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Dr. Michael Freedman, DO

Ear, Nose, and Throat

1819 Salk Ave , Tavares, FL.

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Dr. Michael Freedman, DO is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Tavares, FL. Dr. Freedman has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery, and Otologic Care than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with Florida Hospital Waterman. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Freedman to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Freedman, DO - Reviews

2 Apr 09, 2019


I felt Dr Freedman's communication skills were impersonal and borderline rude versus care and concern. When my husband went for his first post-op visit, he did a procedure which was very painful without even an explanation of what he was going to do and how much pain might be involved.

3 Feb 20, 2019


I've had 2 visits with lake ENT--1st was with vaught = wash your nose with salt water solution (A JOKE) 16 mths later (my gut said no visit, my primary said do it) had 2 hr 15 min stay to visit Freedman=face to face contact with nurse and freedman total 9 minutes ! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE ! I am now seeing an ENT in Celebration, he is solving my issues with hearing motion. Lake is non caring-from the time I arrived("sign in"..No good morning-rude bunch. Patient care=BS !

2 1 West Bloomfield – Nov 26, 2017


I found Dr. Freedman to be one of the best physicians I have ever seen! I came in with difficulty breathing through my nose and Dr. Freedman diagnosed my problem right away. I have been to 5 other doctors who couldn't help me and Dr. Freedman was the only one who knew what was wrong with me. Also, he is very nice and he explained things very thoroughly to me. I really like his office and waited less than 5 minutes to see him. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Freedman!

6 1 Lady Lake, FL – Sep 21, 2017


After waiting over an hour, Dr Freeddman graced me with 7 minutes of his presence, asked me 4 questions, scoped my throat (which took 4 minutes) and I walked out with a $423 bill. I do not have insurance, and I will pay any amount of money for my health, Dr Freedman and his staff are not worth a penny. If I could have rated him 0 stars, I would have. Please save your precious time and money and find an ENT that cares.

6 1 Eustis FL – Aug 16, 2017


Three years ago I saw Dr. Freedman for chronic sinus problems. He performed a septum surgery that didn't resolve the issue. I returned to Dr. Freedman and reported the same symptoms. He told me to use nose spray and sent me home. I recently saw a different ENT who did allergy testing and an MRI of my sinuses. Turns out I have severe allergies AND I need restructural surgery of my sinuses. My septum was never the problem. I have suffered unnecessarily for 3 years due to Dr. Freedman's negligence.

11 4 Patti Bonner in Leesburg, FL – Nov 19, 2016


I have been fighting sinus infections for over two years. I have taken every antibiotic and prednisone with no relief. I finally decided to go see Dr. Michael Freedman. He is awesome he sent me for ct of my sinus and when got there'll to he scheduled my surgery. So I went to Florida Hospital waterman and had my surgery. After surgery I had no pain and only took Tylenol a couple of times. He is a great surgeon with a great bedside manner. I highly recommend him for sinus issues!!