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Dr. Michael Eisemann, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Houston, TX. He is affiliated with medical facilities HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Eisemann to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Eisemann, MD - Reviews

4 Mar 05, 2020


I don't appreciate a surgeon who ignores problems he created. My daughter came for a rhinoplasty and he convinced us to also do a chin implant in 2014. When my daughter saw that the chin implant was not seated properly and in fact looked much too large for her face we requested he remove it. Dr. Eisemann ripped it out in his office under local anesthesia and sent us home with no apology or concern. It was AWFUL.She complained of numbness to me and to your staff with no result. In 2016, A chiropractor did x-rays and noticed a SCREW in her chin left by Dr. Eisemann when he hastily removed her chin implant. She had swelling numbness and pain and has YET to have it removed. She still has numbness and discomfort and fears worse in the future. Who is going to take of this??

1 Trevor James in Houston, TX – Nov 30, 2018


This has been the best experience! Everyone in the office has gone above and beyond to help make sure I felt comfortable and got my surgery covered by my insurance. Melanie and Lori are super friendly and everyone returns calls promptly. I was able to schedule my consult the day after I called, and scheduled my surgery three weeks later! They worked diligently with my insurance to make sure everything was covered! Dr. Eismann was super knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel at ease.

2 1 WillneverrecommendthisDr! in Corpus christi – May 29, 2018


I had a procedures done by this Dr..and it was a waste of my money! I spent around $8000. He did lipo on my inner thighs and he did a horrible job! I also had calf implants which I had to have remove 3 months later. As soon as I came out of surgery I knew the implants didn't look right. One was set correctly but the other was not set right. He told me to wait it was because it was swollen ...I knew it wasn't the case. He did lipo on the back of my arms he didn't get that right either!

1 Barb in TX – May 16, 2018


I am a happy 1 month postop, having had a lipo/brachioplasty. I had thought long and hard and did lots of research before consulting Dr. Eisemann. I was quickly reassured that my procedure was appropriate for me. The entire office is soothing and friendly. Dr. Eisemann, though very quiet, has so much expertise academically and via patient reviews. I continue to feel confident that my needs will be met as I heal.

Holly in Cypress, TX – Apr 19, 2018


After 6 children I thought my breasts were just a lost cause. I didn’t want reconstructive surgery and scars. Dr Eisemann assured me he could augment my breasts and make them look like “new”. He told me to trust him, so I did. They came out so perfectly I was able to go on to do some professional modeling, and was actually hailed as having “perfect natural breasts”...?????? I won’t tell if you won’t. VERY VERY happy. Changed my entire view of myself.

L. Howard in Sugar Land – Apr 13, 2018


Dr. Eisemann is the best. He is intelligent, professional and has a great bedside manner. He will not leave you looking like a freak. He knows the art of plastic surgery extremely well, and that is why I have the utmost confidence in him and his work.

1 Matthew Jackson in Houston, TX – Dec 09, 2017


I've always found the staff at Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center to be professional and business like, this is a great organization. The city of Houston and the medical profession can be proud of there service to the community.

1 Kendra Hester in Houston, TX – Oct 16, 2017


Dr. Eisemann has been my surgeon since 2008. He has been there for me throughout my thyroid cancer, as well performing my total thyroidectomy. He recently performed a hernia repair, and scar revisions on my abdomen. At this point, I will not let another doctor touch me. I trust him fully. He actually cares about my well being as well. He will forever be my surgeon until he retires.

1 Oct 15, 2017


Great Staff! Help me in getting a surgery I thought would never happen for long time. Didn't have to wait for a Consultation I call they schedule me for the next day. I don't have private insurance, Consultation was cheaper then other places I call.

1 Houston, TX – Sep 14, 2017


I have nothing to say , except everyone start with Dr. Eisemann are very professional, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, understandable to your need, everyone including office staff are great. I am so happy.

1 Kay in Houston, TX – Aug 24, 2017


I cannot begin to explain how awesome staff and physician is. The care and attentiveness made you feel better before being seen. I would and have recommended Dr. Eisemann to everyone I know.

Lance in Houston, TX – Aug 10, 2017


Dr. Eisemann exudes confidence and professionalism which made me very comfortable. I did not doubt his abilities and knew that everything would be perfect. His staff is professional and willing to answer questions, concerns, issues etc. without delay.

1 Francillia durand in Houston, TX – Jul 22, 2017


I had a great experience with Dr Eisemann. He explained everything to the best of his knowledge...he knows what's he's doing and is very great at it .he communicates well and gives you a good idea as to what the surgery entails....would recommend him anyrime to others....thank you Dr.

