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Dr. Kamran Jafri, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU Langone Health Tisch Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Jafri to book an appointment.

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Dr. Kamran Jafri, MD - Reviews

Alicia G. – May 12, 2020


Dr Jafri was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. Its a great feeling to have a physician who was listens to you while giving you time to explain your problem in detail. Highly recommend to anyone.

E. P. – May 12, 2020


Took time listening and has an outline for a diagnosis. Very knowledgeable.

Sadi B. – Apr 30, 2020


Dr. Jarfi is amazing. I talked to two doctors about my throat problem and no one really could tell what is wrong with me but I did a virtual visit with Dr. Jarfi and he was the only doctor who could tell me what is wrong. I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a ENT doctor.

Jiadi Z. – Apr 30, 2020


It was a great virtual appointment with Dr. Jafri. The appointment was right on time and Dr. Jafri was a good listener and was able to provide professional advise right away. The practice manager also provides great help as post-visit follow up as well. Highly recommended!

Frederick T. – Apr 23, 2020



L. L. – Mar 15, 2020


Dr Jafri is an outstanding doctor and is highly competent. I am lucky to have seen him. He diagnosed and took care of my medical issue in a highly skilled and compassionate manner. I thank him for his help.

W. C. – Feb 27, 2020


He's patient, thoughtful, thorough and gives explanations of what is happening and why. One of the best doctors I have ever seen.

L. K. – Feb 25, 2020


Dr. Jafri was very warm, welcoming, and kind. I felt comfortable right away. He listened to all my issues and addressed them one at a time. He was very thorough and even showed me the cause of my issues using a camera/screen. I feel very lucky to have met Dr. Jafri and will recommend him to anyone that I know that needs an ENT specialist. I wish more doctors would practice in such a manner. I never felt rushed and felt very cared for. Thank you, Dr Jafri!

D. C. – Feb 10, 2020


Very helpful, respectful, patient and friendly service. Am very glad I stopped in.

R. H. – Feb 06, 2020


Very smooth and informative. I feel I’m in the right hands.

O. G. – Jan 24, 2020


Provided a thorough exam, was a great listener and took the time to explain everything in great detail.

Reymond B. – Jan 24, 2020


I came to Dr. Jafri with multiple health issues, some of which were missed by other doctors I have seen. He quietly listened to me, then he efficiently and quickly identified all the causes of my suffering. Whereas other doctors could not figure out the true cause of my symptims, Dr. Jafri was able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle and took the time to explain it all to me fully. His diagnostic skills are nothing short of anazing. He also came up with a holistic treatment plan that addresses all my issues. He has earned my trust. In fact I would trust Dr. Jafri with my life. I have been to many specialists and in my opinion Dr. Jafri is the best of the best at what he does.

Athika K. – Jan 23, 2020


Dr. Jafri was amazing he listened to my concerns and made me feel safe. He was quick with my diagnosis and I feel better already. Most importantly he provided with a short term plan and a long term plan. I will be returning. The office staff was great too.

G. G. – Jan 08, 2020


Great combination of knowledge, patient education and concern for to find a solution to the problem.

Myriam D. – Dec 10, 2019


Respectful and informative doctor that takes time to listen, evaluate and find appropriate course of treatment. This is a rarity today. Patient's concerns are not brushed off. Pace is efficient but not rushed. Would 100% recommend Dr. Jafri.

Clara C. S. – Dec 05, 2019


Dr. Jafri asked questions to be able to come to a diagnosis. He was very attentive and listened. He took his time and I didn't feel rushed.

Anonymous – Nov 28, 2019


More than I expected

Anonymous – Nov 26, 2019


He listened and provided good advise while looking at me as a complete patient.

Sasang L. – Nov 20, 2019


Professionalism, soft spoken and gentle man

H. E. – Nov 19, 2019


Dr Jafri is remarkably capable and good at what he does. His diagnosis is quick and spot on. In addition, he is an affable, caring and humble practitioner. It feels very good to be cared for by Dr Jafri. I highly recommend him.

Tamir K. – Nov 12, 2019


Friendly engaging informative

Oct 19, 2019


I can't say enough about Dr. Jafri. He was patient and listened to my concerns - he did a very thorough exam and dug in when he needed to. Sending my husband to see him too.

Stu Richel in Manhattan – Jun 27, 2019


Doctor Jafri properly diagnosed and treated two, significant health issues of mine. And, he did so in an attentive, compassionate manner. He cared! Thanks, doc. Stu Richel, in Manhattan.

Tommy – Jun 03, 2019


Would give 10 stars if I could. Amazing doctor with great bedside manner. Had surgery for a deviated septum and could not be happier with the results. Breathing and feeling better. Fantastic follow up from the office and Dr Jafri personally, who had called me the next day to check in. Would recommend him to friends and family.

BF in New York, NY – Jul 10, 2018


Very informative, thorough and easy to schedule meetings. I'm happy to be working with Dr. Jafri.

May 08, 2018


I saw Dr. Jafri twice as a patient and have referred him to several friends. He absolutely took the correct approach and was treating the symptoms, not just the disease. He cares about helping you make the correct lifestyle choices for a long term fix and is definitely in it for the right reasons. Highly recommended!

David Solomon in Manhattan – May 07, 2018


Dr. JafrI He is an excellent Doctor, and also is very good at listening to the issues presented to him!! Highly recommended. One of my daughter's and my sister now see him form their medical issues.

Lisa in staten island – Apr 13, 2018


My mom has metastatic breast cancer in her bones. She has been to so many doctors & has been going through a serious problem as a result of the chemotherapy. Her oncologist at Staten Island Hospital was not helping her at all and we didn't know what else to do. Other doctors had no solutions. We saw Dr. Jafri and he figured out that her jaw bone is necrotic and how to treat her. He's an amazing doctor I would highly recommend him to everyone. We thank God for him!

2 Jan 25, 2018


Can’t recommend this doctor. Rushed, doesn’t explain procedures and only explanation is that he is there for the money. One of the worst experiences I’ve had with a doctor. Bad!

2 NYC – Jan 25, 2018


Horrible bedside manners!...avoid at all cost! He was hurried, would not answer questions, and was cold and rude when I asked procedure to be explained to me

5 New York, NY – May 14, 2017


Tried to rush me out of the office before I could even explain the symptoms I was experiencing. Sent me for tests and never followed up with results.

dennis in Brooklyn, NY – Nov 30, 2016


Dr. Jafri, is brilliant, kind, and compassionate. % stars is not enough!!!

Marcia fernandez in New York, NY – Oct 26, 2016


Excellent Doctor

7 1 Umair Ahsan Shaikh in New York – Feb 09, 2016


Spent no time explaining procedures he wanted to perform and also did not explain the diagnosession he made.