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Dr. Lily Daniali, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

601 E Hampden Ave Ste 310 , Englewood, CO.

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Dr. Lily Daniali, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Englewood, CO. She is affiliated with medical facilities Swedish Medical Center and Sky Ridge Medical Center. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Daniali to book an appointment.

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Dr. Lily Daniali, MD - Reviews

Lily Omen – Jun 16, 2020


AWFUL! I read such great reviews but my experience was shocking! She was rude, uncaring, and acted like her time was more important than mine. She never communicated with my family members or me. Horrible experience!

4 Apr 09, 2020


Dr. Daniali and staff (Raquel,Carol, nurses) are amazing, they exceeded my expectations. Dr. Daniali is very caring and professional, she explains you very well before and after the procedure, she has answer for every question.

5 Shiba inu dad – Jan 26, 2020


Subject matter expert, professional hand surgeon, extremely passionate about her craft, patients & hospital. Grateful beyond words to be under her care.

2 6 Pam C in Highlands Ranch, CO – Aug 07, 2018


My experience with Dr. Daniali and her staff has been exceptional. Being in the medical profession myself (RN) I have high expectations. They were exceeded by Dr. Daniali. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and a very competent doctor. She is very clear when providing a timeline for care, surgery, and post-op process. Each question has been met with compassion and thorough answers. I always knew what to expect from surgery and during recovery. Her staff are very organized and caring.

2 4 Randy Kluber in Highlands Ranch, CO – May 14, 2018


Dr. Daniali is amazing! I received a level of care way beyond my expectations! Her team approach is both comforting and incredibly effective. She is very analytical in her thought process and reaches a conclusion that is always in my best interest. It is so refreshing to have a Doctor that is so compassionate and really puts her patients best interest first. Dr. Daniali and her staff and partner Dr. Pulikkottil are second to none and I and my family are so incredibly grateful for her care.

1 5 Olga Pozo in Passaic, NJ – Mar 24, 2018


I live in New Jersey. I need to say that Dr. Daniali, has not just been a great doctor but also a great friend. In 2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer everything was so confusing, and I had to have emergency surgery, she helped me every step of the way, she was like an angel. I will thank her and remember her for the rest of my life. There is no other doctor as kind and caring as she is, she is a real human being, and a real professional that cares. Thank you again Dr. ??

1 Denver, CO – Jan 25, 2018


Dr Daniali is simply amazing. Not only a fabulous surgeon but she truly cares about her patients. I have recommended her to all my friends!

2 Denver, CO – Nov 02, 2017


Dr. Daniali is not only absolutely amazing at what she does, she cares about what you want and will listen to your wants and needs. She's highly respected both professionally and personally. She's a very humble human. Her staff is all great as well, very friendly and proficient. 10 stars across the board. I recommend her to everyone I know!!

3 1 Jeanne S in Thornton, CO – Sep 27, 2017


Dr. Daniali has been managing my reconstructive process after having a double mastectomy in June, 2017. I have nothing but good things to say about the care I have been receiving at Dr. Danieli's office. She is comprehensive with her care plan, and has a wonderful bedside manner. I feel completely taken care of and confident with her decisions. In addition, Dr. Daniali has an amazing "Patient Navigator", who helps tend to every question and detail .

3 Christina B in Lakewood, CO – Jul 03, 2017


I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over my chest, abdomen, thighs and legs. Dr. Daniali immediately admitted me into the hospital burn treatment department and performed surgery on me the next day. I had skin grafts and was so scared but she was so calm and reassuring. The entire burn treatment staff at the hospital and in her clinic were incredible. They took time making sure my pain was controlled and i understood what was happening. I'm amazed at my progress in such a short time.

3 TL in Parker, CO – Jun 17, 2017


Excellent doctor! She is very attentive, thorough and genuinely cares about her patients. Makes you feel like you are the only patient for the day. She helped navigate me through a very difficult medical diagnosis, decisions and subsequent surgery. Highly recommended!!

1 Lee Brooke in Westfield, Pa. – Jun 15, 2017


I was injured by a bear causing significant hand and facial injuries. I live 2 thousand miles away from Denver and knew nothing about the doctors or health facilities. Dr. Daniali provided a loving,caring and compassionate environment to my wife and me. The professional care I have received is nothing short of miraculous. I have total confidence in Dr. Daniali that she will provide me with the best care available. Absolutely love her and her team!

Tim in Morrison, CO – Mar 15, 2017


Dr. Daniali performed a very complex forehead flap procedure used to rebuild a good portion of my nose which had to be removed due to melanoma. It took a total of 3 surgeries and several follow-up visits. The results turned out great. She did an amazing job! Throughout the process she was very professional and caring. Her staff and co-workers were excellent as well!

Richard Alden Peterson in Indian Hills, CO – Mar 11, 2017


Astonishing and knowledgeable master of her field. I feel very lucky to have met and work with her, and her great team. Not only brilliant at what she does, she possesses a great intellect, she is kind, careful, a great listener, and at the front-edge of expertise in her field. I would highly recommend her!

1 Tina H in Greenwood Village, CO – Jan 26, 2017


I've never met a doctor so dedicated to her patients as Dr. Daniali. In an overwhelming hospital setting her warmth, focus and brilliant grasp of her field settles you and let's you know that you are in the hands of a surgeon who will do everything possible to give you the best you.

2 Tony Worix in Denver CO – Jan 16, 2017


There was never a moment that I didn't feel that I was receiving anything but the very best of care. Dr Daniali and her staff were always professional and caring. I'm grateful for their help in recovering from a very broken hand. My sincere thanks to each and everyone of you!

2 Mark English in Evergreen, CO – Dec 17, 2016


Dr. Daniali is the very best-I thank God she was my surgeon. I had seriously injured my hand by injecting mineral Spirits into my finger. The chemical had impregnated the tissue in my finger. Dr. Daniali operated on my hand and carefully, professionally squeezed and irrigated the chemicals from my wound. From the moment I met Dr. Daniali I was impressed. She is knowledgeable and exceptionally competent; yet gentle and engaging. She was singularly confident and in total command; so I was at ease.

3 Megan Benanti in Dallas, TX – Nov 03, 2016


I met with Dr. Daniali, when my son had a science experiment go bad. He was test shooting an air cannon at a school event, and the recoil was so intense it exploded the skin on his ear. The nurse insisted I would rather wait for Dr. Daniali to do the work. She told me she was the best, and if it...Read More