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Dr. Michael Carlisle, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Clive, IA and has over 13 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Carlisle has more experience with Breast Surgery and Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Wayne State University medical school in 2007. He is affiliated with medical facilities Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines and Mercy Medical Center - West Lakes. He is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Carlisle to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Carlisle, MD - Reviews

Christine – May 02, 2020


I was very young in my diagnosis with breast cancer (21) and I was not prepared for asking questions or trying to figure out what was going on past the whirlwind of my thoughts. Dr. Carlisle and his staff treated me with so much patience, compassion, and I left appointments that I was terrified to...Read More

2 Feb 11, 2020


Dr. Carlisle has a warm and charismatic personality and I wish that I could say he is a good plastic surgeon as well. He gave me a lower blepharoplasty and cheek implants (which he recommended for the best results) and it's been a nightmare ever since. I had extreme ectropion immediately after...Read More

1 Tifa – Nov 05, 2019


I had double mastectomy and Dr Carlisle put expenders as he explained to me that I need them and I’m just following what he has been recomending . His bedside manner is amazing. His attitude is caring. He spends time explaining everything.I can tell he loves what he is doing and he works with staff...Read More

4 Jen in Wdm, IA – Jun 16, 2019


I can't honestly put into words how wonderful Dr. Carlisle is, as well as his staff. I recently underwent a double mastectomy in May with immediate reconstruction. Dr Carlisle walked my husband and I through the process and really took his time with each consult. It is very obvious he has...Read More

2 Mar 28, 2019


I cannot express how thrilled I am at my results and overall experience from my very first consult to my latest three-month post-op rhinoplasty follow-up appointment with Dr. Carlisle! He and his staff provide excellent care, privacy, service, hygiene, and atmosphere. Between scheduling consults...Read More

Mar 17, 2019


Dr. Carlisle is knowledgeable, kind and personable. He knows his limitations and clearly explains what he is able to do for you.

2 Ankeny – Jan 20, 2019


I had a double mastectomy performed after treatment with stage 2 breast cancer. Dr. Carlisle met with me going over every little detail of what should happen, and what may occur. He was able to perform a 1 stage reconstruction without expanders, which is exactly what he had explained before hand....Read More

Pam Kroeger in Earlham, IA – Jan 20, 2019


Dr Carlisle is a great doctor! He is genuine and compassionate. He addresses all My questions and I never feel rushed even though he must be so busy.

1 Carissa Woods in Waukee, IA – Sep 18, 2018


Dr. Carlisle is AMAZING! I had a breast reduction on August 10, 2018 and just got the all clear today, 9/17 to resume normal activities. His offices are clean, modern and conveniently located downtown and in West Des Moines. Wait-time doesn’t exist, he is always on time and efficient. He told me...Read More

3 Breast Reconstruction – Jun 10, 2018


Fixed my botched breast surgery. Miracle worker. So kind, smart, cutting edge, and good! Can tell he cares deeply about his patients and his work.

2 Jan 14, 2018


I had double mastectomy and Dr Carlisle performed reconstruction. His bedside manner is amazing. His attitude is caring. He spends time explaining everything. It is obvious he is a skilled perfectionist who loves what he does. I wouldn't go to anyone else! Thanks Dr C!

2 kris in Ames – Jan 09, 2018


I had a breast reduction, performed by Dr. Carlisle, in October. I'm now three months out from surgery and very pleased with the results. I was surprised that I had so little discomfort after the surgery. Maybe I'm unusual, but for me, it was similar to the fullness and tenderness felt with PMS or...Read More

2 des moines, ia – Oct 21, 2017


Dr Carlisle performed breast reduction on me and he was awesome! He is great to work with and he is an excellent surgeon. I heard this from multiple people so I set up appointment. I was sold as soon as I met him. My outcome is great. I'm so pleased. Highly recommend him.

1 Carla Vetter in Alleman – Oct 16, 2017


Dr. Carlisle and his staff are friendly, compassionate, and very knowledgeable in the specialty of plastic surgery. I was referred to Dr. Carlisle after unsuccessful reconstructive surgeries by another surgeon following my double mastectomy. After my initial surgery, all I could see, when I...Read More

des moines, ia – Sep 27, 2017


Dr Carlisle was excellent. He treated a skin cancer on my face and I'm so impressed. He is kind, caring, and skilled!

