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Dr. Lara Devgan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. She is affiliated with medical facilities Greenwich Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Devgan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Lara Devgan, MD - Reviews

2 1 Jessica – Dec 20, 2019


I saw her for a rhinoplasty consultation that was rushed and not taken seriously whatsoever. She jotted down a few notes, barely did a nasal exam, and then left. Her staff promised to send me some before and after pictures of past procedures but after following up three times, they never sent over the images. The experience did not live up to the hype surrounding her whatsoever.

1 Very satisfied customer and very happy with my res – Nov 22, 2019


Perfect visit with Dr. Lara Devgan. Most accomplished with perfect results for me with facial optimization. I look great and I am over the moon.

5 3 Oct 26, 2019


I would like to start by saying that I have sent in a formal complaint to the NYC Health Department due to the way I was treated before, during, and after the major surgery I had with Dr. Devgan. I hired her to do a breast lift, abdominoplasty, mons lift, and flank liposuction. As a few other reviewers here have said, I was misled by her Instagram and high profile online presence. I also believed that because I was paying almost double what I would pay anywhere else for the same services that I would get the best care possible. Dr. Devgan seriously botched my surgery and therefore my body and blamed and criticized my body for the way it healed. She also displayed extreme negligence in the way I was discharged and the aftercare I received. To be brief, I was given my consent forms, while naked, minutes before going into surgery, and then expected to walk out the surgery room and subsequently rushed out through the service elevator. Dr. Devgan was also 7 months pregnant during my sur

5 1 Oct 25, 2019


Awful experience! She is a total scam who charges 4x the amount of other dermatologists for not great results.

1 1 Aug 03, 2019


I had a Rhinoplasty performed by Dr Devgan. As an MD myself I was very meticulous when it came time to choose a surgeon I could trust. Dr Devgan and her staff exceeded all my expectations. I received first class treatment from the moment I stepped into the door for a consultation. What drew me to Dr Devgan was that I could tell the work she did was tailor made to that specific patient’s facial features and was not just "one style nose for all". I was kept in contact with pre and post-surgery and was made very comfortable throughout the entire process. She truly grasped my wishes for my nose and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

1 Anonymous111 – Jul 08, 2019


She is a little bit of a control freak (spent a lot of time marking and adjusting marks and measuring symmetry), but for this type of work, that’s kind of what you want. I’ve had another surgical experience where everything was rushed and free-form, so I appreciated the extra measures. They show up in the final result. I will say that she is not for everybody. I have a girlfriend who likes enormous lips and she always feels like Dr. Laura is too subtle for her. But for someone who wants a natural look she is hands down the best.

5 Jul 01, 2019


Was considering her, but I believe the one star reviews.

8 Jun 25, 2019


Awful experience. Wouldn't recommend to my dog.

3 6 Apr 25, 2019


An asset to our profession and the person I trust with my own face. It saddens me as a plastic surgeon who has visited Dr. Devgan for my own treatments that the internet has become such a crazy, unregulated place that rogue individuals can orchestrate "takedown campaigns" of some of our brightest stars. I do this work for a living, and I see Dr. Devgan for my own face knowing that I have many of our colleagues at my disposal. To me, that says it all. She is a doctor's doctor. Probably a quarter of her patients are doctors or spouses of doctors. That says it all.

Apr 24, 2019


Ella es una excelente doctora muy profesional. Panama loves Dra Lara!! Facelift, necklift, eyelids surgery xxxx best

1 Apr 24, 2019


CHEEKBONES ON FLEEK!!! Love my model looking cheekbones and I love that she knows how to make them look elegant and not chipmunky

1 1 Apr 24, 2019


She did my upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty a few months ago, and I feel so gorgeous and fresh. Beyond thrilled and I cannot even see the scars. I flew from Chicago, home of many good plastic surgeons, because I wanted a surgeon who focuses on TINY DETAILS. Doctor Devgan is so precise and detail oriented. The way she holds a needle and draws a picture is perfection, and that is how she treated my face. You only have one face. It's not cheap!!! But completely worth it and I would do it again!

4 Apr 17, 2019


This doctor surgery results are not good She has left me with rounded pulled down eyes. Please go to a oculoplastic surgeon who has more experience, she is just experimenting on patients at this rate.

5 1 Apr 12, 2019


Terrible doctor. She is a sham Bad surgeon. Ruined my life after insisting on eyelid surgery Please go to a seasoned professional. She is not the right doctor for eyes, please heed this warning

9 2 Mar 26, 2019


Prices high compared to similarly experienced doctors nearby. Seemed most concerned with me writing a positive review since she and staff asked me multiple times to write a review. They practically escorted me to their office computer and offered to log me on to several review sites. I am a strong and confident woman who was able to tell them no and that I would write a review from my own home. It all seemed so dirty and unethical and probably explains many of her positive reviews

1 1 Baillie Riddell in New York , NY – Feb 20, 2019


Dr. Lara Devgan and her team were extremely helpful during my micro needling facial. They were happy to answer all of my questions, put any of my nerves at ease on top of providing exceptional service that was comfortable and quick. I look forward to working with Dr. Devgan in the future for all my cosmetic needs! Would absolutely recommend any and all of the services she offers.

