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Dr. Kevin Small, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

125 Mineola Ave , Roslyn Heights, NY




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Dr. Kevin Small, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Roslyn Heights, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Hospital For Special Surgery and Mercy Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Small to book an appointment.

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Dr. Kevin Small, MD - Reviews

2 2 Mar 22, 2019


By far one of the best experiences I've had with a doctor and his staff. Dr. Small, is patient, professional and a pleasure to deal with. His staff is a reflection of him and are stellar in all aspects. A beautiful, clean office as well.

9 4 Nicole M in Port Washington ny – May 16, 2018


Dr Small and his staff are amazing!!! They changed my life and I cannot thank him enough. I was obese 250 lbds with a major hernia that needed to be repaired coupled with a tummy tuck.. I’m almost 52 with a body of a 20 something year old in a size 6 jeans!!! My only regret is that I didn’t meet Dr Kevin Small and NYBG years ago.. thank you sooooooo much !!

4 3 G.M.C. in Roslyn Heights, NY – Aug 22, 2017


The best. Every way kind considerate. Now words to describe. Totally awesome.

1 2 Nicola in Roslyn Heights, NY – Aug 21, 2017


Dr.small is very excellent at what he does.

8 3 Roslyn Heights, NY – Aug 10, 2017


Excellent bedside manner and very very intelligent. Does not rush appointments and is extremely welcoming. I would high recommend him without reservation

5 1 Manhasset, NY – Aug 10, 2017


Dr. Small was highly knowledgeable and equally patient with me prior to my procedure. Following my surgery Dr. Small was completely attentive and responsive; a rarity these days in the world of medicine. Dr. Small has a way of easing your nerves and explaining things carefully and thoroughly. His meticulous work is exhibited by my incredible results!

1 Katherine Mendez in Roslyn Heights, NY – Jun 11, 2017


The staff is quick and friendly. Doctor Small is very informative.

1 Erin23339 in Roslyn Heights, NY – May 20, 2017


Dr. Small and the entire staff were absolutely amazing and attentive. Would highly recommend them.

4 Stephanie in Brooklyn, NY – Jan 13, 2017


My Breast Surgeon referred me to Dr. Kevin Small who is an excellent Dr. and I heard great things about him along with great reviews I said let me give Dr. Small a try. The moment I walked into his office and sat with him about my upcoming breast surgery I automatically felt a strong connection with him. Dr. Small is so genuine, down to earth and took his time. My surgery in Dec. 2016 was a great success. My post op visits with him EXCELLENT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you will not be disappointed.

5 Gwen in New York, NY – Mar 03, 2016


Dr. Small was patient, knowledgeable, and caring. I felt like he really listened to me and executed my cosmetic goals 100% to my satisfaction. Smart and talented! What an ideal combination! I have gone to other plastic surgeons but now I will never go to anyone else!

4 EMM in Locust Valley, NY – Feb 20, 2016


Dr. Small is the best! From the moment he walks in the room, he know you are with a real expert, who genuinely cares about his patients. Flawless experience each time I have gone.

2 Ilene in New York, NY – Feb 12, 2016


Kind, patient and extremely skillfull. A true surgeon and healer who took the time to make sure I understood the treatment and always got back to me quickly. My results are unbelievable, natural and I have never felt better.

2 1 Diana in New York – Feb 04, 2016


Dr. Small is an amazing doctor. He's very informative, knowledgeable, and truly listened to all of my questions and concerns. He was extremely easy to reach outside of his office hours and was always available to help with any other questions I had. His office is very clean and easy to schedule same week appointments! I would certainly recommend Dr. Small to friends and family.