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Dr. Mark Glasgold, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Princeton, NJ and has over 32 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson U, Medical College medical school in 1988. He is affiliated with RWJ University Hospital New Brunswick. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Glasgold to book an appointment.

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Dr. Mark Glasgold, MD - Reviews

Deborah – Jun 08, 2020


I had a lower facelift with bad results. I have weird looking puffs on the sides of my mouth.Doctor tried to correct it a year later by using Liposuction and it’s worse. Created indentations and I still have big puffs on the sides of my face. One side is bigger than the other. I’ve been to a few other plastic surgeons to have it fixed and they’re afraid to touch it. They do not understand what the puffs are from.

Linda M. – Mar 08, 2020


I decided to go to Dr. Mark Glasgold last year, after researching his online reviews and website. Dr Glasgold does the type of face lift I wanted, a deep plane face lift. During my first appointment, Dr. Glasgold was very nice, answered all my questions and he made me feel very comfortable. He was very honest and realistic as to what should be done and expertly guided me through the process. Dr Glasgold is a very talented, thorough, and professional. His follow up care was excellent. The staff was excellent as well. I am extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr Glasgold.

Mar 07, 2020


Dr. Glasgold is knowledgeable and confident in the medical and aesthetic procedures he performs which makes me feel comfortable and at ease. He is realistic in his recommendations and is a great patient advisor. He is truly” the guru of the aging face”. I have recommended multiple friends to Dr. Mark over the years who feel the same. Five stars plus!

Sophia Walker – Feb 26, 2020


Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my facelift on October 15, 2019. I got the facelift because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, particularly in my neck area. I did some general research and was consistently impressed by Dr. Glasgold from both consultations. I canceled all other consultations and went with him, and he exceeded my expectations. There was so little pain I only took medication once, the scarring is practically nonexistent, and it looks so natural. The office setting is great and I love both the staff and the ease of having the operation in the clinic. I absolutely recommend Dr. Glasgold, without a doubt.

Laurene Devich – Feb 05, 2020


Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my facelift on November 1, 2019. I had wanted the procedure because I am critical of my appearance. I work in real estate and deal with others a lot, and I felt drained so I looked into facelifts and was recommended Dr. Glasgold by a friend. He turned out to be wonderful and made me and my daughter so comfortable at the consultation. My results were phenomenal, and not only did I look and feel 100%, but everyone that saw me was amazed by the results, saying it looked like I hadn’t gotten any work done at all. Recovery went well, due mostly to me being quite prepared and not leaving the house for a while, and there was no pain whatsoever. Dr. Glasgold was wonderful and I recommend him to anyone.

Kirbie Pierre – Jan 22, 2020


Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my Facelift procedure on November 12, 2019. I found out about the Facelift, and about Dr. Glasgold, through a good friend who had also gotten the procedure done. Further research with before-and-after results and consultation with the Doctor helped me overcome my initial reluctance of getting the procedure. I wanted my neck and lower face tightened up and Dr. Glasgold said that a Facelift would help with this and that I was a good candidate. My experience went well, with no surprises and a great follow-up, and I was able to resume my regular schedule just a few days after the procedure. I highly recommend the Facelift, and Dr. Mark Glasgold, to any interested friends.

Shelli Garretson – Dec 27, 2019


Dr. Glasgold was recommended to me by other doctors I have seen, and after researching for nearly 2 years on what I wanted to have done, I went ahead and scheduled a consultation. I really liked his personality and bedside manners, as well, and just struck me as more confident. I wanted to look more refreshed, healthier and not tired-looking. I also wanted to change the texture of my neck and face. Dr. Glasgold recommended a deep plane facelift, which he performed on October 22nd with fantastic results. The pain following surgery was minimal, I was out and about after 3 days. Really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Glasgold and his great staff.

Melinda Dormier – Nov 21, 2019


I've known Dr. Glasgold for a long time, so when I had my sights set on a facial improvement, I knew I could trust him to give me the results I wanted. It's just, you get to a point where you look in the mirror and things you see begin bothering you, which is what happened. I wanted to correct them, and improve the way I look. I had done a bit of research about this facelift surgery, and Dr. Glasgold told me step-by-step what would happen and what it would address, which was exactly what I wanted. I went into my surgery earlier this year expecting an improvement, which turned out exactly as I had expected. It all went smoothly, even recovery which shocked me (I tend to bruise easily) as there was no notable pain after. Though I know it takes more time than 4 months for all results to settle in, I am really happy with the way I look.

Raymond C. Boswell in Princeton, NJ – Dec 21, 2018


Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my browlift 15-years ago. I was so pleased with my results that I decided to return when my face and lower eyelids started to show aging signs. My initial consultation went exactly as I expected, PERFECT. Dr. Glasgold explained every procedure he could perform to give me the results I wanted. I decided to go with a facelift and lower blepharoplasty and scheduled my procedure as soon as I could. I expected my procedure to go really well, which it definitely did. Two t

1 Isabel Jordana in Princeton, NJ – Aug 13, 2018


Dr. Mark Glasgold helped me so much with Botox injections so I knew right where to go for my facelift. As always, Dr. Glasgold and his staff made me feel super comfortable. I was a little concerned about my results looking too "pulled" or too "tight", but that's not the case at all. I look much better, younger and refreshed but not overdone. I would recommend a facelift with Dr. Glasgold to other patients in a heartbeat. The only thing I regret is not having the procedure sooner.

