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Dr. Maureen Muecke, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

2010 Patton Chapel Rd Ste 206 , Vestavia Hills, AL.




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Dr. Maureen Muecke, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Vestavia Hills, AL. Dr. Muecke has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions than other specialists in her area. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital and Grandview Medical Center. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Muecke to book an appointment.

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Dr. Maureen Muecke, MD - Reviews

Oct 27, 2019


She was great.She removed a growth from my back. She was very gentle and called that night to check on me. I was impressed by her caring and thoughtfulness. Her staff was also very nice and I did not have to wait long to see her.I would recommend her highly.

Apr 17, 2019


Last month,I went to Dr.Muecke about my sinus problems and allergies.She suggested allergy testing. I underwent the testing and was started on allegy injections.I am absolutely amazed at the difference it has made.My red,itchy eyes are gone.I can breathe better and feel like a new person.I give Dr.Muecke 5 stars!

joevgirl in JACKSONVILLE, AL – Feb 05, 2019


excellent doctor, cares and loves her job. saved my life twice in past 4 years. Best for face and skin. I would not trust anyone else with my face and medical care. I have been to Dr Muecke with some of the most difficult cases and she doesn't give up when other already have.

Michelle in Birmingham, MO – Aug 15, 2018


Dr. Muecke has been my go-to person for years to help me to look younger and rejuvenated. My skin looks beautiful after microneedling, facials and botox. Dr. Muecke is so talented. I don't "look" like I've had work done...I just look refreshed. Her staff is terrific and professional. It's a breeze to get an appointment, they always remember me and the atmosphere is calming and relaxing. Dr. Muecke is my secret to looking forever young.

3 6 Feb 08, 2018


Dr Muecke is a very unprofessional physician. Each time I’ve been in her office for my appointments I’ve waited on her for over 2.5 hours before she showed up to her office. She has recommended sinus surgery, but I will have a second opinion and let someone else do my surgery, I wouldn’t let her touch me with an instrument. She uses terrible language around all patients. And she can’t keep good staff because she speaks to them terribly as well.

2 1 Carol L in Birmingham, AL – Sep 20, 2016


Dr. Muecke found a tumor in my husband's neck. She promptly got him in to see the specialists he needed to see and the tests that needed to be done. It was an aggressive cancer and she saw to it that he was immediately seen and treatment started. I thank her so much for her caring and prompt action. She called us to check on us and had us to call her with our results of tests, etc. Not too many doctors would do that. She is wonderful and we love her.

2 1 Sheree – Apr 21, 2016


I got nose surgery almost a year ago and I have felt so great after the surgery. I have recently started my allergy shots and I always had the best experience possible when I go to Dr Muecke's office.

1 Wendy Tanner in Gallion, AL 36742 – Apr 17, 2016


Dr Mauecke is the most caring,loving Dr i have ever seen she gets to your problem and will fix it i had bad sinuses she operated and fixed them now i can breathe i feel like a new person all the other Doctors didn't try to find the problem just give you meds Dr Muecke cares &loves all of her patiences with her whole heart&soul she is the best i love her very much i can call her anytime about anything personal or business&she reassure me that it will be alright.i trust her with everything

2 Georgia in Greensboro, AL – Mar 31, 2016


Dr.Muecke is an outstanding diagnostician and treating physician. It is rare to have a dual board certified physician, especially in the rural Black Belt region.

1 Auburn, AL – Mar 23, 2016


I visited with Dr. Muecke 3 times before I decided to use her services. I conferred with other Dr.s and finally decided to use Dr. Muecke. I was having issues with moles and possible melanomas. I was very afraid that I was going to hear that I had skin cancer. Dr. Muecke was so understanding about my problem. She promptly treated me and quickly had all my moles tested by the patholigist. Fortunately, everything was fine. A few of the moles were on the borderline of becoming cancer. Thank Dr. M.

2 Tammy Bradley in Pinson, AL – Mar 22, 2016


Dr. Muecke is a wonderful doctor. She takes times and explains your case with you. I will tell all my friends and family to go to her.

1 llewis in Birmingham, AL – Mar 22, 2016


I think she if a great dr. I see her for allergies.

3 Very upset ex patient in Gadsden al – Mar 10, 2016


Still refuses to give refund for overpayment. Getting highly annoyed. Called over a dozen times over the past few months. I know she gets the messages but doesn't care. Greedy

2 1 Feb 27, 2016


Dr. Muecke is caring and gets to her patients in a timely manner. She's listening to the patient as well as evaluating his or her needs. She a people person, friendly and dedicated. Awesome because good people along with good help is hard to come by she's a keeper for sure, so if you're looking for a Dr. who will put you first give her a call..A.S.