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Dr. Michael Schwartz, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL and has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Schwartz has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Sleep-disordered Breathing, and Otologic Care than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Baylor University medical school in 1981. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Good Samaritan Hospital and Jfk Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Schwartz to book an appointment.

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Dr. Michael Schwartz, MD - Reviews

Roy Banks – Jul 25, 2020


My face began to look really tired and worn out. Usually I care for others and decided to do something for myself for a change, so I looked into getting work done to my lower face. I saw a lot of Dr. Schwartz's reviews and pictures online and knew he created a lot of the results I was looking for. I went to see 3 other top surgeons in Manhattan and they all wanted to do a full facelift, basically way more work than I wanted done on my face. I felt completely overwhelmed and like they weren't listening to what I truly wanted. All I wanted was a relief on the bottom of my face, not my full face done. When I saw Dr. Schwartz he completely understood what I wanted and suggested an S lift. The results are beyond what I expected. I felt absolutely zero pain and no stress. When I went home I had no bruising, no bleeding, in fact I never even took a pill. It was the most remarkable surgery I've ever had. He deserves all the recognition in the world, this surgery was truly a miracle.

5 Sep 27, 2019


This office is very shady about their billing practices. Last month after my exam I paid my copay, and a week later received a bill demanding payment for the same copay. Only after I called did they sort out that the bill was sent by "error." Today I went back for a follow-up exam. Dr. Schwartz put a scope down my nose for all of 20 seconds, and then I was told by the front desk I owe them $150 because this was considered an "invasive" operation. No warning by anyone that the routine exam I was having was technically a "procedure" and I would be shelling out a lot of money for it. This office is only concerned about milking insurance for all they can get. Avoid them

Aug 13, 2019


Absolutely fantastic experience with Dr. Schwartz. I am mid 20s and was very nervous about going through the rhinoplasty process. Dr Schwartz was so understanding and caring, he knew exactly what to do and what would like right for my face. Immediately he put me at ease after our first consultation and I knew he was the right doctor for me. I just got my cast taken off and I am even more blown away and happy with the results than I had expected. SO very happy with my nose and even better he fixed my septum and I can actually breathe! His office is so professional, friendly, respectful and helpful. Maritza Frau the surgical coordinator is also so warm and incredible, she will answer any question you have and make you feel so comfortable you know you are in good hands. 10/10 would recommend thank you Dr. Schwartz!

Hazel T. Dunn in West Palm Beach, FL – Sep 27, 2018


I had trouble breathing and I wasn't happy with the way my nose looked. My ENT specialist highly recommended Dr. Schwartz so I scheduled an initial rhinoplasty consultation as soon as I could. I felt really confident and comfortable with Dr. Schwartz because he answered all of my questions, showed me before and after photos, and explained every procedure and recovery step from start to finish. My new nose is straight and my expectations have been tremendously exceeded. I look in the mirror and

Julie S. Buzbee in West Palm Beach, FL – Aug 31, 2018


I was having serious problems with my septum, it was so blocked I could hardly breathe. I did online research and saw how great Dr. Schwartz's health grades and recommendations were, and that he was board-certified and specialized in facial plastic surgery. I scheduled my consultation right away. I liked Dr. Schwartz immediately. I told him my breathing issues and he came up with an excellent surgical plan to fix them. I had my septoplasty 2 weeks ago and can already tell there's a big differen

1 1 West Palm Beach – Mar 29, 2018


Dr. Schwartz treated me well and gave me the right prescription to treat my condition. Unfortunately, the experience with the front desk left a lot be desired. They kept me waiting for days to give me a piece of information that I needed for further evaluations. The nurse lacks the kindness, the compassion, and basically doesn't care about the patient's time.

2 Luna Rosa in Miami – Feb 02, 2018


A friend of mine recommend Dr. Schwartz to me for a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty. From the moment I met him to have my consultation I knew that I had found the right doctor for me. He made me feel so comfortable and too the time to explain the entire process to me from surgery to recovery. I am already loving my results! On a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest I rate Dr. Schwartz a 10! Trust me, if you need any work done, Dr. Schwartz is the best of the best!

1 West Palm Beach, FL – Sep 21, 2017


My experience with Dr. Schwartz was extraordinary.