1 1 Gabriel74 in Houston, TX – Apr 22, 2017


Very thorough, Dr. Eisemann staff was very professional and accommodating to my needs.

1 1 Avery51543 in Houston, TX – Mar 17, 2017


i highly recommend dr Eisemann! He is a top notch cosmetic surgeon and I would not trust any other doctor to give me such great results. The staff is just as amazing and extremely professional! I could not be happier with the way I look!!

1 Brooke07 in Houston, TX – Feb 23, 2017


Dr.Eisemann and his team were very professional, courteous, and informative. I look forward to seeing a new me soon..

1 Reggie64 in Houston, TX – Dec 22, 2016


Great vibes. Ready to go forward.

1 1 Reece2032 in Houston, TX – Oct 29, 2016


Always a great visit. From the time arrive I am greeted like a friend or family and not just a number.

1 Angel2639 in Houston, TX – Oct 29, 2016


Dr. Eisemann is great doctor and has great staff too. From the minute I arrived I felt comfortable and homey.

2 Finley01 in Houston, TX – Oct 19, 2016


Very nice staff, excellent DR and bunch of experience.

2 Rochell90 in Houston, TX – Oct 19, 2016


The doctor is very professional and courteous. He never ceases to amaze me regarding His Brilliant mind.

1 Barb50105 in Houston, TX – Oct 13, 2016


Very pleased with the results. excellent customer service, insurance department was fundamentally.

Dylan82943 in Houston, TX – Oct 13, 2016


I love your staff. They work so hard to help and are so nice. I also have faith in Dr. Eisemann. He fixed my son's broken nose and sinuses. So I know he will take care do us.

1 Popeyes smile sad in Houston Texas – Oct 04, 2016


Botched facelift! Oct 2015 Avoid him at all costs. He charged me for a lower facelift and neck lift. He only did a lower facelift which has left me with PERMANANT nerve damage. My smile is lopsided. STAY AWAY, I asked for a partial refund bc he didn't do the necklift and he smirked and said "I NEVER GIVE MONEY BACK."

4 Sandy P in Katy, Texas – Sep 02, 2016


He doesn't listen, During my consultation I kept on my bra so I could show him my underarm fat and fat of the bra area, I told him I HATE it. He claims he told me he couldn't do it without doing a back lift. Not so,, he went to immediately s? Fast forward to day of surgery, I had on my bra to make sure he marked me there, he NEVER SAID HE CANT DO THAT AREA. DONT WASTE YOUR $$ GO ELSE WHERE ! TRUST ME OR YOULL REGRET IT. FAIR WARNING!! HINT,,Drs @ KIMBERLY !! STAY SWAY FROM DR. EISTHMANN !

1 War49307 in Houston, TX – Jul 09, 2016


Caring for everything even minor thing.

2 Leslie05 in Houston, TX – Jun 12, 2016


I had a great experience dr.eisemann and staff were wonderful.

1 Jess18530 in Houston, TX – Jun 06, 2016


Everyone is amazing at the office. Dr. Eisemann is a rockstar, I refer him daily.

Rene81975 in Houston, TX – Apr 28, 2016


Very experienced Doctor. Very keen eye. Will not do anything too drastic.

2 Christi866 in Houston, TX – Mar 13, 2016


Meets and surpasses expectation.

4 Fred99721 in Houston, TX – Mar 10, 2016



2 Breida69 in Houston, TX – Feb 22, 2016


Really good and helpful on any question I had.

1 1 Stephen051 in Houston, TX – Feb 14, 2016


Dr. Eisemann has been very helpful with my needs and answers all my questions accordingly.

1 1 Bridget954 in Houston, TX – Feb 03, 2016


this has been the best doctors office i have ever been to. everyone is so patient and polite.

2 1 Blair058 in Houston, TX – Jan 07, 2016


Not the best personal interaction with the physician, but good medical care. Excellent nurse!

2 4 John in Houston, TX – Dec 29, 2015


Dr. Michael Eisemann credentials and experience is impeccable. Besides being a licensed as a medical doctor, his residency was in otolaryngology and in plastic surgery. He is triple board certified. He is board certified buy such prestiges peer groups such as American Board of facial plastic reconstructive surgery and the American Board of Ortolaryngology More importantly he is extremely skilled in the art of plastic surgery, having performed 1000's of plastic and reconstructive series for over