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Dr. Krista Olson, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Houston, TX and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Olson has more experience with Cranio-facial, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Cranio-maxillofacial than other specialists in her area. She graduated from Baylor University medical school in 1997. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as CHI St Lukes Health - Baylor St Lukes Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Olson to book an appointment.

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Dr. Krista Olson, MD - Reviews

2 Jan 20, 2020


Dr. Olson was very patient with me when I had several questions to ask before deciding to have surgery. She took her time with me and explained everything on my level. Also, Dr. Olson was very knowledgeable in her field of expertise.

2 Sep 06, 2019


Had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Olson and her office staff. My surgery improved my breathing significantly and I am very pleased with the appearance of my nose. I would highly recommend her!

2 6 Aug 20, 2019


I went to Dr Olson for a deviated septum. The first surgery she performed did not correct the issue. After hearing her reasons for the failure (excuses) I was stupid enough to let her performance an even more invasive surgery. That surgery was a failure as well.

3 May 14, 2019


Dr. Olson and her entire staff are amazing! I was greeted with a warm welcome and short wait time. The nurses are very kind and listen to any issues or concerns you have. Dr. Olson is caring and extremely thorough. I told her about the issues I was having and she thoughtfully prepared the best and least invasive course of action. I can breathe again thanks to Dr. Olson’s skillful hands!

1 Apr 25, 2019


Dr. Olson is amazing! Both my husband and brother went to Dr. Olson because they had obstructed breathing. They both needed to straighten out their septum and she did it perfectly. My husband had previously had his septum straightened by another Doctor and he was still not able to breath through his nose. Dr. Olson was able to fix his septum and have his breathing back. She is very knowledgeable and takes her time with each patient. She is great and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to fix their nose.

1 Apr 23, 2019


I highly recommend Dr. Olson. With each office visit she continued to amaze me. Unlike many doctors she was not rushing into surgery, but trying to find the answers to the trouble I was having. As it turned out I needed surgery and knew I was with the best doctor possible for my problem. It was a difficult surgery with the a wonderful outcome. There are still some problems, but she is working with me and referring me to other doctors, when necessary. She has always taken the time to listen and answer all my concerns. Everyone in her office is very supportive and helpful. Even being able to arrange my appointments to work with traffic!!

Mar 29, 2019


Dr Olson is an active listener and each step of the process: pre-op/ surgery/ post-op went smoothly with superior results. Her staff is receptive and responsive as well. Highly recommend!

Mar 23, 2019


Fantastic Doctor and staff. Did a great job of correcting my sinus problem and kept well informed on how to correct.

Mar 21, 2019


Dr. Olson fixed my deviated septum and performed a rhinoplasty on my nose as well. I am so happy with the results! I can breathe so much better! The whole experience was great before and after surgery. Her staff was kind. Dr. Olson was patient and understanding. I would recommend Dr. Olson for anyone’s nose surgery and facial cosmetic surgery needs!

Spencer Park in Houston, TX – Feb 19, 2019


Dr. Olson is everything you want in a Doctor. First and foremost, she did an amazing job on my nose surgery. I had a pretty non-standard situation with my inner nose structure and in one pre-visit surgery appointment she knew exactly what was wrong and what she needed to do. She was caring, kind, and knowledgeable and it was very easy for me to 100% trust her with this important "quality of life" change! Highest recommendation!!

Dallas, TX – Dec 27, 2018


Dr. Olson is a well educated and detailed surgeon with a personal touch. Dr. Olson and her team are professional and her practice is well run, especially on surgery day.

Houston, TX – Oct 05, 2018


Dr. Olson is incredible! She is super friendly and really takes the time to listen to you to determine the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

Joel in Houston, TX – Sep 12, 2018


I would highly recommend Dr. Olson to anyone with breathing problems. She straightened my septum and reconstructed my nasal valves after an impact. She gave me the ability to breath once again. Changed my life; great Doctor.

1 John R Hufnagle in Houston , TX – Jul 27, 2018


It was my fortunate referral to Dr Olson that allowed the reconstruction my deviated septum and proved unquestionably that she is a most talented plastic surgeon. Dr. Olson was encouraging, reassuring and gave me confidence to move forward with the procedure. She encouraged me to consult with other medical professionals who could assure me that my overall health was the best possible. Being able to breathe again has been a life changing experience and is a testament to Dr Olson’s great talent.

2 Jul 08, 2018


Extremely rude! She shows no empathy to her patients.

1 2 Raj Natarajan Jr in Houston, Texas – May 24, 2018


Professional and effective service that left nothing to chance but that also efficient. Pre-op service was easy to schedule and Dr. Olson's professionalism and clear ability made the decision to have a surgical procedure easy. The procedure went off without a hitch, and having gone through most of my recovery I can attest that her description of how the results of surgery would be experienced was? spot on. Post-op support has been fantastic. In short I would highly recommend Dr. Olson.

1 1 Rodney Reeves in Manvel, TX – Aug 01, 2017


I am a 57 year old man whose nose had been broken a few times and twice within a month about 2 years ago. I could no longer breathe through my nose. The right side was totally collapsed and my septum was deviated in 2 places in opposite directions. I also had a huge bump at the bridge and a saddle in the middle. Dr. Olson performed nothing short of a miracle on my nose. It's been almost a month and it's so awesome being able to breathe through my nose again. Not only that, she made it look good.

3 Jarod in Houston, TX – Jul 21, 2017


Dr. Olson is a kind and thorough physician, with a skill of explaining complex concepts in a way that the non-medical types are comfortable.

1 1 Megan in Pearland, TX – Jul 17, 2017


Dr. Olson did a septoplasty and rhinoplasty and my results were wonderful I could not be more happy. I get compliments all the time on how great my nose looks. I can neath better too. Her and her staff were wonderful. It was easy to make appointments and reschedule of need me. She does excellent work and puts patient first always. I had no pain after my surgery and i recovery after about a week, no bruising and swelling went down. Get lots of RandR to heal quicker. Stayed in bed 4 days.

1 Christopher Bruce in Houston, TX – Jul 10, 2017


My experience with Dr. Olson has been nothing short of amazing. I learned of her through the recommendation of a close friend and I went in to see her for nasal reconstruction and rhinoplasty. Previously I saw another ENT who only examines but is not a surgeon. So when Dr. Olson observed the exact same things as the previous ENT I knew she was golden. She has the TOUCH. My nose job was absolutely perfect. Can't even tell I had one and the pain and bruising post-op was almost non-existent. A+++++

1 Cobi Cunniff in Spring, TX – Jun 11, 2017


Two of my children had procedures done with Dr. Olson in the past two years. I had the utmost confidence and trust that they were in the absolute best hands possible. She took great care in ensuring their comfort level as well as mine during the entire process. The professionalism of her entire...Read More

4 3 Jan 17, 2016


Dr. Olson is the best! She makes you feel comfortable and confident in her abilities. She is so kind and I would recommend her to anyone!