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Dr. Leo Keegan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities Englewood Hospital And Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Keegan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Leo Keegan, MD - Reviews

Apr 30, 2019


I went to Dr. Keegan for a breast augmentation and expressed a lot of concern about wanting to have a visible augmentation but not wanting it to look “unnatural”. I was also concerned about my wider hips and how the breasts would match up. He heard all my concerns and truly gave me better than I...Read More

1 Donna – Aug 01, 2018


I just had my tummy tuck about a month ago and I am so grateful for Dr Keegan. From start to finish with the surgery and with follow up he has been patient, thorough, kind and professional. Excellent MD. Would highly recommend without hesitation! Thank you so much Dr Keegan and staff!

1 Altona, NY – Feb 19, 2018


Three years ago I came to NYC, from upstate NY, with a diagnosis of breast cancer. After meeting with a breast surgeon, who confirmed that I needed a mastectomy, I had to decide on reconstruction. Fortunately I was referred to Dr. Keegan. I opted for DIEP reconstruction and my results are...Read More

1 Feb 15, 2018


I highly recommend Dr. keegan- he is highly talented , very calming and his work is impeccable. His whole staff especilly his book keeper and anesthesiologist treated me like family. I'm thrilled with my results.

2 Feb 12, 2018


I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Keegan. Excellent surgeon and caring physician.

3 Cyn S. in New York, NY – Jan 19, 2018


Dr. Keegan is doctor and a person that goes out of his way to really be there for his patients. I feel very fortunate that I was referred to Dr. Keegan and would not hesitate to refer him to anyone, and quite honestly, I would insist that my closest friends and family go right to him.

2 2 westchester , NY – Feb 12, 2017


I would highly recommend DR. Keegan to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Keegan always took his time to explain the procedures I Had, and made me feel combatable. I trusted him all the way and I am very happy with the results. The office staff is also amazing.

1 1 New York, NY – Oct 22, 2016


Dr. Keegan is an extraordinarily talented surgeon and very caring doctor.

1 1 Dave S in Newburgh, NY – Aug 01, 2016


Dr keegan performed 2 seperate procedures on me. He did a great job,I was very happy with the results, I would strongly reccomend him.

1 1 New York, NY – May 03, 2016


Dr. Keegan helped me to accept the idea of removing the drooping fat and skin that caused sores and rashes to form after I lost weight. I had heard the operation -- a paniculectomy -- described inaccurately as a tummy tuck which made me feel as though it was cosmetic and therefore not my kind of...Read More

3 2 Lauren in New York, NY – Mar 26, 2016


I can't say enough about Dr. Keegan! He performed 2 significant surgeries on me and both my results and patient experiences far exceeded my expectations..Why? Dr. Keegan is not only an exceptionally skilled physician (who puts safety first) but also an ARTIST--the unusual secret ingredient that so...Read More

2 Daphna Blacksea in New York, NY – Mar 13, 2016


Dr. Keegan is a remarkable plastic surgeon and works in conjunction with 2 other great doctors, Dr. Carlin Vickery and Dr. Allison Goldfarb. All 3 doctors performed extensive surgery on me and did an incredible job. Dr. Keegan is supportive, professional and very compassionate. He did extensive...Read More

2 New York, NY – Feb 27, 2016


Dr. Keegan is kind, compassionate, knowledgable, patient and courteous. He has performed several surgeries on me over the past 3 years and he has been an excellent surgeon and professional each time. I highly recommend him.

2 Kate in New York, NY – Feb 24, 2016


Dr. Keegan is the best!! He is very knowledgeable and experienced and it shows. He also has a great way of making you feel very comfortable. Dr. Keegan is very thorough with great attention to detail. I made the right choice in doctors and would definitely go back to Dr. Keegan or recommend him...Read More

4 Sherry Schwartz in Merrick, NY – Feb 19, 2016


Dr. Keegan is kind hearted, compassionate and brilliant surgeon. He got me thru a very difficult time in my life. We spent a great deal of time together this last year and a half and I whenever I needed him he was always there for me. He was encouraging, positive and upbeat all the time. I believe...Read More

1 Kim – Feb 19, 2016


Spectacular physician. He carries incredible knowledge about the medical reality of breast cancer mastectomy reconstruction. He was able to guide me through all my options, and he never rushed the explanations or my decision-making. Beyond the medical expertise, Dr. Keegan is highly skilled with...Read More

2 Caitlin K in New York, NY – Jan 31, 2016


Dr. Keegan is - hands down - one of the most talented, intuitive reconstructive plastic surgeons in New York City. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I chose him as my surgeon because he spent hours answering all my questions, was a straight-shooter, and made sure I was reassured on every...Read More

1 Judy B in New York, NY – Jan 29, 2016


I had mastectomy, breast reconstruction and Dr. Keegan and my breast surgeon worked well together and made the experience as easy as it could be. All steps were discussed and went according to schedule. Dr. Keegan takes the time to do the best work and makes you most comfortable about...Read More

2 New York, NY – Jan 29, 2016


My experience with Dr. Keegan was exceeded my expectations in every way. I had 2 procedures done by Dr. Keegan, and I was very happy with the results. I trust Dr. Keegan, and I highly recommend Dr. Keegan.

2 Floral Park, NY – Jan 27, 2016


I would highly recommend Dr. Leo Keegan. I had blepharoplasty and the results were phenomenal. Dr. Keegan took a great deal of time to patiently explain the procedure to me and answered the questions that I had in language that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend Dr. Keegan to anyone...Read More

3 Nicole in New York NY – Jan 26, 2016


I had an amazing experience with breast augmentation through Dr Keegan; very little pain post surgery; I was back in the gym less than a week after the operation. I have no scars (silicone implant, under the muscle, through the areola). I just had my first baby and he is breast feeding very well!

2 Sandy W. in Florida, N.Y. – Jan 24, 2016


Highly recommend for breast reconstruction. Dr. Keegan and his staff excel at making the patients experience comfortable. Thorough in every way!

3 Brooklyn New York – Jan 16, 2016


My experience with Dr. Keegan was phenomenal. I had 2 major surgeries and they were both successful. I chose Dr. Keegan because I trust him with my life and I know he has my best interest at hand. He is honest, extremely focus and well verse in his profession. My satisfaction was guaranteed.