1 thankuuuu in NYC – Feb 10, 2019


Excellent experience with eyelid surgery and the most gorgeous undetectable results. I just look brighter and fresher *** :)

1 1 NJ – Jan 26, 2019


I can not say enough great things about Dr.Devgan and her staff, everyone has been so incredibly helpful and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way, so thankful for Erica and all her amazing communication. I am now 3months post op from a breast augmentation and cannot be more thrilled with my experience or results. This was a big investment for me as a young 26yr old but Dr. Devgan made my dreams come true and I can't imagine having gone through this process with any other medical tea

1 1 Jan 02, 2019


I had such an amazing experience with Dr. Devgan and her staff!!! Throughout the entire process her staff was so helpful and supportive. I always felt very comfortable throughout my consultation and procedure. Her coordinator, Erica, is absolutely amazing and promptly answered all of my questions and was always so nice even when I asked questions nonstop. Dr. Devgan is so nice, comforting, friendly and patiently addressed all of my concerns. She is so knowledgeable and I would trust her 100%

Joey Z – Nov 25, 2018


Dr. Devgan was beyond amazing, so was her staff and furthermore she is just an amazing human being who really cares about her patients. She took the time to listen to my needs and gave me EXACTLY what i was looking for, if not better. To say i was happy is an understatement. I wouldn't go anywhere else but Dr. Devgan.

Lw1256 in New York , NY – Oct 25, 2018


The office is stunning, the staff are so polite, knowledgeable & friendly. Dr Devgan is truly an incredible dr. I had jawline filler put in today & the results are exactly what i hoped for. No bruising, no downtime, pain free. Would highly recommend Dr Devgan.

1 Oct 20, 2018


So what can I say but she has done great work again. I am always so happy to see Dr Devgan! Though I only go there for Botox, she makes me feel like I am her only patient for the day. What a tremendous talent :) as a physician myself, I would only trust the best to my face and she is it :) genuine and truly excellent at what she does.

Meagan in NJ – Oct 17, 2018


Highly recommend. I follow Dr. Devgan on social media and love her work. I travelled from out of state to see her and she (as well as her staff) was amazing, totally worth it.

Charlotte in New York, NY – Aug 30, 2018


Dr. Devgan performed chin implant (augmentation) surgery on me 1 week ago, and even with some minimal residual swelling, I could not be happier with the results. I truly had no pain and was back at work 3 days after surgery. After meeting with various surgeons for consultations, Dr. Devgan was the clear and easy choice. She is thoughtful, honest, and kind, and her work is meticulous. I definitely had high expectations for the results given her impressive background/credentials and patient testim

Nicoleta dd in NY – Jul 14, 2018


Highly recommend Dr. Devgan.

lms in New York , NY – Jul 04, 2018


I received the best of care from Dr. Lara Devgan and her staff during my recent surgery (upper/lower lid blepharoplasty and face/neck lift) I was pleasantly surprised at how well my recovery went ~ very little pain ~ manageable by day 2 of post opt with OVC pain relievers and ice. Dr Lara Devgan ~ amazing . She listens, answered all questions , and I never felt rushed during my appointments with her. Her staff made me feel comfortable the minute I walked into the office.

shopgirl1234 – Jun 12, 2018


I can't stress enough what a flawless experience it is working with Dr. Devgan. She is the most professional individual I have come across. She is smart, calm, kind and always puts me at ease. I see her for a variety of things but most impressive is her work with PRP. I have suffered from hair loss my whole life and her regime of PRP injections has completley changed my hair. I would trust her with anything. You won't find a better or more thoughtful doctor.

Jun 09, 2018


Dr. Devgan is amazing!! She asnwers all of your questions and explains everything with detail. Her staff as well as Dr. Devgan make you feel comfortable.

1 May 23, 2018


Excellent experience from start tomfinish

1 Mary in New York, NY – May 20, 2018


I had my second visit with Dr. Devgan and I am honored to be a patient of hers. She is the best surgeon in NYC. Very friendly, professional, kind and a true artist. She knows how to treat her patients, solve their problems, and you come out looking and feeling better than you ever have. I recommend her to everyone. She is the #1 surgeon

1 Rebecca in New York, NY – Apr 15, 2018


Dr. Devgan and her staff always make you feel very comfortable. They are very attentive and respond to u immediately. Dr. Devgan went above and beyond to help me achieve the look I wanted. I am glad I found her and chose her because she is very knowledgeable and explains the procedure in full detail, weighing out all the pros and cons. I will definitely be recommending her to family and friends!

