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Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in West Islip, NY. He is affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Landon to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jonathan Landon, MD - Reviews

Jul 03, 2020


Dr. Landon removed a few pre-cancerous skin spots. I have no scars and you wouldn't even know they were removed. He is so friendly and I felt so comfortable coming to see him. I recommend him to everyone I know. He is the best!!

Roseanne – Jan 06, 2020


Double mastectomy with reconstruction I have had an experience at South Shore Plastic Surgery. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, and needed a mastectomy. I opted for a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I was discharged the same day of surgery and never experienced any pain. My experience was better then expected. Dr Landon is the most compassionate, knowledgeable and caring doctor. He has always reassured me he was only a phone call away. I was never rushed and everything was explained to me. There were no surprises along the way. Doctor Landon was the only person I saw thru my journey.

1 2 Amazing doctor – Jul 31, 2019


I was schedule for a Hysterectomy by my OBGYN, a week before my surgery I thought I should of gotten a consult for a tummy tuck at the same time since I was going under the knife....with 1 week I thought there is no way a doctor would take on my case with such short time...but decided to call anyway...after all what’s the worse -they say “NO”...well I called Dr Jonathan Landon’s office and had the pleasure of talking to Anita his nurse, I explained everything to her and she spoke with him personally.....I was shocked when I got a call back from Anita to come in the next evening for a consult. (The doctor stayed after hours to meet with me) OMG!!!! …........I met Dr Landon which by the way turned out to be a 2 hour consult. Amazingly he took my case...Dr Landon got in touch with my OBGYN to discuss my case and finalized arrangements....I could not believe this was happening. A lot of details in between the days but surgery day was here and both Doctors were great.... Dr Landon was s

Charlie, NY – Jul 28, 2019


Best professional experience ever. Explains every detail, listens to his patients with a non rush attitude. . His staff is very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend.

Margaret Reilly in Bohemia , NY – Jun 04, 2019


THE BEST! Professional, attentive, proactive and thorough. Dr. Landon’s calm bedside manner and proactive pain management made my procedures stress free. You will not be disappointed.

1 May 04, 2019


El es una excelente persona estoy muy orgullosa de ser su paciente es excelente doctor

2 Mar 27, 2019


Dr. Landon is very professional, pain free and does amazing work. He is very gentle with his patients. I used him to repair a surgical scar "gone bad" I am sorry I did not use him at first. He was able to perform short of a "miracle" I have very little visual markings from his repair, which I might add was on my face. I promise you, you will be very impressed and pleased when you see Dr. Landon. Thank you Dr. Landon Patty Smyth

2 Mar 26, 2019


This Doctor cares for you like your the most important person on earth ...The time he takes to do a complete and thorough treatment is uncharacteristic for doctors today ...Knowledgeable and compassionate ...Highly recommend Dr Landon ...

3 Brenda in NY – Mar 01, 2019


WOW!! I can't praise Dr. Landon enough that could even come close to His skill, professionalism, kindness, understanding, and wisdom. I have had the same procedure done by other plastic surgeons. Dr. Landon is in a category that belongs only to very few. He truly LOVES what he does and each procedure is like a work of precious art to him. The amount of time he took explaining , and educating me is unheard of. I strongly recommend him to anyone wanting superb results!

5 bshepard in CENTRAL ISLIP, NY – Feb 24, 2019


I met Dr. Landon shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2018. I immediately felt a sense of comfort. Dr. Landon explained the entire process to me and what was expected. He took his time and never rushed when I came to the office for appointments. He has shown excellent bedside manners, which is an experience I have never had with any other doctor. If I had family and friends that need any of his services, I would definitely recommend him.

3 Feb 17, 2019


Dr. Landon is one of the best surgeons!! I Personally had to undergo breast cancer surgery in 2018 and he is not only passionate about educating me but he spent hours making sure I felt comfortable about what was about to happen. His knowledge is extensive and he cares about his patients! I would highly recommend him for any surgery!!

