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Dr. Mark Schwartz, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 31 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Of New York University medical school in 1989. He is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Schwartz to book an appointment.

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Dr. Mark Schwartz, MD - Reviews

Mar 03, 2020


Exceptional experience with Dr. Schwartz. He is not only a skilled surgeon but he has the kindest, most caring manor. His office staff was was professional and considerate as well. We felt well cared for throughout the entire process!

SNS in New York, NY – Feb 26, 2020


Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff provided me with excellent care. Not only is he a skilled and experienced surgeon, but he is warm and caring and his staff reflects that. He took as much time as needed to explain the procedure and answer all my questions, both before and after the surgery. He and his staff regularly contacted me after the procedure to see how I was doing. I never had to initiate the call. Should I ever need a plastic surgeon in the future, I would not hesitate to go back to Dr. Schwartz.

2 Aug 04, 2019


There are no words to describe how exceptional my experience was with Dr. Schwartz. I had liposuction done on my abdomen and flanks 3 months ago and from the moment I walked in, I was at ease. He takes the time to explain things thoroughly and answers questions patiently. The staff are friendly and welcoming and most importantly, the results are better than I expected.

3 4 Jul 24, 2019


Seeing Dr. Schwartz was the worst mistake of my entire life. I went for a routine procedure and left his office with scarring. He had little regard for me as a patient and never followed up after leaving me completely disfigured. He also never explained how the scarring occurred. He is an unqualified, incompetent doctor. Do yourself a favor and never step foot in his office.

2 3 May 24, 2019


Dr Schwartz did a fabulous job on my tummy tuck! After the birth of my two children I had an abdominal hernia and significant diastaysis. The pain from the surgery was minimal and Dr. Schwartz was there every step of the way through my recovery. It has only been four weeks since my surgery, and I’m already delighted with the results! The scar is minimal and he did a great job making me a new belly button. I never thought I’d be able to wear a bikini again, but now I can!

2 3 Mar 19, 2019


Dr Mark Schwartz has been my plastic surgeon since 2003 when I was diagnosed with BC and needed a dbl mastectomy. It's hard to describe doc. He is a very talented plastic surgeon but above that he is compassionate, caring, attentive to your emotions, and very professional. I've unfortunately had many types of skin cancers thru the years that needed to be removed. Dr M is my go to guy even though I live in SC. He is humble when he has every right not to be.Dr Mark is the best USA plastic surgeon

2 3 Olivia L in Long Island, NY – Jan 29, 2019


My experience with Dr. Schwartz first began with him treating our son Charles, and because of his skill as a surgeon and compassion, later that year he was my family’s only choice for my procedure. My procedure went so well that I had the confidence to take part in a Good Morning America segment. The night of our son’s surgery our phone rang and it was Dr. Schwartz checking in to answer any concerns we may have had. A more gentile, kind and caring surgeon you simply will not find.

2 2 Meg in Brooklyn, NY – Dec 09, 2017


I love Dr. Schwartz!!!! I see him for Juvederm injections in my lips and all of my skin needs. I'm addicted to the HALO laser. This laser leaves me swollen and red because I request Dr. Schwartz to blast my skin for the best results. I've had this laser 3 times and each time my skin looks s fresh and clean. I can actually say that I am very happy with how my skin looks and I have Dr. Schwartz to thank for that. He recommended this for the results I was looking for and he didn't disappoint!!

3 1 CL7 in Westport, CT – Feb 01, 2017


THE BEST. Look no further, you cannot be in better hands.

3 J.D & Mary G in Queens, NY – Jan 03, 2017


Dr. Mark H. Schwartz is extremely gifted. He did an excellent job on my son's facial cyst surgical removal. In addition to his skills, expertise and high education, he is gentle, kind, and his caring attitude was truly remarkable. He has every qualities anyone would be looking for from a surgeon. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking a plastic & reconstructive surgeon.