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Dr. Michael Glafkides, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

101 S San Mateo Dr , San Mateo, CA




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Dr. Michael Glafkides, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in San Mateo, CA and has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Harvard Medical School medical school in 1982. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as California Pacific Medical Center - California Campus and Mills Health Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Glafkides to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Glafkides, MD - Reviews

Apr 29, 2019


Dr Glafkides is at once calming and comforting, while also showing compassion and empathy. He is a perfect professional, in light of a very serious circumstance.

Nov 19, 2018


Best lips I’ve ever had. Great Botox too!

Bill S. in San Carlos, CA – Nov 03, 2018


I had a basal cell near my nose. My dermatologist recommended Mohs surgery for removal & plastic surgery for closure. I met Dr. Glafkides, and we instantly made a few personal connections. I felt he cared for me as an individual. The Mohs left a 1cm x 1.3cm wound. Plastic surgery resulted in a 3" incision & 25 stitches. 2 weeks later, he removed the stitches. Unless, I pointed it out, no one noticed a thing. 4-weeks later, there is no visible sign of the wound. I highly recommend Dr. Glafkides.

Foster city – Oct 11, 2018


Dr Glafkides is a caring professional. He explained carefully everything he was going to do and has followed up frequently to make sure all my concerns have been resolved. His office staff are excellent

Polly in Sonoma, CA – Aug 29, 2018


Dr. Glafkides was recommended to me for post Mohs surgery. I was nervous about the procedure because the surgery would be on the top of my head. My interaction with Dr. Glafkides, Gigi in his office and all of the Mills Hospital staff , were helpful, knowledgeable and professional, making my experience comfortable and relatively free of stress.

1 Jan in woodside , CA – Aug 21, 2018


Dr Gafkides did a wonderful job

1 Joan in Redwood City, CA – Jun 26, 2018


I needed to have a complete breast reconstruction following a double mastectomy. Needless to say I was very nervous and Dr. Glafkides and his entire staff was reassuring, calm and nurturing. He really listened to what I wanted, asked questions, and offered suggestions based on what was important to me. I received excellent follow-up care as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Glafkides for this type of plastic/reconstructive surgery. Sincerely, Joan

Angelina E in Sam Francisco , CA – Jun 20, 2018


Dr. Glafkides is an outstanding plastic surgeon and has an eye for symmetry. The staff at his office was incredibly informative/helpful and made every step of the process a breeze! I can’t recommend him enough.

1 South San Francisco – May 29, 2018


Dr. Glafkides is one of the best surgeon in SF . He is professional and kind. I had my bilateral reconstructive surgery after having breast cancer. I am happy with the entire experience and grateful for what Dr. Gladkides did for me. The office staff (Bernie) was very efficient and professional.

Carlene Marra in Novato, CA – May 25, 2018


I went to see Dr. Glafkides for a lower face/neck lift. On my original consultation visit at his office, I knew I would be in good hands. He thoroughly put me at ease as he explained the procedure. I spent one day/night in the hospital. The nursing staff told me they loved working with him and they offered me nothing but compliments on his expertise. I am extremely happy with the results of my procedure. I now look so refreshed and younger in my own skin -- it was so worth it!

May 23, 2018


Dr. Glafkides and the folks in his office are kind people. They made my needs top priority when I had a specific time window. I had areas of my face that were working against me. I told him I wanted to look like myself, with subtle changes around my eyes and nose. I was afraid of surgery leaving me looking like Burt Reynolds. But he gave me exactly what I wanted. I look like the me I always expected to see in the mirror and not a day older. They care before, during and long after the procedure.

Sandi in Hillsborough,Ca – May 03, 2018


Dr.Glafkides is an excellent surgeon. I had bilateral reconstructive surgery after having breast cancer. He is calm and very reassuring. He made me feel comfortable and his consultations were always very informative. His office staff is always willing to go the extra mile( and in my case, MILES) I am thankful for him and his practice.

Chris Trevor – Apr 21, 2018


I have been fortunate to have known Dr. Glafkides since childhood, he is an exemplary person and a friend. Recently I required plastic surgery to close a wound on my nose due to skin cancer removal. The wound was large and I was disappointed at the thought of having a large scar on my nose. Mike in his typical calm way reassured me that it would be fine and that he could minimize the scarring by using a skin graft. I'm so glad I came to him, thank you my friend.

Jessica in San Mateo – Apr 04, 2018


Dr. Glafkides was friendly, confident, and made me feel comfortable with trusting him throughout this process. The consultation was very informative and we went over every possible outcome. At the end of the consultation I felt so confident that I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Glafkides. The recovery was not bad at all and he had prepared me for any discomfort I was going to experience. It has been 7 years now and I am still super happy with the results. I would and HAVE reccomended him.

Susan in San Mateo, CA – Apr 03, 2018


The office staff (Bernie) is professional and very caring. Dr. G guided me through what my procedure would involve and always spent extra time giving me helpful advice from beginning to end and listening to all my questions and concerns. I'm so happy with my entire experience and grateful for what the doctor did for me.

S in Belmont – Mar 31, 2018


Dr. G is one of the most professional smart and kind 'dr's' I have had the pleasure of going to - remember people it is typically a choice to visit a plastic surgeon and the results have far exceeded my expectations! I called references of his patients, researched his credentials, and also made...Read More

Monique in Burlingame, california – Mar 30, 2018


Dr Glafkides is the best plastic surgeon on the west coast. I had several surgeries from Dr Glafkides and the results were superior, he is a brilliant surgeon and very caring about his patients. Dr Glafkides performed major surgery on me and the healing was so easy and no pain, that’s the sign of a great surgeon, Dr Glafkides is in a class of his own.

Linda Jackson in San Mateo – Mar 08, 2018


I was referred by another physician who was removing a large cancer from my chin. Bernie, the assistant to Dr. Glafkides, coordinated my repair surgery to follow the cancer removal. This was done quickly and efficiently. Upon first meeting him, I found Dr. Glafkides kind, sympathetic and encouraging. My surgery was done on time with very good results. I have seem him for two follow up visits and all my experiences with him and his staff have been on time and very pleasant.

3 laiza pike in Azusa, CA – Feb 19, 2017


Do not go here , you will just waste your money here I Paid $8,000 for a whole body liposuction, no good results. He is nice but not good in surgery, go to a young doctor and experienced doctor! Do not go here

S in Belmont – Mar 31, 2018


Dr. G is one of the most professional smart and kind 'dr's' I have had the pleasure of going to - remember people it is typically a choice to visit a plastic surgeon and the results have far exceeded my expectations! I called references of his patients, researched his credentials, and also made consults with 2 other plastic surgeons before making my choice - I suggest you do the same. Plus Dr. G was referred by a well known Internist in the city. I am very pleased! Do your homework.