1 Hannah Bagwell in De Soto, IL – Apr 12, 2018


I flew in to NYC from southern Illinois to see Dr. Devgan specifically. I did my research and knew that if someone was going to be touching my face and enhancing I wanted experience. Dr. Devgan’s staff were so friendly and helpful with any question or concern I had. Dr. Devgan was very knowledgeable and gave me the best recommendation for my lips so I wouldn’t look too unnatural. I couldn’t be happier or feel more confident with the results I now have!

1 2 Jessica in New York, NY – Apr 05, 2018


I have visited Dr.Devgan on more than one occasion for a lip augmentation. The staff is super helpful and the Dr is very compassionate and patient throughout the entire procedure. I was nervous on my first visit but after several times coming to the office with friends and for my own appointments I have been alleviated of the worry and feel very safe in Dr.Devgan’s hands. I would highly recommend Dr.Devgan if you are looking for exceptional service and amazing results.

1 Mar 29, 2018


Dr. Devgan and her staff are very professional and helpful. They explain any procedures very well and execute them with minimal discomfort. Had Botox and fillers done and love the results!

2 Jen in Staten island – Mar 09, 2018


Hello, I just want to thank everyone at the office and of course dr.devgan for everything, my visit to your office was the best expierence i could have imagined and im over the moon with my lips now, it's only been a day and i have more confidence already then in my 37 years! No more kissy face for me ??  I'm  excited to start my journey with dr.devgan on Building my lips to the lips of my dreams and other procedures wanted and can't wait to visit you guys again soon! Thank you ladies again!

1 1 T.W. in GARDEN CITY – Feb 02, 2018


I had the extreme good fortune of choosing Dr. Lara Devgan as my plastic surgeon. She is a surgeon who possesses impeccable skills and knowledge, as well as being a surgeon who is committed to achieving the best results possible for her patients. We had a wonderful dialogue on my "want' and "needs" and she was so informative, as well as compassionate. I was thrilled with the results of my treatments and grateful that my methodical research lead me to Dr. Devgan.

2 Jan 25, 2018


My experience with Dr. Devgan was wonderful, she exceeded my expectations. I have had lip fillers done in the past at a med spa, and I can tell you that seeing a plastic surgeon makes a great deal of difference. I am a physician myself, and have worked plenty of different plastics surgeons and I must say she is one of the best. The appointment was short, but I felt like she really listened to me and had a wonderful bedside manner. I also left with my lips looking exactly as I had hoped, with ver

4 Katherine duke in New York – Jan 04, 2018


I am a Nurse Practitioner and local New Yorker, Dr. Devgan has been doing my Botox and Filler and chemical peels and PRP scalp injections for years and now laser tattoo removal. Not only do I give her 5 stars for her professionalism and METICULOUS SKILL, but I Award her 5 stars for her GENUINELY AMAZING WORK ETHIC. She is the most dedicated and passionate physician and I would trust her with any procedure. My results look so natural and I honestly just look refreshed. Also/ she’s brilliant!

1 New York – Dec 31, 2017


There is no one I would trust more for plastic surgery than Dr. Devgan. In my experience, the patient's concerns and well-being are her absolute priority. She discussed all my concerns with me at length and made me feel completely at ease. Her great technical skills showed through in the results. I am extremely happy I chose Dr. Devgan. The staff in her practice are warm, caring and very professional. Great office set-up as well. Definitely a go-to practice.

6 3 Oceanport, NJ – Dec 19, 2017


Badly done work and poor work ethic. Staff is extremely disorganized, and do not seem to know what they're doing. I will not coming back...

2 1 New York, NY – Dec 18, 2017


Very impressed with my results from eyelid surgery and necklift. I have also been a loyal patient for botox and injectables for maintenance, and there is no one better.

4 2 Drew in NEW YORK – Jul 06, 2017


Dr. Devgan was extremely attentive to the details of what she would think would make my face more attractive. Her bedside manner combined with just simply knowing the correct procedures to select in a rather short amount of time is what was so impressive and remarkable to me. After she explained...Read More

18 5 Springfield Gardens, NY – May 05, 2017


I had high expectations coming here. She was more concerned with social media than with my care and her prices are so far above market its ridiculous. I was disappointed with my results and couldn't even reach her for a follow up for suggestions. But her receptionist didn't hesitate to remind me multiple times that I could just schedule another appointment and waste another couple thousand dollars. I really feel that she was not honest and took advantage of someone looking for help.

18 1 Brooklyn, NY – Jul 27, 2016


Superb experience in every way for liposuction under the chin. A warm, engaged and intelligent doctor who makes you feel 100% comfortable. Her office and facilities are pristine and the results were beyond my expectations. I will only go to her for any future cosmetic or plastic surgery needs and highly recommend Dr. Devgan.