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Dr. Lee Kleiman, MD is a Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Specialist in Severna Park, MD and has over 34 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Kleiman has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Upper Respiratory Conditions, and Sleep-disordered Breathing than other specialists in his area. He graduated from University Of Maryland School Of Medicine medical school in 1986. He is affiliated with medical facilities Anne Arundel Medical Center and Baltimore Washington Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kleiman to book an appointment.

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Dr. Lee Kleiman, MD - Reviews

joyce c. – Aug 02, 2020


You can not find a better ENT around!! I have been going to Dr Kleiman for 10+ yrs. I have family/friends who also go to him. I have had another doctor of mine ask me, who is my ENT? This doctor was looking for a good ENT for one of his patients. Dr Kleiman is a professional, a down to 'earth' doctor. He will explain things to you until u understand. He doesn't use all those medical terms, (we non-medical folks don't know.) Dr Kleiman is not one who is ready to use the 'knife.' He will try other methods to fix ur problems. Nine out of ten times, he can fix it without using the 'knife.' There is no other ENT I would go too!! I have been too a few and yep the last one was Dr Kleiman. Wish I had found him first!!! Dr Kleiman has two PAs who is also very professional and friendly. Both of them know 'their stuff too!' Dr Kleiman's office staff are great too!! From the moment u ck in, to the MA doing their thing until u see Dr Kleiman. Plus Dr Kleiman does not rush u through ur appt!!

Melissa – Feb 19, 2020


I have been going to Dr. Kleiman for many years and I have to say he is the best at what he does! I go to him for ear issues, cosmetic procedures, tattoo removal and facials. Dr. Kleiman is amazing with fillers, its like an art to him! Valerie is in the process of removing a much unwanted tattoo and did my last treatment for wrinkles, again amazing! I recently went to Maggie for a facial, the best facial I have ever received! The office staff and nurses always go above and beyond and are very friendly!

3 Buddy in Edgewater, MD – Nov 13, 2018


Dr. Kleiman is the man! Walked in with a clogged left ear and left the office as good as new.

Cindyt in Pasadena – Sep 28, 2018


I purchased a Groupon for lazer hair removal. The staff was very friendly and easy to talk to. I scheduled my three sessions without difficulty Happy with the experience

1 Sep 28, 2018


The staff is always friendly, helpful, and does everything with a smile! The office Andy Reynolds leans and always stocked with his helpful brochures and information about the procedures and services they offer.

Cynthia in Upper Marlboro, MD – Sep 28, 2018


Excellent care and professionalism. Front office very helpful.

1 C. Elton in Pasadena, MD – Sep 28, 2018


Dr. Kleiman and his staff go above and beyond expectations. They helped us by providing a sample when we couldn't afford $200 for post-surgery ear drops

3 2 Art Jeffries in Leland – Dec 14, 2017


Although this is a late review as my surgery was first session 9/8/2008 and then final surgery 11/4/2008 it is very important to tell all! On 9/8/2008 approximately 1/3 of my nose had to be removed by a cancer doctor due to an aggressive Squamous Cell tumor. I was sent from that 9 hour procedure to the hospital where Dr. Kleiman was waiting for me. to begin at 4:00 pm. His skill and craftsmanship was impeccable and after 2 procedures my nose is better than new! Thanks very much Lee!!

8 1 Crofton, MD – Dec 07, 2017


The result of the surgery to repair my broken nose and restructure sinus cavities to address chronic sinusitis was a cosmetic and physiologic disaster. My nose now swerves to one side and chronic sinusitis is exacerbated. Dr. Kleiman himself concluded, “I didn’t do a very good job.” My family .physician verified that the surgery worsened the sinus structure to a great degree. Dr. Kleiman offered to repeat the surgery, but I won’t take a chance on another bad outcome.

1 Shane grim in Annapolis – Nov 29, 2017


Valleri did my Botox and she is amazing!

7 1 Sep 23, 2017


Before surgery in Jan, I asked Dr's surgical coordinator which ins to choose during open enrollment for surgery/followup, but wasn't told the use of an endoscope at followups was considered "surgery" ($150 copay, not $40). My ins. co. told me Dr. could code differently; although he agreed from then on (& wrote off portion of $900 owed), on last visit for simple sinus culture swab, he insisted on using scope & used a different code so his billing dept. could NOT write off as we had agreed upon.

1 1 Glen Burnie, MD – Apr 15, 2017


New to the area, and was referred by a friend. The best experience ever. Dr Kleiman was very professional and helpful. The staff was amazing!!! Couldn't ask for a better expierence. Thank you!

1 Glen Burnie, MD – Apr 06, 2017


Very warm yet professional. Great pricing for the latest in laser technology.