West Des Moines, IA – Jun 18, 2017


I had facial and eye surgery by Dr. Carlisle. From what I heard he was the best, and it certainly turned out that way. He was so nice to meet and deal with. Easy doctor to talk to. He looks you in the eyes and cares. He did a fabulous job and would highly highly recommend him!

1 Teresa in Monroe, IA – May 09, 2017


He did reconstruction of both breast after my double mastectomy. Dr. Carlisle did an excellent job and I love his personality. He's caring and takes pride in his work, I strongly recommend him to everyone.

Maddison in Des Moines, IA – Mar 24, 2017


I saw Dr. Carlisle due to extensive nose complications affecting my breathing,etc. He was sure to listen to me, while addressing all of my Q's & concerns. He explained everything very clearly before the surgery, to ensure we were both on the same page. He performed nothing short of phenomenal! I...Read More

Des Moines, IA – Mar 21, 2017


The best breast augmentation experience! So happy I went to Dr Carlisle. I love my surgery results. I agree with the other reviewers. Dr. Carlisle is a great doctor and plastic surgeon.

1 Debbie in Des Moines, IA – Jan 27, 2017


Dr. Carlisle is a gifted plastic surgeon. I would highly recommend him after my experience. 26 years ago I had breast implants which needed to come out. The Dr and his staff were wonderful with my care. 3 weeks post op, I'm so happy with the procedure. I had the implants removed and a breast lift....Read More

Deanna Nevins in Des Moines, IA – Jan 25, 2017


I love this doc. He is kind,smart,professional,caring,. He listens to you and explains things very well. The moment I saw him I knew I was in GREAT hands. Any questions my husband and I had he broke it down so we understood what it really was. I would recommend him to anyone that's looking for a...Read More

Susan in Des Moines – Dec 31, 2016


Dr. Carlisle provided excellent care. I had difficulty breathing for such a long time and was referred to Dr. Carlisle by another doctor. Dr. Carlisle was very thorough asking/answering questions before even examining me. How did I know he was focused on me? Old school me--eye contact! Together...Read More

C.Jensen in West Des Moines, Iowa – Nov 02, 2016


Very detailed on his explanations of the procedure that even with a concussion I was able to understand. Easy scheduling, availability was outstanding. Procedure itself was even better.

2 1 Summer P. in Des Moines, Iowa – Oct 12, 2016


After a significant weight loss & a less than satisfactory experience with another surgeon, I felt more uncomfortable in my skin than ever before. After reviewing my case and medical history, he tirelessly advocated for a corrective procedure for me with my insurance company. I chose Dr. Carlisle...Read More

2 KW in Ankeny, IA – Oct 11, 2016


Dr. C is fantastic. I don't get too excited about doctors in general, but he is great. I lost a bunch of weight and had a lot of hanging skin everywhere. He explained everything in detail, gave me options, yet helped me decided what was best for my situation. I have had multiple surgeries to get my...Read More

1 Camilla Crumes in Ottumwa, IA – Apr 11, 2016


Dealing with diagnosis of breast cancer , the many treatments, surgical options, and continuing care that is available out there is hard enough. Dr. Carlisle, his office staff, and the hospital staff made my dealing with cancer much easier. DIEP procedure may not be for everyone, it was the option...Read More

1 Waukee, IA – Mar 30, 2016


I had a skin cancer on my nose and Dr. Carlisle removed it and fixed it. I was very nervous to have reconstruction on my nose, but I am so happy Dr. Carlisle did it. I had no idea how he was going to make that big of a hole look good, but he did! If I need or want any plastic surgery in the...Read More

Sharleen Agee in Des Moines, IA – Mar 29, 2016


I have been going to Dr. Carlisle for breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy. He is extremely thorough & a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He & his staff are very nice & easy to talk too. Dr. C loves what he does & it shows though his work. I highly recommend him.

Greg in Waukee, IA – Mar 15, 2016


I have had 9 previous surgeries regarding my breathing issues. Dr. Carlisle was very friendly and pleasant. He explained why full nasal reconstruction would help me. He was very confident and trustworthy. My surgery went well and I had minimal discomfort. I am very pleased with the outcome of...Read More

1 Lamoni, IA – Mar 15, 2016


I would highly recommend Dr. Carlisle. I was in pain years after my breast cancer lumpectomy at another facility. Dr. Carlisle removed a mass of scar & released other tissue that was causing my discomfort. He had no idea, until he got into the procedure, what he would find. But he was quick...Read More