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Dr. Michael Lipan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Lipan has more experience with Ear, Nose, and Throat Care and Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine medical school in 2005. He is affiliated with medical facilities Good Samaritan Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lipan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Lipan, MD - Reviews

4 Pam in Wellington, FL – Jun 19, 2018


Dr. Lipan has treated me on several occasions and I give him a superior rating in the area of both facial and ENT. He listens to your comments and concerns and together you arrive at a plan that is best for the patient. I find him to be very knowledgeable as well as trustworthy and would highly recommend him in both fields. To top it off the staff provides excellent service as well....you won't be disappointed with Dr. Lipan!

2 Boca Raton, Florida – May 15, 2018


It was great to enter the office to a friendly, accomadating and helpful staff. Dr. Lipan takes the time to listen and explain which is one of the reasons we chose him to do our sons surgery. The result has been great and my son is breathing SO much better and looks great too.

3 Ralph Bellino in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Feb 25, 2018


Dr. Lipan was terrific! He repaired my Deviated Septum and performed Rhinoplasty on my nose that had been broken 35 years ago. Dr. Lipan really listened to my concerns. At 65 yrs old I did not want to look different. Just better. We listened to each other and now I couldn't be happier! And, my corrected Septum is better than ever! The whole experience was totally amazing!

5 1 ed in Jupiter, FL – Feb 19, 2018


I had recurring sinus infections and sinus blockage due to allergies. Dr Lipan performed balloon sinuplasty to open the passages. The procedure went very well and, after three months with out an infection, including during a bout with the Flu, I believe it greatly helped me avoid further sinus infections. The doctor does a great job explaining the procedure before during and after. I would strongly recommend him to anyone with sinus issues, particularly with chronic sinus infections.

Birger schmidt in Palm springs – Feb 02, 2018


I gay a facelift 3 years ago.i am 66. Years old.i look like40 years old now I wish I cut put a picture here Unbelievable not he did on me and to tree off my friends You get to see this doctor

2 4 West Palm Beach, FL – Dec 13, 2017


In my opinion Dr Lipan seemed only interested in selling me his balloon sinuplasty procedure.. Another highly renounced doctor after also reviewing my CT scan said that i do not have any serious sinus issue and certainly do not need this procedure. .

4 1 Tamara woodall in Lake Worth, FL – Mar 01, 2017


He was the nicest doctor !! Very on top of my problems with the issues i am having and listened to my complaints!!He was very professional and explained everything to me !! The front desk lady and his assistant are so very very nice!! It's a great office with a team !! Can't say enough about them all !! Blessed to call him my doctor!!

7 1 accidentvictim in Jupiter, FL – Jun 04, 2016


He treated me with the Epley maneuver for severe vertigo due to head trauma and it worked! When it returned months later in a milder form he treated me again and the vertigo resolved.