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Dr. Mark Brzezienski, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Chattanooga, TN and has over 33 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Brzezienski has more experience with Breast Surgery and Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson University medical school in 1987. He is affiliated with medical facilities CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga and Erlanger Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Brzezienski to book an appointment.

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Dr. Mark Brzezienski, MD - Reviews

3 Jan 07, 2020


Do not.....I repeat...do NOT go to this man. I refuse to call him a Dr. I have been a nurse for 40 years and he is not a Dr. I had breast cancer and he performed my reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy. I developed a MRSA infection 2 weeks later. He left me in the ER of Erlanger untreated for 28 hours. I am not the 1st patient with this story of MRSA and I am not the last. Please do your research and DO NOT go to this monster. He does not care about you...he only cares about his money. Feel free to message me on Facebook and I have picture proof of his horrible "work".

3 Nov 15, 2019


This doctor is the worst doctor I have ever been to. He did a carpal tunnel release on me. It was horrible. My hand was not completely numb and I felt everything he did. I told him I can feel that. He just continued on like I wasn't even in the room. I was not given any kind of meds for relaxation. I thought I was going to pass out on the table and shook the whole time he did the surgery. At the return visit he could only talk about his own carpal tunnel release. Sent me back to work in 3 days and I could even use my hand. I ended up going to another physician and being sent to physical therapy. Stay away from this careless, egotistical, self absorbed arrogant person.

1 AC – Sep 18, 2019


Dr. B is the best! I travel almost 3 hours to see him for reconstruction due to breast cancer. All these people complaining, any time you have surgery, risk of infection is there. He treats his patients with respect and truly cares.

3 Sep 04, 2019


I went to see this doctor for wrist pain substantial enough that it has impacted my daily life- it was not a good experience. I do not feel that my concerns were taken seriously and he didn't give me the time of day. I feel used and taken advantage of after going to his office. He was very dismissive. At the end of the VERY short appointment I was told there was nothing structurally wrong with my wrist so he was unable to do anything else for me. I'm not sure if he did not take my pain seriously or just didn't care but I was told there was nothing he could do and that was it. When I inquired about seeing anyone else or seeing a physical therapist to ease the pain he said, "I don't know what a physical therapist would do because I don't even have a diagnosis to give you." I urge you to find another doctor.

4 1 Mar 31, 2019


I saw Dr. B for a breast reduction. After the surgery I found myself back in the hospital with an infection within 1 week. Temp 102-103 and LARGE amount of drainage coming from my breast. I eviscerated on both breast. He never acknowledge that I had an infection even though cultures came back positive. He said it was viral. He was so arrogant. My nipples are still uneven and have horrible scarring. Stay away from this doc at all cost.

8 Caveat emptor in Chattanooga, TN – Sep 19, 2018


I would NOT recommend Dr. Brzezienski. His breezy carelessness with my breast surgery has cost me a year-and-a-half of health and multiple surgeries as well as thousands of dollars I shouldn't have had to pay. He simply wasn't thorough or cautious enough, and I've had to pay both physically and financially.

6 Karen Newman in 1708 Criswell Ct, TN – Aug 04, 2018


Very bad exp with this man . It’s been 5 months went in for breast life, reduction and new implants. Came out looking like I’m 14 . My breast are so awful he screwed them up so bad I can’t even find a bra I have to wear only sports bras. I’m flat chested. Even the scaring is still bad. Supposed to have been a Med C. He is rude, does let u talk

11 1 Chattanooga, TN – Aug 02, 2017


My experience with Dr. Brzezienski and the Hayes Hand Center was not a good one. The billing office was difficult to work with, the surgery scheduler got it wrong (scheduled me for bilateral surgery when it was actually only one hand), the results poor. I was in agony post-op, needed therapy for a couple of months and worst of all, 18 months later my carpal tunnel and trigger finger problems are worse than ever. Felt like a number, not a person.

1 6 Sherry in Oakman ,GA – May 02, 2017


Dr. B is awesome . I'm very happy with my bilateral mastectomy reconstruction. He has always had a great bedside manner and always listens to my concerns. Allie and the whole staff are great . I just couldn't ask for better DR and staff.

8 Breast cancer patient in Cleveland, TN – Feb 28, 2017


I am very satisfied with my bilateral mastectomy reconstruction.It is a LONG process. You have to be patient and follow his instructions. That's the hardest thing to realize when it comes to reconstruction. I would highly recommend Dr. Brzezienski to family and friends. Does have bed side manners, friendly And very professional! The reason for the BMI is if you lose weight after the implant it will change the looks totally! So I was patient and listened to the Dr. And lost some weight!

13 Chattanooga, TN – Feb 25, 2017


Cold, arrogant during one of the worse times of a woman's life. I was told that he was one of the best but I ended up with a botched reconstruction and am still struggling with the results. My fight with breast cancer destroyed me financially, even with insurance, but I am hoping someday to be able to have the botched reconstruction corrected.

1 7 Chattanooga, TN – Jan 19, 2017


I couldn't have asked for a better plastic surgeon for my mastectomy reconstruction. He's honest and kind, and always left me with a smile when I was done with appointments. Reconstruction can be a long road, but Dr. B goes above and beyond for his patients. He answered all my questions and...Read More

8 Cleveland, TN – Aug 28, 2016


I would not recommend this doctor to my worst enemy. You are a job to him not a person. My experience with him was horrible. I used him for a bilateral reconstruction. There were mistakes made that ended up causing me a lot of pain and suffering. I now have two breasts that look completely different. At one time during nipple reconstruction he did a repair on an incision that was needed due to a stopped up drainage tube. I was not put to sleep and I could feel everything.

1 3 Nancy Rosanes in chattanooga – Jul 05, 2016


Overall my experience with Dr. Brzezienski was very positive. I am glad that he performed the reconstruction portion of my bilateral mastectomy. I feel that he handled my medical needs in a professional manner. I was very anxious and he was a calming and cheerful presence. I had no issues with healing.I followed his directions. I am greatful for Dr. Brzezienski and the good medical care that I received. Nancy Rosanes

9 5 Mar 14, 2016


Bad bedside manor is horibale don't like working on any one with a bmi of 30 or more. Capable of awsome work if your skinny. Breast cancer woman stay a way.