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Dr. Michael Armstrong, MD is a Sinus Surgery Specialist in Richmond, VA. Dr. Armstrong has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Sleep-disordered Breathing, and Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Bon Secours - Memorial Regional Medical Center and Bon Secours - St. Francis Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Armstrong to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Armstrong, MD - Reviews

3 Tiffany – Apr 30, 2020


I unfortunately have to agree with the other negative reviews I have read about Dr. Armstrong - he is quite patronizing and lacking in bedside manner. He completely invalidated my concerns, talked down to me, and did not offer any help or guidance in regards to my sinus complaints. He suggested that my symptoms were purely psychological and then proceeded to, quite inappropriately, accuse me of being anorexic. Needless to say, it was quite an unpleasant and unproductive visit. I have since consulted with another doctor who was far more helpful and provided an actual diagnosis and guidance. It seems that Dr. Armstrong masks his ignorance with condescension. I highly recommend seeing a different ENT.

4 ACE – Dec 07, 2019


Improper diagnosis. Improper procedure that left me with daily discomfort. Had to find another surgeon to fix it the best he could, given the condition I was in. On a personal level, I found Dr Armstrong full of himself, always having a group of people following him in the clinic. Before the procedure, he prayed for it to be effective and I would have a good result. New doctor said the procedure Dr Armstrong did on me doesn’t work and many doctors stopped doing it. I am angry at myself, because there were a couple warning signs that I ignored. To summarize, I left Dr Armstrong in worse condition than I went in. I have discomfort every single day. I’m sure many patients are happy. I am not and I don’t recommend him.

1 1 Todd – Sep 21, 2019


Dr. Armstrong and his staff diagnosed and corrected my daughter's persistent breathing problem...permanently! During the initial office visit, he and his staff were kind, patient and professional in the diagnosis of the problem. Dr. Armstrong subsequently removed my 12 year-old's adenoids. He made my daughter and I feel at ease with the procedure and confident in his abilities. Highly recommend Dr. Armstrong and the staff at Richmond ENT.

3 Mar 20, 2019


While the staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable, Dr. Armstrong unfortunately made me feel stupid for even coming in and is highly, highly patronizing in his approach (I had an unusual spot for >month on my tonsil - not sure who WOULDN'T come in for that). I think his staff is afraid of him - you feel awkward for them and just want to leave the exam. I've never left a doctor review before--but felt compelled after this experience. 2 stars instead of 1 b/c staff is super nice and smart.

2 Feb 11, 2019


They said they called insurance for approval but they did not after calling myself. Set up! One month a owe 458 the next month 982 dollars never saw him that month! Will not work with you on payment not everybody has lots of money after paying 14 thousand a year on fixed income after not paying for insurance! So why you can't take 25 dollars a month you are not the only doctor that's got to be paid! Bankruptcy on America by way of health care cost!

6 MarkTW in Richmond , VA – Jul 18, 2018


Avoid unless you want to waste your time & money. This man was patronizing and arrogant. He basically told me my chronic sinus infections were all in my head (figuratively) even though I was diagnosed by several different doctors and made it clear that he was basically of no help, all while being condescending. If you want to feel talked down to & frustrated, he’s the guy to see. Otherwise, avoid.

WL in Richmond , VA – Jul 03, 2018


I have only great things to say about Dr. Armstrong and Richmond ENT. My nose was broken and Dr. Armstrong thoroughly checked to find the exact area where it was broken. He knew exactly what he was doing and fixed the break. I felt so much better afterwards. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone. On another note, his office was spotlessly clean, advanced with the latest technologies, and most importantly, as a patient, I felt his care and compassion.

Lori in Midlothian , VA – Jun 07, 2018


Dr. Armstrong has been wonderful over the past year. He has taken his time to answer questions and make us feel comfortable with our decisions. Sometimes we have to wait longer than expected but that only shows he truly takes his time with his patients. I highly recommend him.

1 Charlene – Feb 24, 2018


I would 100% recommend Dr. Armstrong. Last week I had a biopsy and I was extremely nervous. Dr. Armstrong not only put my nerves at ease, but he is a Christian. You can tell that he cares about his patients because he asks questions and listens to concern. I am so glad that I was recommended to see him for my procedure.

2 3 Me in miami, florida – Feb 07, 2018


Would never see him again. I went to a different ENT and I’m glad I did.

2 3 R. Davis in Richmond, VA – May 11, 2017


A true healer. Dr. Armstrong has operated on 3 members of my family. He took my daughter's tonsils out, placed ear tubes in my son to help with chronic ear infections and just did a septoplasty on me last week. I am thrilled with the results of my surgery and am truly blessed to be under his care. They are a very busy practice and sometimes waits can be long but if there is a delay it's because he is spending time with someone who needs him more that I probably do at that moment. Thank you!

2 2 Jacqueline Paul in midlothian, va – Mar 16, 2017


There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Dr. Michael Armstrong and his wonderful staff. They were successful in correcting a sinus condition that has been with me for almost 50 years The kindness and compassion was wonderful. Thank you so much for the help and hope you have given me

3 2 Brenda – Mar 14, 2017


I had nasal passages that would block and cause frequent headaches. Many years ago another Dr. did surgery on one side & improved that, but I still got headaches on the other. About four years ago Dr. Armstrong did a sinuplasty on the other side and it became better than the side with surgery. I had to go in for a different reason recently and it reminded me how much this procedure helped & how easy. Instead of hospital time, I left his office after a very short time & went shopping!

9 2 Powhatan, VA – Jan 14, 2017


WARNING DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR He butchered my wife's nose. The nurse acknowledged the deformity but Dr.Armstrong dismissed her and offered no solutions and now I am buying her a new nose and praying that his terrible work can be fixed. PLEASE WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW

8 2 Richmond, VA – Aug 05, 2016


I was scheduled with Becky the NP, not Dr. Armstrong. I wasn't pleased with the care or the follow-up I have received.

6 1 Linda M in Midlothian, VA – Apr 22, 2016


I went to Dr. Armstrong for a face lift. He instead talked me into fat injections , something he was new with. It cost me over $2,000, and both my family and I (and my friends) could see no improvements whatsoever. I went back to him to discuss it, and he felt my results were good. (what else was he going to say?) He refused to refund any of my money. This was a total waste of money, I later went to another surgeon and had the face lift. I would never in a million years recommend him.

7 2 DENNIS D in Chesterfield, VA – Mar 09, 2016


tried to secure an appointment and got an argument about insurance coverage. They promised to call me back and three days later no callback. VERY UNPROFFESIONAL.

5 1 Marina in Richmond, VA – Jan 07, 2016


When my grandfather was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, Dr Armstrong was our 2nd opinion, but immediately became our top choice for care. He was prompt to respond and take the case, very patient and thorough in his explanations, always available, reachable, and caring throughout the process (and into today). He is the type of surgeon and doctor every patient hopes to have when faced with hard health challenges. Words do not do justice to how grateful we are for Dr Armstrong - thank you!

6 1 Linda M in Midlothian, VA – Apr 22, 2016


I went to Dr. Armstrong for a face lift. He instead talked me into fat injections , something he was new with. It cost me over $2,000, and both my family and I (and my friends) could see no improvements whatsoever. I went back to him to discuss it, and he felt my results were good. (what else...Read More