Dennis E. Ramirez in Miami, FL – Aug 29, 2017


On February 27th, Dr. Schwartz performed my neck lift. I found him through my hospital. Even though the procedure caused some discomfort, I am healing smoothly. As of yet, it is too early to see my full results. However, as Dr. Schwartz came recommended, I will let other people know about his work.

1 Krista T. in West Palm Beach, FL – Jul 20, 2017


I grew up in West Palm Beach, and had heard Dr. Schwartz name mentioned several times. After I broke my nose, and was left with a bump on the bridge, I never hesitated to call Dr. Schwartz’ office. On June 22nd, I finally had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Schwartz and I’m so thrilled. From the first consultation appointment, he was confident that the procedure would go well. I felt very encouraged and knew he was a good fit for my physical needs and wallet. Today, it is hard to believe that I even had

2 west palm beach, fl – Jul 08, 2017


Very negative view of Dr Schwartz. He kept me waiting 45 minutes to be taken to the examination room. Then another 20 minutes till he came in. Then perhaps a 4 minute exam with questions. He then numbed the nose for an exam. Left for another 20 minutes. Returned and applied a treatment. While he is probably a competent Doctor I felt as if I were an after thought and an intrusion into his day. I do not plan to return.

Bernadette J. in Nairobi, 110 – May 10, 2017


I chose Dr. Schwartz for my rhinoplasty after finding his practice online. His staff was kind and generous from the very start. My goal was a mid-life crisis thing, but after wanting to have my nose done for a long time, the time had come. Dr. Schwartz was so supportive and knew exactly what I wanted to do. No one knows that I had the procedure done, however I get compliments all of the time. I will certainly give my full recommendation to Dr. Schwartz and his awesome staff.

1 West Palm Beach, FL – Feb 21, 2017


Dr. Schwartz is an EXCELLENT Facial Plastic Surgeon!

Vanessa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Jan 11, 2017


I have been undergoing Kybella treatment for the last 4 months with Dr. Schwartz. I cannot begin to express what a loving experience and outstanding service that I have been given by the entire office. Dr. Schwartz himself is a very caring doctor with one of a kind bed side manners. I am completely in love with the outcome of my treatment!! Good bye double chin!! I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz for all your cosmetic needs!!

Paola D in Wesr Palm Beach, Fl – Jan 10, 2017


I have been a patient of Dr. Schwartz for three years and couldn't be more satisfied with the service and care I have received from him and his fabulous staff. He has wonderful bedside manners and is very knowledgeable and competent. I trust Dr. Schwartz very much and have recommended him to my family and friends. I see Dr. Schwartz for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

Dagna in Wellington, FL – Jan 10, 2017


I had Botox injected by Dr.Schwartz. The results are phenomenal and I had a great experience with the office and the doctor. I am very pleased with results. I will definitely go back for more Botox.

6 Ft Lauderdale, FL – Dec 17, 2016


Very unprofessional. BAD plastic surgeon! Run! Run! And Run! Don't get fooled by the photo simulation images he gives you, this is not what you will be getting as you will just receive a nose job that looks fake and pinched and your breathing will get worse!!! He gives you what he can do and NOT...Read More

Janet in Greenacres – Jul 14, 2016


I've had a complicated sinus/ upper airway and lung issue that has been going on for months. He has patiently worked with me and another specialist. Just had the sinus surgery and saw him post op this week. He was still concerned about my other ongoing symptoms even though he was not the Dr treating me for them. Did I mention that 19 yrs ago he also did sinus surgery on my daughter when she was 7. That's why I remembered him when I had to see an ENT. Overall I am giving 5 stars!??

1 Daisy in Palm Beach County, FL – Jan 29, 2016


My visit was very pleasant. Dr. was very patient, and caring; made me feel comfortable. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions.

Mary O'Neal in Okeechobee, FL – Dec 26, 2015


I was so nervous about having surgery, but once I met Dr.Schwartz and his staff I knew I was in great hands. I am so happy that I chose Dr.Schwartz to do my surgery. It's been a year and my results are amazing, he has gained a loyal patient! Thanks to Dr.Schwartz and his amazing staff.