treat you like family not like a patient he checks up on you after every procedure I would recommend him to anybody in my family any of my friend

4 Mary M in Sayville, NY – Feb 14, 2018


Dr. Bank did breast reconstruction for me two years after a double mastectomy for breast cancer. His manner from start to finish was very kind, expert and personable. During the period after the reconstruction procedure I had a gastrointestinal event, where I had to go to the ER, and he followed me all the way through that too. I could not have gone through the whole process without his refined sensitivity, not to mention the ability to stay in contact. I'm so very pleased with the results.

4 New York, NY – Feb 12, 2018


Dr. Bank did my breast augmentation last month and I couldn't be happier with the results. He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, answering all of my questions and concerns. The recovery process wasn't bad and the incision scars are minimal. Would highly recommend him to any family member and friend!!

4 C in South Ozone Park, NY – Nov 07, 2017


Dr Bank did an amazing job on my breast surgery. The results are natural and even better than I? hoped for. In addition to being a wonderful surgeon, he is a kind, warm and just has a good vibe. Thank you Dr Bank!!

4 Marie Patricia in New York, NY – Oct 25, 2017


I couldn't have been more happy with Dr. Jonathan Bank and his staff. He was highly competent, professional, nurturing and caring to my needs. These are all excellent qualities a doctor should have when he treats a patient. I'm always proud to say "DOCTOR BANK DID MY SURGERY". Since after surgery my breast cancer surgery, I found myself to be more confident, outgoing, prettier, no shame to be romantic since there is really little visible scar on my body. . Thank you Dr. Bank for everything

6 Eva in Brooklyn, NY – Jul 14, 2017


I want to thank my great doctor Bank, who sculpted my whole front, which included my breast and other parts of my body. He repaired me after another doctor made a mess of me. Although the first doctor did a terrible job, and he is the second doctor to have performed my surgery, I am lucky and grateful to have come across doctor Bank. I wish women that need breast reconstruction go to him. He has excellent hands and all women should be treated by him. Doctor Bank is a fabulous doctor!

6 Ali Trovato in Farmingdale, NY – Jul 07, 2017


Dr. Bank stitched up my 13 year old daughters lip and two weeks later her best friends forehead. It was a pretty bad cut. He was so sweet and reassuring with both of the girls. And best of all, their scars are almost non existent. Yesterday, he stitched up a laceration on my nose and then performed surgery on it to fix a fracture. I cannot compliment him enough. Such a great bedside manner. Really listens and explains what he will be doing. Top notch!

6 Hempstead, NY – Jun 27, 2017


I was referred to Dr. Bank by my oncology surgeon. Prior to meeting him, I was given a diagnosis on a very rare cancer which had gone undiagnosed for 2-1/2 years. Needless to say, I was under a tremendous amount of stress. Dr. Bank is the most caring, gentle and understanding professional. Thank you for the time spent and care provided me. And......my scar looks beautiful!!!

5 T Story in Richmond Hill, NY – May 17, 2017


One of the kindest doctors, I've had the pleasure to meet. Great bedside manner, patient and listens to your need and questions. Great follow-up.

8 Wanda Pareja in Cornelius NC – Feb 12, 2017


Dr. Bank is not only my doctor but someone I can call a friend. He has gone beyond what I expected in any doctor I've ever know. He is patient, kind, thorough in explaining all his procedures, a true professional. I relocated to North Carolina but when I knew I was ready for my procedures there was never a moment of hesitation in traveling back to NY so that he and his team can help me feel like a real woman, especially after my bi-lateral mastectomy.

3 Jenna in New York – Jan 23, 2017


Dr. BANK has the best bedside manner and makes me feel like I'm safe and relaxed. He did my tummy tuck and liposuction and I'm ecstatic with the results. Coming back for a breast lift

5 LL in Bayside, NY – Jan 17, 2017


Dr. Bank is a special doctor. His bedside manner and genuine care for his patients is unsurpassed. He listens and encourages and was the perfect doctor for my Mom's reconstructive breast surgery. Throughout the process he made himself available to answer questions and provide support. Truly ...Read More

5 Kris M. in Manhattan, NY – Sep 18, 2016


Had tummy tuck and breast enlargement ten years ago and needed a redo for both. A friend that had surgery with Dr. Bank sent me to him for a consultation and I liked his manner and I felt like I was in good hands. He relifted my breasts and fixed not just my belly but my back and love handles too. Would recommend for sure. Very professional place

5 1 New York, NY – Aug 30, 2016


I saw Dr. Bank to stitch up a facial laceration. He did an outstanding job from a technical standpoint and has impeccable bedside manner. I felt taken care of at every step of the process and confident I was getting the best care possible. He went out of his way to explain how scarring works and every option I had to minimize the scar so that I was empowered and involved in the process.

9 Marjem K. in New York, NY – Aug 15, 2016


My breasts were RUINED after my mastectomies and expanders. A plastic surgeon that doesn't do these operations told me to see Dr. Jonathan Bank. He used my own tummy fat to get rid of the implants and made me BEAUTIFUL natural breasts and a nice flat stomach to go along with it. What a way to win the battle against cancer! Very patient and caring. Went out of his way. Wish I'd gone to him first. Would recommend for sure.

8 Jan 25, 2016


Dr. Bank did eyelid surgery on me after operating on one my relatives. He was always very approachable and caring. He did a wonderful job and left me looking refreshed and not operated.