1 1 Gretchen Callis in Cambridge, MD – Mar 27, 2017


Dr. Kleiman is a wonderful doctor! I would highly recommend him to my family or anyone looking for an ENT. He is very kind, gentle and most of all patient for my 20,000 questions! He had to take me into emergency surgery once and that's how we met. After that experience, I will never go to another ENT again...he's worth the hour and a half drive! Thank you Dr. Kleiman, you and your staff are awesome!

1 Annapolis, MD – Mar 24, 2017


Emma performed my microdermabrasion and was great - very helpful and informative about the procedure and products.

1 Marion in Pasadena – Mar 22, 2017


Dr. Kleiman is a very good ear, nose and throat doctor who takes the time to explain procedures. Dr. Kleiman did my septum operation in the past and everything went well.

1 1 Stephanie in Crofton, MD – Mar 18, 2017


Dr. Kleiman is great! His attention to detail is excellent!

1 Deborah Beavers in Annapolis, MD – Mar 16, 2017


My experience with Dr. Kleiman was outstanding, wonderful and amazing. His staff makes you feel like your right at home, really make you feel like family, very warm and pleasing. Dr. kleiman takes his time to actually talk to you and explain things to you. He really made me feel like I was not just someone with a problem and he didn't care about, NO this MAN is very caring and well as understanding.

1 Glen Burnie, MD – Mar 11, 2017


Very helpful, explains things well.

1 Sharon K in Crofton MD – Mar 10, 2017


Dr Kleiman & staff are the best! Very skilled & knowledgeable & always make me feel comfortable. Best of all, great outcomes in several different procedures for our family members. Truly a doctor you can trust. Would & have recommended to others!

2 Glen Burnie, MD – Mar 08, 2017


Very helpful and knowledgeable of products!

2 Pasadena md. – Jan 27, 2017



6 Karin R in Pasadena, MD – Jan 16, 2017


I can not speak for his expertise and the care he takes when performing cosmetic procedures. However I would strongly discourage anyone going there for any ENT issues, especially have him perform surgery. He is only interested in money. That is it! My husband ended up in ER after invasive sinus surgery, doctor Kleiman as well as anesthesiologist had left the outpatient facility premises and staff was unable to care for my husbands needs. Ambulance had to take him to ER - doctor never followed up

2 2 Dr Richard B Garden in Davidsonville , Md – Nov 24, 2016


Dr Kleiman has treated all three of my children, myself, my wife and my father in-law over the years. The greatest compliment you can give to a surgeon is to entrust your children's health to him/her. My wife and I have done so over and over again. Coming from one surgeon to another. Always grateful for the care you provide my family. Thank you.

1 1 Donna k in severn md – Nov 12, 2016


Very professional and friendly people.

2 1 Neil B. in Severna Park, MD – Oct 29, 2016


Dr. Kleiman and Valleri Weyant, PA-C are incredible. Visiting their practice was one of the best decisions I have made as I feel "night and day" better since my first visit! I highly recommend their team!

1 Sherrain in Severna Park, MD – Oct 13, 2016


Friendly and expierienced Great Staff

1 Jane in Severna Park, MD – Oct 12, 2016


Super personable Doctor, wonderful bedside manner. So nice to finally have seen a dr that is a person!

1 1 Cecil in Severna Park, MD – Oct 07, 2016


Very good information, very helpful, good price and everyone are so nice.

1 1 Severna Park, MD – Oct 07, 2016


Very friendly and through. Always a pleasure.

2 1 Lorton, VA – Sep 29, 2016


He took his time and explained all of my options very thoroughly. He also expertly dissected my face and what I needed.

2 1 Sue in Severna Park, MD – Sep 28, 2016


It was great. She is very helpful and kind.

2 1 Shelly in Baltimore Md – Sep 27, 2016


I highly recommend Dr Kleiman and his office, everyone is extremely friendly and professional and I will be retuning for futures services.

2 1 Hilda Deckman in Severna Park, MD – Sep 17, 2016


No pressure and very helpful as well as totally informed regarding procedures. This was a great first visit.

5 1 Nina in Severna Park, MD – Aug 27, 2016


Doctors and staff are extremely friendly and professional. Made me feel comfortable about what I was uncomfortable with.

11 Anonymous in Baltimore, MD – Jul 13, 2016


Although I respect his knowledge and position as an ENT, I found Dr. Kleiman to be a abrupt, lacking in basics of communication in both his ability to listen and explain. Dr. Kleinan was quick to offer surgery as an option as opposed to other alternatives for treatment which caused me to question whether his judgement was in the best interest of the patient or his practice. Furthermore, he failed to show scans with patient and to explain why he believed surgery was necessary.

6 Janet K. in Severna Park, MD – Mar 04, 2016


Wonderful experience! Dr. Kleiman did a remarkable job reconstructing my nose from a botched procedure 25 years ago. I feel like myself again. I can breathe finally!!! Thank you to all the staff who have made me feel so welcomed into their family!