1 Anthony in West Islip – Nov 15, 2018


Dr. Landon handled my case with absolute professionalism, and made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure being performed. I was very nervous going into my procedure and Dr. Landon explained to me every step in detail that was going to be performed assuring me I would be without pain, which deemed to be true. I would highly recommend him for any sort of procedure, or evaluation.

2 NC in Babylon, NY – Jul 19, 2018


My best friend had a few surgeries by Dr. Landon and seeing his work first hand, I can say he is extremely meticulous. After my friend's recommendation and my first appointment with Dr. Landon, I immediately felt comfortable with him. He is extremely thorough, incredibly caring and I too now will recommend him to everyone I know.

1 Jessica in West Islip, NY – Jun 11, 2018


Great doctor, great person, GREAT results! Dr. Landon did two major procedures for me over the past year... a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. I am so happy with my results!! I knew he was the guy that I was going to see for Botox when I was ready. I had this done a few weeks ago and again am simply thrilled with the results! If you are interested in having any type of cosmetic surgery... Dr. Landon is absolutely the BEST choice!

3 1 Alana Buffa – Jun 02, 2018


Dr. Landon is outstanding. I feel lucky to have found him. He is caring, thoughtful, thorough, and extremely intelligent. He leaves no stone unturned. He will not leave the room until he knows YOU are comfortable and all of your questions have been answered. As far as incisions, Dr. Landon is a perfectionist. After having a double mastectomy, my scars can only be described as paper thin. Using the Biocorneum gel he recommended, they only get better each day. No doctor can compare!

2 Enrique Gonzalez in Brentwood – May 30, 2018


I was very pleased with my experience at South Shore Plastic Surgery. I was diagnosed with Nasal Cell Carcinoma a few months ago and I am glad to report that I am now cancer free. Dr. Landon and his staff treated me with compassion, professionalism and care. They made me feel at ease and reassured me that I was in safe hands. My entire experience from my first phone call to the moment I walked out the door was beyond positive.

2 Deborah Leo in West Islip, NY – May 25, 2018


Great experience, Dr. Landon, listened, explained and cares. Gifted Surgeon, The only one I would trust. Amazing scar revision on my face. Will make you feel like you are his only patient.

2 Peter Morrisey in BAY SHORE, NY – May 24, 2018


What can I say but AMAZING. Knowledgable, professional and as talented as they come. Truely a skilled surgeon. I can barely see my scar and had little to no pain after my surgery. Truely cares about his patients. Loved the followup call after the surgery. THANK YOU! Highly recommended.

2 Anne in Dix Hills – May 17, 2018


Dr. Landon is a well rounded fully knowledgeable plastic surgeon. I had breast cancer which in itself is hard enough to deal with. Dr. Landon explains every step in detail. He is compassionate and patient. He wipes your tears and eases your fears. I could not be happier.

4 Suzanne in Dix hills – Mar 20, 2018


Dr.landon is by far an amazing plastic surgeon, he removed a lipoma from my Forehead I had for over 10 years, the minute I met him I knew he would be the one, I went for many consultantions with other doctors and walked out every time! He explains everything hes patient, , he's gentle, and caring ! And a week after surgery my forehead looks awesome!!!!

4 Brooke – Mar 12, 2018


When my son fell and suffered a laceration to his forehead Dr Landon was beyond helpful. He was extremely patient and thorough, even with a squirming toddler. He took the time to explain our options and why he recommended the treatment plan. Now several months later our son has virtually no scarring and we so thankful for Dr Landon's skill and kindness.

1 Feb 21, 2018


I felt confident right away with Dr. Landon. I was so impressed with how much time he spent to explain the reconstruction I needed after mohs surgery. He answered all of my questions and concerns with patience and compassion. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

2 Flat-tummy in Babylon – Feb 15, 2018


Hands down best bed-side manner. Genuinely cares about you the patient. Is very thorough and caring. Will not leave your side until you completely understand what is being done to you before and after procedure. Will even draw you diagrams. Also, for my procedure (tummy tuck) he created a booklet of week by week procedures, care and what to expect. I am completely satisfied with my results.

