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Dr. Mark Melendez, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

4 Corporate Dr Ste 288 , Shelton, CT.




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Dr. Mark Melendez, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Shelton, CT. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Greenwich Hospital and Griffin Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Melendez to book an appointment.

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Dr. Mark Melendez, MD - Reviews

Rob Schultz – Nov 05, 2019


I lacerated my upper lip all the way through. The injury might have been permanently disfiguring, but Dr. Melendez left barely a scar. Moreover, he came to the E.R. very late on his night off when the plastic surgeon on call failed to respond. I owe him one.

David Olsen – Jan 31, 2019


I slipped on ice landing on my face opening a gash. At the emergency room Dr. Melendez cleaned and stitched my wound. His professional and precise work has left me scar free..

1 Milagros Vaillant in Hartford , CT – Nov 16, 2018


I had my tummy tuck on April 2014 by Dr. Mark Melendez. Thinking I won't have any more kids do to I had 2 teenagers... Guess what, on March 2017 I had a HEALTHY baby boy by C-section with NO COMPLICATIONS and my belly was flat after the procedure, I was super happy. Now just 12 days ago I just had another C-section having another HEALTHY and first baby girl with No COMPLICATIONS and the results after my c-section are amazing! Once again my belly is flat, I feel great! Thank you Mark Melendez!

Jim Karlson in Danbury, CT – Oct 31, 2018


Highly recommend Dr Melendez. A skilled professional that performed surgery on my lower lip. You would never know he did!

Gloria Gallo s in trumbull, CT – Sep 18, 2018


I needed reconstructive face surgery due to a dog bite. Dr. Melendez is a skilled, thorough,and artful surgeon. He sutured microscopically for over an hour. The wound was 3 layers deep. The ER staff thought I would need a skin graft, but he did the repair without one. He takes his time, never appears hurried. He is very compassionate, not judgemental to the situation. I was blessed that he was the lDoc on call that day in the ER. I am so thankful to him. My friends no longer saw the scar first

Gina G. in Norwalk, CT – Sep 13, 2018


What a pleasure to meet Dr. Melendez at a local charity event for breast cancer. He is professional, articulate and just a pleasure to come to know. He also has a very professional office manager, Erin, and sees patients out of a Fairfield, CT office, in addition to Shelton. My three visits since then for Botox injections have all been successful. Dr. Melendez is very thorough and meticulous! I look forward to returning for more treatments--highly recommend! Very generous with time, too!

Apr 13, 2018


Fantastic doctor. Very caring. Took tine to explain everything he was doing and answered all my questions.

1 Barbara R in Bridgeport, CT – Mar 29, 2018


Dr. Melendez is absolutely amazing. Last year we found out my mother had breast cancer. Our world completely fell apart. We had so many questions and concerns. We were introduced to Dr. Melendez and from the first consultation, I knew my mother was in great hands. Needless to say, my mother now looks even more beautiful confident. Dr. Melendez and his staff are always so kind and helpful. They worked with us financially and through some scheduling difficulties. I will forever be thankful!

Jz – Mar 24, 2018


Dr Melendez has been doing my Botox & lip filler injections for a couple of years now & I love the results!!! My lips look full but not phoney! I love the look!!!

2 Lynda in East Haven, CT – Mar 02, 2018


I am beyond thankful to have found Dr. Melendez. After undergoing 9 reconstructive surgeries following a botched double mastectomy by a different surgeon I was left in severe pain and with necrosis in both breasts. I found Dr. Melendez and that appointment changed my life, he was compassionate, caring and knowledgeable about my problems. The implants he put in are comfortable and natural looking, and best of all I feel like a woman again. I cannot thank him enough.

4 Dec 29, 2017


Dr. Melendez is hands down the best plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Fairfield County. I have experience with other plastic surgeons in the area, and have never been treated so well. His commitment to excellence is evident in his consultation, pre op, and the time he takes with each patient. He explains everything thoroughly, is always available for questions, and takes such pride in his work that one knows they are in great hands under his care. Wonderful experience! Highly recommend!

1 Dec 29, 2017


Dr. Melendez is the epitome of the best qualities a physician should have. I had a difficult procedure that required two surgeries with a three month waiting period between each procedure, and Dr. Melendez was there for me through the entire six month period. He gave me excellent advice, explained in detail what to expect, then researched and consulted with other fellows before starting to insure that my result would be the best it could. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

2 Carol Forest in Shelton – Dec 27, 2017


Dr. Melendez was recommended to me by my breast surgeon for immediate reconstruction following my mastectomy. From the time of our initial consultation appointment, I knew Dr. Melendez was the right choice for me. He is a caring and compassionate professional who is highly skilled in his surgical field. I had complete faith and confidence in him throughout the entire procedure, and I am very happy with the results of both reconstruction surgeries. I recommend him very highly.

2 Robert Donath in Northford CT – Mar 23, 2017


I was referred to Dr. Melendez from my orthopedic surgeon with an open wound on my leg. I drove 40 minutes ,multiple times, to get to his closest office and it was worth every mile. Dr Melendez discussed every option for my healing process and truly listened to all my questions and concerns. He respected my decision for which option I wanted and immediately started the healing process. I'm extremely pleased with the end result and how I was treated by him and his entire staff.

1 Kathleen R. in Seymour, CT – Mar 09, 2017


I feel truly lucky to have been referred to Dr. Melendez. He took over an hour with me and my husband while we were interviewing plastic surgeons. I had a double mastectomy with expanders in Jan 2017 at Griffin Hospital (which was also amazing). I am still currently going thru the expansion...Read More

8 Cindy in Oxford, CT – Sep 27, 2016


Dr. Mark Melendez is an INCREDIBLE plastic surgeon whose work is METICULOUS! He is also the most compassionate one I've ever met!!! He is sincere, cares about his patients and his work is clean and concise. Dr. Melendez gave me hope again. I had breast cancer, a double mastectomy and began the reconstruction process with a different plastic surgeon who truly didn't know what she was doing. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Melendez and only wish I found him first!!! He is by far the best around!!!!

4 Woodbury, CT – Aug 07, 2016


Dr. Melendez was very caring and did a very good job with reconstructive surgery.

6 S. Frazer in Stamford, CT – Apr 05, 2016


Dr. Melendez is amazing! He is so kind and personable and dedicated to his job and patients. He makes you feel comfortable and you know the minute that you decide to be his patient you are in good hands. Dr. Melendez completed several procedures on me as far as a bilateral Breast reconstruction as well as expander a and a final diep flap surgery, and a revision surgery most recently which I am all pleased with. You can call him at any time with any concern you have and he always there to answer.