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Dr. Lesley Rabach, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

33 5th Ave Apt 1b , New York, NY




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Dr. Lesley Rabach, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. She is affiliated with medical facilities Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU Langone Health Tisch Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Rabach to book an appointment.

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Dr. Lesley Rabach, MD - Reviews

JoJo Crossen – Jul 18, 2020


As soon as you walk in her office and speak with Dr Lesley you know you have made the best possible decision for yourself or your family. I have been going to Dr Lesley for years and would highly recommend her in a heart beat! She is... honest, humble, takes her time with you, you are never rushed, she is professional and extremely talented!! I feel super lucky to have found her!

Collin – Dec 28, 2019


Great team who care! The office is clean and the team is very considerate and professional.

Sep 07, 2019


My experience with Dr. Lesley is wonderful every time - I don't plan on ever seeing another facial plastic surgeon after her. She is very knowledgable in her field (as any plastic surgeon should be) but what separates Dr. Lesley from the other NYC facial plastic surgeons that I consulted, is her professionalism and her great bedside manner. I am very comfortable when asking her the millions of questions I have and she is very honest with setting expectations and delivering exceptional results. I've seen Dr. L for many procedures and my results are long lasting and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend everyone I know looking for someone who is a true professional in her field.

Aug 20, 2019


She’s great, smart, trustworthy, and actually fun. Not all adjectives I usually use about the doctor. ;)

4 Aug 09, 2019


I have gone to Dr Rabach's office twice, once for a non-surgical nose lift and for a consultation for a lip lift. Both times she was very gracious and answered all my questions (I usually have a ton.) I'm also afraid of needles but she was patient and even gave me a squeeze toy just in case I needed it. I loved the results and I can't even remember if I felt any pain, it was such a breeze! I recently went in to discuss a lip lift, again I felt completely comfortable and at ease. I plan on having the surgery soon!

4 DW – Aug 02, 2019


She is charming and sweet and her injections are consistent every time I have them which I appreciate especially with how expensive these treatments can be you want to make sure it is worth it.

4 Apr 13, 2019


I can not recommend this office enough. I have told all of my friends about Dr. Morgan and Dr. Leslie along with their staff. As soon as you walk in you feel warm and welcomed. From Kelly to the Dr.'s I could not feel any more like Im surrounded by friends because they make you feel so at ease. I went to Dr. Morgan for white spots from the sun that have been embarrassing me for years. Other physicians gave me creams but they never worked. Dr. Morgan gave me her treatment plan and poof! No

1 9 Judy in New York City – May 30, 2017


I was treated very poorly by this doctor. I'd taken the day off work to make my follow up, my train was delayed. I called to let her know, when I got there the door was locked. I was notified a week later by doc doc that I had another appointment. I tried again and showed up on time and the office was closed. I tried reaching them and they told me that they had purposely locked me out after I was late the first time they didn't want see me again.

5 New York, NY – Apr 04, 2017


She has a great eye, great bedside manner and reasonably priced. Great experience. I think she is a rising super star.

3 New York, NY – Mar 15, 2016


Dr. Lesley Rabach is a sophisticated and talented physician/surgeon who I would send anyone I know to see - She made me look the best I have in over 10 years!