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1035 N Orlando Ave Ste 205 , Winter Park, FL.

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Dr. Kapil Saigal, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Winter Park, FL. Dr. Saigal has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions and Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with AdventHealth Winter Park. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Saigal to book an appointment.

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Dr. Kapil Saigal, MD - Reviews

Jul 15, 2020


Great experience!

Griffin Bunch – Jul 03, 2020


Dr. Saigal and his staff are THE BEST. They are extremely kind and attentive throughout the entire process. What I love about Dr. Saigal is his ability to decipher what it is you want, give you his professional opinion, and deliver natural looking results that are above and beyond your expectations. Before my surgery I was nervous about the post op pain, but i’m not kidding you when I say there was little to no pain at all. I am just now over 5 weeks post op and Dr. Saigal and his staff still make me feel as important as they did on the day of my surgery.

PPA – May 27, 2020


Dr.Saigal changed my life! My rhinoplasty outcome was amazing and the whole experience went so smoothly. His staff were also very warm and made you feel at home. I had no pain postop and I'm in love with my new nose!

John – Apr 22, 2020


I found Dr. Saigal to be one of the best physicians I have ever seen! I came in with difficulty breathing through my nose and he diagnosed my problem right away. I have been to 5 other doctors who couldn't help me. I love his office and waited less than 5 minutes to see him

Mar 14, 2020


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Saigal. His whole staff exceeded my expectations. The whole idea of facial plastic surgery can be scary but Dr. Saigal eased all my nerves and made me feel very comfortable. My recovery was extremely easy and the results are so natural. I could not be happier and I highly recommend Dr. Saigal!! :)

Tammy Joseph – Jan 26, 2020


Excellent experience with this doctor - a thorough consultation and excellent communication with an immediate improvement in breathing. I come from a medical background and I must say his office exceeded my expectations in every way!

2 Jan 17, 2020


If you are looking for a good ENT doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Saigal. I would've given Dr. Saigal and his team six stars out of 5 if I could! I had septoplasty and rhinoplasty, and it went amazing! Way beyond my expectations. I extensively researched and visited three ENT doctors. At the end of the day, I felt most comfortable with Dr. Saigal. My goal was to improve my breathing and to have a very subtle change in my nose shape (didn't want to look like Michael Jackson! Dr. Saigal and his team went through everything thoroughly. They made sure I'm the right candidate and feel comfortable. What I found about Dr. Saigal is that he cares. He went above and beyond. We met quite a few times, even the day prior to surgery, to review the process. Post-surgery, he gave us his direct contact info and even called us on Thanksgiving! He and his team regularly checked in on me for the first two weeks to make sure everything was okay. The result: Very little healing time, no bruising, my

1 2 Jan 02, 2020


The sales manager over there is unhuman and not professional. She made to go to the doctor but to be checked by a nurse without informing me in advance and paid the doctor visit fee. I talked to her that was not good she told me that she will refund me and just now i discovered that they charged me 100$ more without even see the doctor.. this is not human you can be a sales person for cosmetic but that does not allow you to play with people feeling and health...

1 2 May 25, 2019


The front office staff and office manager, Tracy are phenomenal. They are efficient and made the patient experience effortless and not stressful. Dr. Saigal was thorough and used objective measures and diagnostics as well as his clinical judgement for his recommendation. His bedside manner and thoughtfulness in his approach stands out. I’m glad I drove from Tampa to see him and experience his first class service.

May 14, 2019


He did a great job correcting my deviated septum and it was painless and I've never slept so well. Was very clear in explaining everything. Just the most thorough doctor I have ever met. Highly recommend!!

Apr 26, 2019


Absolutely fantastic, quite a charmer I must say. Very detailed, straight to the point and that alone won my me over. Will definitely see Dr Saigal again. Thank you so much

3 Mar 28, 2019


I have been dealing with numerous sinus infections and allergies for over 3 years. I was miserable .being placed on antibiotics 3 to 4 times a year. When I met dr. Saigal, he was very reassuring, through and nice. After viewing my ct scan in my sinuses , he began to come up with a treatment plan that worked for me. He performed two balloon plasticity, and put me in a regimen that works! I feel so much better, and I thank God for leading me to him. Staff is extremely friendly and comforting.

4 Nikki Yvette in Tampa, FL – Feb 09, 2019


I had the absolute BEST experience ever with this doctor. I came to Dr. Saigal because I fractured my nose. The fracture shifted my nose to the right so when he did the surgery he straightened my nose out, fixed my sinuses so I can breathe better than ever, and shaved the bump down! After the surgery I had NO brusing, & NO pain. My one week post operation picture is absolutely insane because I just got the cast off, however I looked perfectly normal. Love this doctor! 10/10 would recommend!

3 5 Nov 07, 2018


This doctor is thief and liar just doing unnecessary things to you for money . Stay away !

2 1 Apr 20, 2018


Dr. Saigal and his team were wonderful. I needed a pretty complicated revision surgery and he did a great job. He is very personable and an incredibly skilled surgeon. Also board certified in two specialties. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommend.

3 Janice Robinson – Feb 22, 2018


Since I was a child, I was plagued with chronic sinusitis. Although my physicians were well-intentioned, their treatment with antibiotics never made a dent in the problem. I read the reviews for Dr. Saigal and thought I'd give it one last shot. He was kind and professional as was his staff. He thoroughly explained my options, and we decided to proceed with a balloon sinuplasty. OMG....I can breathe! No headaches and I'm able to fitness walk 3 miles daily. Thank you, Dr. Saigal!

7 1 Winter Park – Jan 07, 2018


I would NOT recommend anyone seeing this Dr. He orders expensive tests and does not ask for everything on the test and reads results incorrectly. After seeing this Dr in Feb 2017 and paying for tons of test to find out nothing, I was diagnosis with Graves Disease and Hyperthyroid which he would have known if he would have read the result correctly. Completely miss all the symptoms and now I have a ton of medical bills to pay and a disease that I am now fighting!

2 1 Kellie Bergens in Zolfo Springs, FL – May 26, 2017


Dr Saigal is well-educated, knowledgeable & talented in his craft; while @ the same time, he is compassionate, caring & his personality allows him to be relatable. And that's probably one of the biggest things, it is for me, at least... having a doctor who will take the time, make the time, to answer any questions you may have or any reassurances you may need (or your kids!). Dr Saigal is a human being, in all senses of the word, not simply defined by the initials behind his name.

1 1 Cdass in Rockledge, FL – Mar 14, 2017


I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Saigal. He has been nothing but excellent throughout my entire rhinoplasty experience with him. I am now two weeks post-op and I am already back in my normal routine. No one would ever know I just had rhinoplasty. His professionalism, bedside manner, and follow up is impeccable. I couldn't have been in better hands. I would recommend him to anyone!

1 Maitland, FL – Feb 23, 2017


Beautiful office and very nice staff. Doctor was thorough and had a great way about him. He helped me and my husband wants to see him as well. THanks.

6 Semyon in Middle Village, NY – Jul 09, 2016


Very considerate and thoughtful. I will not hesitate to recommend this doctor to anyone needing ENT help.

10 2 Taik A. Singh in Jamaica, NY – Jan 05, 2016


Dr. Saigal is nothing more than the best!!! Immediately he diagnosed my problem after I went four times to LIJ emergency for nosebleeding.I have the highest respect for him.May God Bless him.