5 Josephine – Jan 17, 2018


I would highly recommend Dr. Landon to all that were looking for a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. From the first consultation my husband and I knew we were blessed with a doctor who cared about the patient on a whole. This had not been our first experience with a reconstructive surgeon and were overwhelmingly confident the journey ahead we were in good hands by the end of our consult. Always available to answer questions, impressive bedside manner, honest, caring and on point. Thank You

1 Nov 30, 2017


Dr Landon's skill, expertise and compassion are evident in every portion of your visit with him. I recently saw Dr Landon for lip augmentation and expressed my concern, as my previous experience with lip fillers had been painful and less than what I had envisioned, lumpy and un-natural. Dr Landon took the time to discuss why he recommended a specific product, and why it was superior to what I had received before. Once we made the decision to move forward, his approach was that of an artistic eng

Sayville – Nov 22, 2017


I had a minor in office procedure. Dr Landon was great a explaining everything to me and left me feeling confident in him and my choice of a Plastic surgeon. He is very kind, caring, and personable. He spent a lot of time with me during all my appointments and never felt rushed. He took great care of me and even called himself to see how I was doing afterwards. What surgeon does that? Not many!. I am very happy with the result on my scar revision. Thank you Dr. Landon!

Lauren in North Babylon – Nov 19, 2017


I would absolutely recommend Dr. Landon to friends and family, and I already have! I'd recommend Dr. Landon to anyone looking for a Plastic Surgeon. He's attentive, knowledgeable, experioenced, comforting and caring. He takes his time with you in each appointment to go over everything and answer any questions you have. I've never left rushed in any appointment.

2 bellport – Oct 26, 2017


I have had Mohs surgery in the past and always scars. This time I was very concerned because it was on my nose. At the consultation every aspect and possible result was reviewed. I was assured that he would do everything possible to have a professional result. After the surgery I was concerned about the size of the surgery,and he assured that the result would be with-out scar. Now at 2 months post surgery my scar is almost not noticeable due to his caring professional skill.

2 Nebocat in West Point, NY – Oct 18, 2017


I’m a 28-year-old male that had a mass on the back of my head removed. Dr. Landon expertise and care led to minimal scaring. Dr. Landon will go above and beyond for his patient's. I would recommend him to friends and family.

1 Jake in Sayville, NY – Oct 18, 2017


I am a 35 y/0 m, mass on forehead for over 4 yrs. Afraid to remove b/c I am bald & didn't want a scar. Convinced myself to see a Plastic Surgeon and found Dr. Landon based on spectacular reviews. His Instagram also has great before & after photos. He spent an hour explaining everything to me & answering q's. The results are INCREDIBLE!! He saw me multiple times after surgery, not dumping me on nurses like so many other doctors do nowadays. Post op, I did exactly what he said. Scar vanished!

Lisa in Brightwaters, NY – Oct 18, 2017


I am 32 y/o, w/ 2 kids & it was time to do something for myself! I was nervous to try Botox/fillers. Dr. Landon explained everything & spent an entire hour doing a Facial Analysis. The other 2 docs I previously visited (I don't think they were even Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Landon), spent like 5 mins w me, then just wanted to inject Botox in my face. That was not for me. So glad I found Dr. Landon. What a huge dif seeing a Plastic Surgeon! I have a natural, refreshed look. So many compliments!

1 Ciiindy93 in Dix Hills, NY – Oct 11, 2017


I saw Dr. Landon based solely on his reviews, which were ALL spectacular. I had a lip aug done at a local spa which was TERRIBLE - results were lumpy, distorted and destroyed my lips! I was so embarrassed to learn the injector wasn't a Plastic Surgeon, I got ripped off! I went to Dr. Landon to repair my lips. He spent so much time examining my lips and entire face, reviewed everything and all options. He performed the injections very precisely! My lips look incredible now! GO SEE DR. LANDON!

