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Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Huntington, NY. He is affiliated with Huntington Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lebowitz to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz, MD - Reviews

Jul 22, 2020


I wish I had come here years ago and had this procedure. Yes it was slightly uncomfortable but I would do it all over again for the results I have only seen in 2 days. This surgery is life changing. Everyone here was so nice I never felt worried. I did it for me and I am so glad I gave myself this...Read More

Jul 10, 2020


Great results and great care. Would recommend to anyone.

Jul 07, 2020


I have had gyno for 15 years, looking to get rid go it. I came to Dr LEBO and 3 day in and I already loving my results.

Jul 06, 2020


Best doctor

Jun 24, 2020


This has changed my life forever

Jun 21, 2020


I am a few days post op of bilateral Gynecomastia. They look absolutely great already and I am confident they will be even more perfect a month from now. Doc and his staff made this whole experience a very positive one and I am glad I chose them.

Jun 20, 2020


Absolutely satisfied with my surgery so happy I got it done.

Jun 11, 2020


Painless experience. Dr Lebowitz' attention to detail is amazing.

Jun 03, 2020


I reached out to dr Lebowitz 3 years ago about my Gynecomastia and to have surgery. Dr Lebowitz has done 4 operations on me and has been there every step of the way. The results are amazing compared to my pre ops back in 2017. He answers all calls and texts immediately and is very friendly and does...Read More

Apr 15, 2020


Excellent. Dr. Lebowitz is fantastic

Apr 13, 2020


Best doc ever. Always looking out for his patients and making them feel great.

1 Apr 09, 2020


Cathy and Clarence made me very comfortable during the entire surgical process. Dr Lebowitz said there would be no pain, and he was correct. He seems to have no problems with you asking questions. To keep it all real he has your bests interests at heart when it comes to healing, so listen to his...Read More

Mar 15, 2020


I had my glands removed by Dr. Lebowitz along with some lipo 6 months ago. I am so much happier with my body and have no problem taking my shirt off around other people. The whole process was smooth, he always answered my questions when I texted him. Would definitely recommend him to anyone with...Read More

Mar 14, 2020


Dr Lebowitz is a master,,, he gave excellent advice from the beginning of the process and over delivered on the results... I would highly recommend...

Mar 02, 2020


Dr Lebowitz is an extremely meticulous surgeon that runs a patient centric practice completely focused on Gynecomastia. I had to failed previous procedures that did not address my issue. Dr Lebowitz did an amazing job and the results speak for themselves. This was worth every penny and he has...Read More

1 David – Jan 22, 2020


Had my gynecomastia glands removed and liposuction 6 months ago and the results are amazing. I enjoyed the environment in the office. Since surgery I’ve lost an additional 20 pounds with Dr. Lebowitz’s continued guidance and support! Thank you Dr. Lebowitz

2 Nov 28, 2019


Great experience and fantastic results! The nursing and staff and Dr. Lebowitz himself made me feel very comfortable and made the whole procedure an enjoyable experience. I’m 3 months after and I am amazed at how good my body looks.

3 1 Apr 14, 2019


from the very start Dr. Lebowitz makes you feel so relaxed, i suffered from gynecomastia several years , and this man is hands down the best in the world a true artist , awesome attitude, very outgoing , his office is soo clean and the wait time was Zero minutes!!! his nursers were amazing ,...Read More

3 2 Matthew in New Orleans, Louisiana – May 09, 2018


Going to see Dr. Lebowitz for my Gynecomastia surgery was the best decision I have made in my entire life. He is a true perfectionist and master at his craft and I can already tell the results are going to be amazing after just having surgery one week ago. . I was nervous about surgery but it...Read More

1 4 Dublin – Oct 15, 2017


I recently had gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Lebowitz. After a lot of research, I chose him as I liked that the surgery was performed under local anaesthetic, with no drains and no down time after. I appreciated being able to watch the videos on YouTube and liked his upfront, honest attitude. After...Read More

3 1 Mark in Hicksville,NY – Apr 20, 2017


I had an amazing expecting with Dr Lebowitz! He is an extremely gifted surgeon with great bedside manner, follow up care and an excellent staff!!! My procedure was for male gynecomastia and I could not begin to tell you the difference within just 24 hours of surgery. I went from wearing XL shirts...Read More

2 1 New York, NY – Apr 06, 2017


So I finished with my surgery yesterday and Lerner me tell you guys. Dr L is amazing. This guy is very professional easy going treats you like family. I wish anybody having this type of surgery would consider coming with him. His approach is unlike any other plastic surgeon. I consulted several md...Read More

Gia – Mar 24, 2017


Got a Rhinoplasty Done by Dr. Lebowitz one year ago. He did a wonderful job! The procedure is really easy and painless. He is a true professional at what he does. The recovery time is only one week. The bump was gone and I had a perfectly straight side profile. However, as time went on I realized I...Read More

1 Jonathan C. in Bay Shore, NY – Dec 21, 2016


Did a great job, Dr. Lebowitz plays a fine line with arrogance and confidence but I trusted him with my procedure based on his straightforward no bs approach. I've very happy with the results and I would recommend him to anyone looking to receive surgery for gynecomastia.

4 Cortland Knudson in Palm Desert, CA – Dec 12, 2016


I flew out to New York from California after having a few FaceTime consultations with Dr. Lebowitz for Gynecomastia gland removal. I had very high expectations coming into it even though my case was very mild. I wanted it done right. I'm now coming into day 14 post surgery and all my swelling and...Read More

3 rich tognetti in Monroe, NY – Jun 29, 2016


son had gynecomastia and chose dr, lebowitz to perform the surgery. one week later the results are fantastic. would recommend any parent whose teenage son who has this condition to see dr. lebowitz .

4 Gia in Haupppauge,ny – Jun 12, 2016


Had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Lebowitz. I had only a small bump on the top of my nose and felt like a full nose job would be too extreme. Dr. L is one of the only doctors in the U.S Who was able to get rid of my bump without the breaking and full extent of a rhinoplasty. Procedure took 2 hours in...Read More

7 5 P.Salamone in Medford, NY – May 18, 2016


I went to Dr. Lebowitz for gynecomastia gland extraction and bi lateral laser smart lipo. 2 weeks later..... Amazing results. As I heal the results keep getting better. I decided to go with Dr. lebowitz for many reasons. His office clean neat and professional. Surgery done at office under local...Read More