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Dr. Mark Sultan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Columbia U, College of Phys/Surg medical school in 1982. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Mount Sinai Morningside and Mount Sinai Beth Israel. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Sultan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Mark Sultan, MD - Reviews

Jul 21, 2020


Dr Sultan is the absolute best. Not only is his work perfect and exactly what you ask for, he is a kind and professional physician and his office staff are the same. The entire experience was flawless. I had a breast lift with implants after extensive breastfeeding and had no confidence in my body....Read More

Barbara Katz – Dec 19, 2019


I am a return patient. He performed the most natural facelift on me. I am now going to have replacement breast implants since I know he is highly skilled in that procedure as well

3 S. Cooper – Nov 27, 2019


Best surgical/post-care experience I’ve ever had. The care, the facilities, his team — all best in class. He is a wonderful surgeon/artist and just a really good guy.

J.H.T. – Nov 11, 2019


I cannot recommend Dr. Sultan highly enough. I suffered for 15 years from complications of TRAM breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Sultan was able to reconstruct my abdomen, remove scar tissue, and return my organs to their natural function, AND achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Not only...Read More

1 Oct 30, 2019


I have had a phenomenal experience with Dr. Sultan. I did a full face list. The compliments I have received on the transformation of my face are endless. I look like myself, but 10+ years younger. He and his staff are so kind and attentive. Within 3 weeks I was back at work and probably could have...Read More

1 Sep 05, 2019


I highly recommend Dr. Sultan. He was attentive to my needs from the first consultation, during my face lift and the aftercare. He listened carefully to what I wanted changed on my face and shared his thoughts. He told me that he wants my face to look as natural as possible. I am amazed how my...Read More

1 Mar 22, 2019


This doctor is one of the most skilled, kind, compassionate, empathic, and talented human beings I have ever had the pleasure of having work on me. Although I would not wish the medical ordeal that led me to his door on my worst enemy, he was the saving grace of the entire experience. Throughout...Read More

1 Mar 20, 2019


Dr Sultan did my face/neck and eyes. He recommended a small chin implant which at first I was not sure about but he was right it looks fantastic. A year later I look 10 years younger. I get so many compliments I am sure they are wondering did I get work done or did I look better because I lost 25...Read More

EDG in New York, NY – Feb 28, 2019


I can't say enough good things about Dr. Sultan and his stellar team. From his wonderful bedside manner, to the friendly office team and his incredible work. I am forever grateful to have had him as my doctor, initially for an elective procedure and a few years later for a reconstructive procedure...Read More

1 Jan 26, 2019


Dr. Sultan ruined my eyes forever after he performed an over agressive upper blepharoplasty. My eyes do NOT close. My eye shape and size do not match, my eyes are round and beady now, not almond shaped, my eyelashes point down, the skin on my eyelid is loose and wrinkled. I live w/ constant...Read More

2 Nov 12, 2018


While I cannot comment on this doctor surgical skill because he did not operate on me, I had the most horrible experience during my consultation with him for the revision of my breast reconstruction. He was condescending and very disrespectful, only because he found out that the surgeon who did my...Read More

1 Jun 19, 2018


Dr. Sultan is a superb surgeon. I had surgery a few months ago and am very pleased with the results. I wanted to continue looking like me. I didn't want to look as if I had had work done. The outcome met those objectives! It's not an easy process to go through but Dr. Sultan and his nurses...Read More

1 New York – Mar 14, 2018


I chose Dr. Sultan through a recommendation from another doctor and based on all the reviews I read about him. I had the surgery and I couldn't more pleased with Dr. Sultan expertise, knowledge and excellent manners. I would highly recommend him.

2 1 New York – Feb 09, 2018


Dr Sultan was recommended by one of the top radiologists in NYC. He replaced 30 year old implants, carefully crafting the most natural,soft breasts, perfectly proportioned and placed. He skillfully hid my incisions. You can't see any scars. He really cares about the aesthetic outcome. His office...Read More

4 Jan 29, 2018


100% would recommend Dr Sultan is the absolute best you can find. He is meticulous and results are so natural and beautiful. His team is fantastic, so incredibly kind and helpful. I have been to Dr Sultan for procedures twice over last 10 years, I highly recommend him. I am so thrilled with my...Read More

1 New York, NY – Dec 19, 2017


I have had three different procedures with Dr. Sultan over an 8-year period and I could not be happier with my results from all three. He is simply the best. Not only is he an incredibly talented physician, but also he is kind, generous and really takes the time to talk to patients, answer...Read More

2 Oceanside, NY – Nov 14, 2017


Through it all Dr. Sultan was wonderful. He is a skilled surgeon. I love his honesty and forthrightness. He is compassionate and supportive while still maintaining a sense of humor. His office staff (Ms. Grabler, Ms. Bodner, and Ms. Shannon) and his private care nurses (Ms. Kaskoun, Ms. Lombardo...Read More

1 New York, NY – Oct 14, 2017


I had liposuction done on my hips and thighs. The results were SO uneven! My right side was noticeably wider then my left! When I showed him he said he didn't see it. It WAS not even and noticeable. I told him I wanted him to fix it and his response was less than professional. He reluctantly agreed...Read More

1 Stephie656 in Riverside, CT – Oct 09, 2017


Dr. Sultan took time to understand my figure and my goals, the results are awesome. I feel so much better in clothes, looking in the mirror, being in a bathing suit, etc. Professional staff, great outcome, great experience.

1 1 New York, NY – Oct 09, 2017


I visited Dr. Sultan via a reference from a close friend who was thrilled with the results of her breast augmentation. Although I was initially on the fence about the procedure for myself, I was immediately at ease when I met Dr. Sultan for the initial consultation. It took me several months to...Read More

2 Barbara in New York, NY – Sep 29, 2017


My experience with Dr. Sultan was fantastic. He is a skilled surgeon with an expert eye for aesthetics. He did both my face lift and then a breast reduction/lift. My results exceeded my wildest expectations. I am thrilled with the results and complimented often. Everyone who I have sent to him...Read More

8 3 Delighted! in New York, NY – Jan 11, 2016


Dr. Sultan is the best! Unlike many plastic surgeons he really listens. He doesn't try to impose his idea of beauty or perfection on the patient. He wants to hear what the patient wants and then does his best to make it happen. In my case he succeeded. I had a facelift including upper and lower...Read More