Gloria Auza in Miami – Apr 27, 2018


I decided to have a facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold because I didn't like the appearance of my face and neck. I really looked a lot older than I felt. I've been coming to Dr. Glasgold for Botox injections for over 10-years, so he has my complete trust. He really did a fantastic job. Honestly, I never thought I would like this good. My old neck is gone and my face looks youthful and energetic. I would recommend Dr. Glasgold to other patients. My husband is coming to see him this summer.

Delia Borna in Miami – Mar 23, 2018


Dr. Mark Glasgold is excellent. He came highly recommended by a friend and didn't disappoint. My neck lift procedure went so well. I had no pain or discomfort. I'm one week out from my surgery and am healing really well. I can already see my results: my neck is smooth and refreshed. My decision to have Dr. Mark Glasgold perform my procedure is one I'm really really happy I made. I would absolutely recommend him to patients who are interested in a neck lift procedure. They're the best!

Joseph Itsuki in Miami – Mar 19, 2018


I had a neck lift with Dr. Mark Glasgold. I made the decision to have the procedure for two reasons: (1) my wife had a similar procedure and was very pleased with her results (2) I felt very comfortable with Dr. Glasgold. I'm two months out and my results look great. The appearance of my neck has improved tremendously. All of the phases of my recovery went well. Everything happened exactly the way Dr. Glasgold said it would. I give Dr. Mark Glasgold and his staff the highest rating possible!

Terry B. Sinha in Highland Park, NJ 08904 – Aug 29, 2017


About four months ago, I had my first injectable treatment with Dr. Mark Glasgold. Today, I was back in the office for a maintenance treatment. Originally, I chose Dr. Glasgold because of his exceptional reputation. He is widely known in our area, and through online research, I found that his reviews are spectacular. During my initial consultation, I found Dr. Glasgold to be a very kind surgeon, and he explained everything I needed to know about my treatment options. My hope was that I would lo

Nicole Costello in Highland Park, NJ – Jun 28, 2017


After an initial, unsuccessful facelift performed by another surgeon, I was hesitant to move forward with a second surgery. However, after speaking with Dr. Mark Glasgold, I was convinced that an experienced surgeon could make a difference for me. In May, I had my facelift with Dr. Glasgold. Things went beautifully, without any healing issues. I have already recommended Dr. Glasgold to several others, thinking about their own facelift procedure. Remember, only trust your face to someone with ext

1 Katherine S in Highland Park, New Jersey – Apr 26, 2017


I opted for Dr. Mark Glasgold when I decided on my facelift. My procedure was March 15th and I feel very good about my results, thus far. Dr. Glasgold answered my questions and treated me with complete respect. I have no complaints, and would be comfortable recommending him to anyone I know. A friend of mine had work done with Dr. Glasgold in the past and came out looking so much younger. Since I was getting frustrated with the appearance of my neck, I thought it was time to do this for myself.

Michelle in Highland Park, NJ – Apr 11, 2017


Roughly two months ago, I came to Dr. Glasgold for an upper lid blepharoplasty. My eyelids had been bothering me for years, making me look older than I really was. There was absolutely no pain at all after my surgery. I rested that afternoon then felt great; I did not even need to take the pain medication. Dr. Glasgold is professional and knowledgeable, so I was confident in his skill level. He also speaks very honestly and directly, ensuring his patients understand their personal surgical proce

Erica J. in Highland Park, NJ – Apr 02, 2017


I had a facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold on February 15th and I am so pleased with my total experience. The bottom line is that I wanted to look younger. Dr. Glasgold gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision before deciding on facial surgery. He meticulously explained the techniques in detail. Although it has only been a few weeks, my results are starting to look great and I can see a more youthful jawline appearing. Dr. Glasgold’s office is a well-organized machine, and they

Katie S. in San Jose, CA – Nov 17, 2016


About six days ago, I had a facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold. He is very good. Dr. Mark was very professional and really reeled me in, when needed. The best part about my results is that I look so natural. I would hugely recommend Dr. Mark to anyone considering a plastic surgery procedure.

Wendi Butner in New York City, NY – Oct 10, 2016


I had a facelift with Dr. Mark Glasgold at the end of January. I did a lot of research and read reviews. Everyone around me is doing breast and body, but I wanted experience with the face. I found a measure of comfort looking at Dr. Glasgold’s website and seeing his before/after pictures. I am very happy with my results. I look very much improved but not in an obvious way. Everything looks very natural. The entire staff at Dr. Mark Glasgold’s office is very professional. Recommended fully

Tameika T in Piscataway, NJ – Oct 07, 2016


In February Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my Facelift. A friend recommended Dr. Glasgold and really sang his praises. Once I got to Dr. Glasgold’s office I was very impressed with the level of professionalism of the staff. There was never any pressure. Dr. Glasgold answered all my questions at the consultation. Dr. Glasgold gets my recommendation for sure!

1 2 JessM in Highland Park, NJ – May 27, 2016


6 weeks ago, Dr. Mark Glasgold did my upperlid bleph. The whole office is very thorough and comforting, which is why I came here. I was nervous about the procedure, since it would be so close to my eyes. However, I knew where I was headed & this year I even felt like I needed to hold my eyes open. It was time. My blepha was actually very easy, and there were no problems. No pain either. I always feel like I am in good hands at the Glasgold Group and I can see a big difference in my appearance.