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Dr. Mark Smith, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New Hyde Park, NY. Dr. Smith has more experience with Breast Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Huntington Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Smith to book an appointment.

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Dr. Mark Smith, MD - Reviews

1 1 Teresa - NYC – Oct 03, 2019


I was unhappy with my prior breast reconstruction done by another surgeon and went for a consult with Dr. Smith to discuss a possible revision surgery. Dr. Smith was extremely kind, and took all the time necessary to inform me of the various surgical options that were available to me. He listened to my concerns and we came to consensus on the revision procedure I felt was right for me. I am extremely happy with the services provided by Dr. Smith and highly recommend him.

4 NY – Jun 23, 2019


This man is a crook please do not go to him. The only surgery he is Willing to do if you are a breast cancer survivor is a 10 hour procedure called a diep flap procedure. This is the one he can charge the most for. He told my mother, who had a partial mastectomy that she should go back and get a full mastectomy or he couldn’t help her. She then went to a doctor from Sloane Kettering and was able to have reconstructive surgery. He then BILLED my mothers insurance for $1800 Staying he did surgery on her (which never happened). .When she told the insurance not to pay it, he BILLED HER! Prior to this, she had recommended him to her friend. The day before her surgery the office called her to tell her the doctor didn’t approve how much the insurance was paying, he needed more. This man does not care about helping cancer patients. How disgusting?! Please save yourself and your time and go to someone else!

2 S. Brooks in NYC, NY – Nov 01, 2018


Had a Diep Flap reconstruction ten years after having had a mastectomy with an implant. I could not be happier!! Through the entire process, Dr Smith and his staff were kind, knowledgeable, compassionate and the result is amazing! It has been a couple of years now, and everything is looking and feeling great. Life changing!

9 Jane smith in Brooklyn, NY – Dec 22, 2016


I was seen by him for medical necessity,and he snubbed me because he didn't prefer my health insurance. Asked me for cash. I'm am still sufferring from the symptoms of my medical need, and he refuses to see me to go over the exam results. A doctor can not treat a patient as badly as he has treated me. Still waiting for his call back. But his answering service, buffering system say he's never coming into the office. I can't believe this is a professional doctor.

3 Claudia Omodei Zorini in New York, NY – Oct 09, 2016


I had 2 surgeries with Sr. Smith. He is the best ! Extremely nice, kind. I would never. be happier

4 1 Sun Negron in Middle Village, NY – Aug 23, 2016


Dr. Smith was awesome and his staff as well. My procedure was in 2013-2015 and it went super well. From letting me know the out come, to some complications. I am very saddened to here that he has resigned. He is one of the best surgeons in Manhattan. I wish him well.

7 1 Kristina Georgoulakos in East Marion, NY 11939 – Feb 14, 2016


Dr. Smith informed me of the possible risks of my surgery upfront, that really impressed me. He is honest and has great bedside manners. I believe him to be straight forward & I like that quality in a doctor. Tell it like it is! thank you Dr. Smith :))