Deer Park, NY – Oct 11, 2017


Dr. Landon was attentive and caring. I my breast reconstruction done by him and 6 months later I am really pleased with how everything turned out. I looked at a few different surgeons but I'm glad I picked Dr. Landon because he spent a lot of time with me and he worked together with my general surgeon which others refused. I'd recommend him to anyone

1 Harvey K in lindenhurst, ny – Oct 10, 2017


I chose Dr. Landon for a medically required blepharoplasty based on previous positive experiences with him. Dr. L has the extraordinary ability to explain every aspect of a procedure, including preparation, expected (and not-to-be expected) results, possible risks and complications, aftercare, etc. He is obviously skilled, generous with his time, and passionate about his patients.

Sur in lindenhurst, ny – Oct 10, 2017


Dr. Landon performed my skin removal surgery on 11/01/16. From my initial consultation, I knew he was the surgeon I wanted for my surgery. He spent as much time with me as I needed for me to completely understand what to expect. He answered all my questions. His expertise as a surgeon is evident in the results I obtained. He is a caring, dedicated and highly skilled surgeon.

Lucy in West Sayville, NY – Sep 13, 2017


I'm a 28 year old female who was seeking a breast enhancement after many years of feeling self conscious about my small breasts. Dr. Landon immediately made me feel comfortable at home when I came in for my consultation. These types of things can be really sensitive and I was nervous going in, but Dr. Landon was friendly and put my mind at ease. He took extra time out often, which I feel is rare, and not only that, but provided me with results I'm very very happy with. I'd recommend him

Randee in Lindenhurst, Ny – Aug 12, 2017


I was extremely impressed, and beyond satisfied with Dr. Landon. He was thorough and patient with our initial consultation, explaining the process of my plastic surgery, and the best and worst case scenarios. He was confident and attentive answering all my questions-even when I know I was sometimes repetitive. Clearly I was a nervous wreck knowing I was going to have mohs done on my nose for skin cancer. Three months later it looks like I never had plastic surgery! He's truly a gifted Dr.

1 West Islip, NY – Aug 07, 2017


I had a skull mass removal and Dr. Landon did an amazing job. He walked me through exactly what was going to be done which included hand drawn pictures of what the procedure and end results would look like. He takes his time and talks to you in a way so that anyone would feel comfortable and reassured. I highly would recommend Dr. Landon and am very thankful for what he did for me.

Mommy of 3 in Smithtown, NY – Jun 05, 2017


Dr. Landon is a great plastic surgeon! Him in conjunction with a general surgeon performed a diastasis recti repair, reconstruction of belly button, 2 hernia repairs (umbilical) and a plastic opening/closure to remove excess of skin. I'm so happy with the results. He's an amazing doctor and person....Read More

Nancy barnett in Bay Shore NY – Jun 02, 2017


Dr Landon hands down I would trust with my life. He is amazing and takes time to explain everything in terms you understand. His whole staff are great as well. I highly recommend him.

2 Long Island, NY – May 09, 2017


I have seen multiple Plastic Surgeons for a breast augmentation.Dr. Landon took a full hour to review ALL options.He took the time to make certain that I understood everything so I could make an educated decision as to what was best for me!No other Plastic Surgeon spent anywhere near that much time going over the details with me.I couldn't be happier with him.He was with me before we went to the OR, & was the 1st person I saw after the surgery in the recovery room.I am so happy with the results.

Kevin.K. in West Babylon, NY – Mar 08, 2017


Dr.Landon will is on his way to be one of the greats.Can't say enough about him.Excellent

1 ms107 in Brightwaters, NY – Jan 08, 2017


Dr. Jonathan Landon was so nice & thoroughly explained all options to remove the mole on my face. He spent ample time answering all of my questions. I did not feel rushed at all. The office staff was so pleasant & helpful as well. The process was extremely simple & I am thrilled with the results. The mole was in a very noticeable spot on my face; he removed it and provided post-operative care so that I have an INVISABLE scar. I highly recommend this plastic surgeon for all cosmetic procedures.

1 Dr. Robert L. Villanella in Babylon, New York – Nov 28, 2016


I am a clinical neuropsychologist located in Babylon, New York who has referred several patients to Dr. Landon both for consultation and for potential surgery. Dr. Landon has demonstrated himself to be a professional, compassionate, caring, and skilled plastic surgeon who spends extensive time with his patients to explain potential procedures. I recommend him highly.