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Dr. Lloyd Champagne, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

2111 W University Dr , Mesa, AZ




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Dr. Lloyd Champagne, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Mesa, AZ. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Abrazo Arrowhead Campus and Abrazo West Campus. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Champagne to book an appointment.

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Dr. Lloyd Champagne, MD - Reviews

1 1 April G. – Jul 19, 2019


Every part of my visit was great! Registration was quick, short wait time, very little wait time for the doc to come in, and once he was there, Dr. Champagne made sure I not only understood everything involving my treatment plan, but made sure all questions I had were answered as well. Office staff was fantastic- professional yet friendly enough to make me feel at ease. Customer service above any expectations from scheduling my first appointment to my follow-up. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for care in this field.

1 Mary K in Scottsdale, AZ – Jul 12, 2018


He is amazingly kind and compassionate. Helped my son in an emergency and his knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated.

Jun 07, 2018


Fine to talk to, but has poor choice in choosing staff that condascend my value of my life choice to be seen by Dr Champagne.

2 M Peterson in Casa Grande AZ – Mar 20, 2018


Dr Champagne is awesome! He is kind and considerate and most of all is straight to the point on treatment! He takes time to answer questions and make you feel comfortable! The office staff are outstanding and very kind. For the Best Care any where AZ Center for Hand Surgery is the best!

3 Jerry in Phoenix, AZ – Jul 05, 2017


I let Dr. Champagne do my hand surgery,that is the best thing I have done all year, Doc is the best waked me throw all the thing he my have to do to my hand, so when time can to do the work all his staff were very nice and helpfull. you could not ask for a better job I am so happy with the outcome I am wating for my right hand to healup then I am having Doc. Champagne do my left hand.

2 Phoenix, AZ – Apr 20, 2017


I was unconscious when I first met Dr "Bubbly." My family told me he worked well into the evening to repair extensive scalp, nose, eye and forehead lacerations from a MVA. He saved my hair in spite of multiple scalp scars. Over the last 15 months, he has patiently and compassionately worked with me to return the face the world sees me as to relative normal. I am very fortunate to have been treated initially by Dr Champagne and chose to stay with him through the subsequent surgeries.

4 Eric K in Chandler, AZ – Jun 08, 2016


I do not think any other doctor could have saved my hand. Dr. Champagne was very understanding and showed that he cared about me and how my future depended on the use of my hand.

6 Connie Naylor in Tempe, AZ – May 27, 2016


Ten years ago I had a particularly aggressive & deep case of flesh eating disease. Dr. Champagne performed 5 surgeries in 7 days on my arm. His total commitment to saving my life - and also my arm is truly indescribable. This dedicated man did some of these surgeries in the middle of the night & on what would have been a weekend day off --except he (and staff) is there 24/7 for us ! I saw him recently to ask a couple of questions and he remembered me & my case WITHOUT computer notes.

6 Diana M. in Scottsdale, AZ – Apr 29, 2016


Dr Campagne and several of his collegues saved my daughters hand. He is professional, caring and knowledgeable. We owe alot to Dr Champagne!